First Time Tesla Test Drive – MUST SEE Her Reactions – The Tesla Smile Strikes – Tesla Model 3

Victoria has never driven a Tesla before! Never even ridden in one! She watches Tesla videos on YouTube, and finally got her chance to drive the Model 3 Long Range today! You have GOT to see her reactions to every Tesla feature!

Ah welcome back berserkers in this video we have miss victoria she’s going to take her first test ride in the model 3. got the model 3 long range here miss victoria has never ridden in one and the only thing she knows is what she’s seen on videos on the internet am i correct about that that is correct so what is it about the videos that you see that you like um

I think they just look really cool like they seem like they have a lot of high-tech stuff um i’ve seen like the dr like it drives without a person driving so i think that’s pretty cool yeah so yeah all right fantastic well miss victoria’s going to get her first test ride in the tesla today mount up let’s do it so like i don’t have anything drive it’s on hold so

It’s called one pedal driving i never use the brake see yes the hole makes it just hold and i press forward and let off the gas look it just stops just off the gas and it slows down it’s regenerative braking what’s happening is that right here i’ll come here nice little feel that stop that’s just funny putting it on the brake it’s charging the battery when i do

That too it’s right there one pedal driving it’s it takes it takes me a while to get used to it it works like normal yeah like uh we’ll go up to the stoplight and i’m gonna turn down this way and so i just let off yeah let’s see like this cool little camera here so it gets my blind spot oh i love that mm-hmm and then if i want to use break like normal like like

I’m driving i’m like oh break like normal okay so this is all in there it’ll show you i’ve seen it show trash cans before it shows other cars it shows cones and the car is really responsive tons of other features in the vehicle as like a toy box here you got emissions test so like you can so you can set it so like every time i turn on a turn signal they’re crazy

Oh my god right silly you like that right hold on it’s recording so we can do it so every time we turn our turn signal on okay and you can set it to where like if somebody sits in that seat and he got different they got different farts that’s incredible um of course you got the map here you can have um i’m driving all the cameras yeah this this is like a

Super computer computers yeah and let’s go somewhere actually acceleration and then and then we’ll let you get behind the wheel because it takes a minute yeah i think i had that on i might just leave it on and every time we let go of the gas pedal to slow down like a turn or something it it kicks it up a notch or dude we ran the air conditioner and lights from

Stereo trying to see how long it’ll go yeah and the air conditioner doesn’t do that much um he has it programmed to where he gets off yes it’s a program that when he gets off at 5 30. it still goes so when he gets off at 5 30. this car knows that he wants his car that he wants the car at 72 degrees so when it gets close to 5 30 the car goes well i’m at 100

Degrees let me cool it down for him so when he gets off work he gets in yeah and see you see another car like it we’re saying it like knows yeah yeah he has it we’re so like at 5 30 this thing will be at 72 degrees wow it just keeps going commitment we love the commitment that’s so much i can take so if it’s cold it’ll be upside two degrees when it’s hot it’ll

Be down to 17 degrees when he gets out in the car um he can start it from his phone and pop everything it has an intercom on it so i can go in here and talk and it would like do a megatron voice at the front really but like i’ll slow down a little bit so we can feel it but just that crazy yeah yeah that’s just if it’s instant it’s not like a push to pedal spark

Plugs at night it gets everything going oh it could be cool don’t stare but the torque on this thing is insane and if you’re not ready for it it’s like this that’s what happened to me just now yeah so i don’t know if you know but i am 5’2 it’s mine yeah all the adjustments are on the side like a regular car okay all right all right so you feel good you’re in

The right position you move up more or something there’s shorty shorty i’m a shorty five two mugsy bogues all right so you you drive like a regular car if you want to with the with the brake and with the um whatever you want to do or you can try out the virginia break it if you want to just drop this parking lot to the other exit over there and see if you can use

That regenerative brake go to the exit over there yeah and you can go back that way hit the road so you can kick if you want to so you really like use the pedal for us as much as you need yeah as opposed to another car i would like let it roll and keep that’s what i mean yeah yeah i just rolled the parklands this is it’s all the way on all the way off sweet is that

Weird yeah yeah i still do that yeah it’s like scary to not use the brake okay keep that cattle holding holy holy holy he eat spring garden will go past that gun safe that’s what i’m talking about feel that power all right i know it’s instant you won’t there you just go is that crazy oh wow man okay how easy is it to go that fast so easy that was incredibly

Easy yeah thanks i’m gonna get this look and see how it showed all that yeah oh you got it it’s worked i’ll make this right thank god for backup cameras i know did you have any questions that he wasn’t able to answer he’s pretty knowledgeable so yeah i think he answered it all that was pretty pretty awesome he cursed a lot and sung a lot is it so uh did you did you

Get to do a really like an acceleration like a good launch yeah that i accidentally got pretty fast accidentally i was like oh she said accidentally got pretty fast yeah like i was aiming for 60 and i was like so that’s what 90 looks like it’s so smooth man yeah it happened so quick it was great good stuff well yeah thank you so much yeah any final thoughts for the

For the viewers there um i don’t know i think this is an awesome car and i’m really excited that i got to chance to drive it good stuff yeah so it is victoria approved and recommended yes fantastic i really appreciate being here with us and taking the time to do a test ride with the king of men doing the driving of course i appreciate it we’ll see you guys in the next battle foreign

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First Time Tesla Test Drive! – MUST SEE Her Reactions! – The Tesla Smile Strikes! – Tesla Model 3! By The Tesla Barbarian