FIRST START Air Cooled Porsche 911 Carrera POV Drive (Binaural Audio)

The first start and drive of my Air Cooled 3.2L Carrera this Spring! Let’s roll it out of the garage, fuel up, and take it for it a short rip to make sure its functioning alright and we haven’t developed any new leaks of problems.

Welcome back i’m tedward and today’s the day we’re going to take the 911 out of winter storage it’s spring now tomorrow is the first day of spring and i said that when that patch of snow in the lawn is fully melted or close enough we’ll take it out so anyway i’ve just pulled it off the tender so let’s do a quick spot check and make sure this is all set if you

Don’t know this car if you’re new to the channel this is my 1988 911 3.2 liter carrera and i guess it’s still not warm enough for these struts oh that’s gonna knock me in the head but okay let’s pop these little leads off not attached to anything don’t worry and i’ve got this handy little battery disconnect which makes life a little bit easier and safer we’ve

Got lights that’s always a good sign and before we get started let’s just take a quick peek in the back and make sure that we didn’t have any mice living in the intake and we’re gonna just start it full of acorns i think we’ll be okay just and we can also assume that we didn’t see any massive oil leaks because the floor is clear and if this thing was leaking oil

Trust me you’d know let’s hop in and see if she’ll start oh now i don’t didn’t winterize this the way i normally do because i got caught in a snowstorm last year normally what happens is i go through the time to make sure that there’s a nice full tank of gas put a little stable in it and run it and cover it make sure it’s all waxed and perfect but i put it away

And then we got a huge snowstorm and it never melted again so the car just kind of sat and i’ve learned to push the car back out of the garage just a bit because it gets pretty smoky on the first startup it’s gonna push a lot of oil through so let’s see what happens good neutral clutch in all right and then the thing we’re going to watch for is this oil pressure

It’ll take a second for enough pressure to build up to get to the sender but what you want to see is that oil pressure build all right all right even with the garage door open and the car backed out of the garage i still feel like i’m going to asphyxiate from exhaust fumes this oil level sender it’ll even out it’s probably just stuck but once we move around

It’ll come down to the middle that’s not a big deal i definitely know it’s not overfilled and we’re starting off the season with 87 200 and i think 59 miles oh rusty brakes all right let’s take a look under the hood just make sure we don’t have any obvious leaks or anything weird going on that belt is a little floppier than i want it to be but we’ll find out if

It fails definitely dirty needs a bath craft detailing would probably do a good job with it the front of the car has actually been repainted so from here forward was repainted and whoever did it didn’t do a phenomenal job we’ll get up close and personal with it later but you know there’s definitely some orange peel not so concerned about that but there’s really

There’s dripping and stuff and i’m concerned about how thick that paint is so there’s a ton of swirl marks but i’m terrified if they put any type of compounder on that front new registration and sticker in the glove box good to have i just listened to matt farah talking about pulling his countach out of the peterson museum because he lent it to them for their

Super car show and he was worried that like oh it’s been sitting for so long i don’t want anything bad to happen to it and i’m thinking to myself like welcome to new england man every car every car sits for for months and months on end so it’s always good to get them out and just kind of warm them up slowly suspension’s feeling good this is a one-way street by

The way i’m not a crazy person so suspension’s feeling nice everything’s tight i had this car serviced uh two years ago up at catch a motor company in lawrence kmc and they went through and did a ton of work on this car just to freshen it up and my goodness did it make a difference even just like an alignment went a long way but it’s nice to feel that there’s

No knocks or anything i mean i’m not pushing it hard i just want to know like is there anything anything that fell apart over the winter oh now that she’s all warmed up it’s feeling a lot nicer a lot nicer my god this thing really feels sludgy and weird when it’s cold but let’s jump on the highway just to make sure everything’s in check what’s crazy is just

How high the limits of this car are with the sticky tires like you almost wouldn’t expect it to be but like you could really chuck this thing in not hearing anything happening on suspension so that’s good no clunks and now we’ll just glide onto the highway nice and smoothly oh i’m miss driving this man i do think i’m probably overly cautious about when i take

The car out of storage like nothing nothing’s gonna happen in this car it’s fine like there’s really nothing about it that concerns me in a way that makes me feel like oh no i’ve taken it out of storage what could have gone wrong over the winter like unless the mice have gotten to it and eaten electrical wires and things like that i probably already know but it

Seems to be running strong it’s coming up to temp nicely i’ve got oil pressure i’m not seeing any obvious drips when i get out of the car that’s a good sign all good things it always strikes me how fast you can drive this car without without it feeling fast like we’re doing i mean i’m doing 80 right now i got to slow down a little bit it’s crazy that this 1988

Car at 80 miles an hour which and i know it’s in 1988 but it it might as well be from the 70s or even the 60s there’s not a whole lot in this car that’s like super modern even by 80s standards i mean the thing is air cooled and uh you know it’s it’s just pretty nuts this blinker man i hate this blinker stocks they’re very sticky and that’s not like oh this one

It’s just like they are all very cheesy they would never no one would ever tolerate these blinker stocks if this car came out today holy crap it is a low car so i try to pick and choose where i drive it especially early in the spring because the highways haven’t been patched yet so there’s sections there’s bridges that are just really torn up this car is very

Hard to heal toe just because the uh the brake pedal is so far in front of that throttle i mean it’s doable but if you were really going for it like if you wanted to heal toe this car it would mean that you were so deep in the brakes that you’d practically be locking them up i mean you’d be like threshold braking on a racetrack always the chatter from behind in

These cars if your 911 doesn’t sound broken it probably is give me that arrow you’ve got to take the pothole line the winter line the winter line is the pothole line oh man this thing feels good so tight it’s always good when you’ve got a great alignment too this thing is awesome i’ve got so much negative camber up front i think it’s like negative two i think

We dialed it back from negative 2.8 degrees to negative 2.5 or negative 2.4 it’s still a very aggressive setup in the front but it’s a lot easier to drive than it was before that alignment um and it holds true i mean god this thing is just a blast so some of you have been around here for a while and you know the story of the car uh oh nice gt4 hello 718 gt4 brand

New i bought this car on an impulse my one of my closest friends uh passed away he took his own life six years ago six years ago i think i’m right geez man i’m like losing track it feels like a long time um yeah six years ago on april or sorry march 23rd and i bought this car in march uh right after that happened because i was so broken and so destroyed after that

After that event that i i needed something to remember him by and i’m usually not like sentimental with objects i guess well maybe i am maybe that’s totally lying um i guess i’m a little sentimental with objects but i think i just wanted something that like he would have loved so i found this car on craigslist and i picked it up and i i mean it was totally lucky

That the car wasn’t a heap of crap because i didn’t do a ppi i got under the car and looked at it myself but this is like the first the first hey the first porsche i ever drove and definitely the first air-cooled car i’d ever driven so you know i i got very lucky that after buying this car and having it checked out it was it was in tip-top condition for the most

Part but it means a lot to me and and because of the timing of his death because it was right as spring started it it made spring really weird so i’m always thinking about him but you know as i’m coming out of the winter depression you know he’s he’s the thing i’m thinking about and he was such a car nut i mean you think i’m a car nut i’ve nev i don’t think i

Met anyone who was more passionate about motorsports than my buddy anton and it’s like this nice connection to him to be able to drive this car and it would be very hard for me to sell this ever because of just that you know the memory of him and why i own it it’s so scary when you buy these cars for the first time and you’re like actually oh i own this and you

Hear all the noises because it’s one thing when you drive someone else’s car and you know you drive around the block and you’re like oh somebody hit that hard holy um it’s one thing when you drive around the block in someone else’s car and you’re like oh my god that’s awesome you know someone gives you the keys to a ferrari or a porsche or something and you’re

Like oh my god how cool is this and it is it’s very different though and this is the same with every car it doesn’t matter if it’s fancy or fun or whatever when it it’s after you’ve driven the car for a few hundred miles and then you stop at a red light and the car is hot you got off the highway and you start hearing all the sounds it makes does it hold an idle

Well enough does it bob a little bit are there little like you know and you start getting really sensitive to all these things so when you buy a car especially like an aircool 911 they make all kinds of noises all kinds of noises that you genuinely don’t feel comfortable with until you get used to them so unless you grew up with these cars i think a lot of these

Sounds are just straight up frightening oh that second you’re so tall i always forget geez man tall gearing very much unlike the jag the jag that that yellow eatsite man that gearing on that is like could not be more different than this i haven’t filled this up in a long time all right let’s fill her up well thank you guys so much for watching liking commenting

And subscribing i just wanted to take this out for a quickie to make sure it wasn’t dead and that everything was gonna be okay but it seems happy it seems good i’ll check the tire pressures they don’t nothing looks obviously flat which is a nice sign right and anything else no i mean look we’re not pissing oil and in the porsche world even that’s considered a win

So don’t forget to respect the drive get your toys out of winter storage and i’ll see you in the next one in massachusetts has a lot of red lights where they say no turn on red and if there’s no no turn on red you can in fact turn on red except a lot of times the ones that are legal to turn on red are incredibly dangerous and like this house blocks the entire

View this is a 40 mile an hour road so if somebody comes through at 40 miles an hour and i’m just kind of creeping out like i’m probably not gonna know until it’s too late so i always question like the thought process i’m like how come this one doesn’t get a no turn on red this is bananas i would never want to be caught here

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FIRST START! Air Cooled Porsche 911 Carrera POV Drive (Binaural Audio) By Tedward