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Fitting and welding in cab corners – 1994 F150 Extended cab

It’s a hot day here in central iowa today i’m not sure what the temperature is that once again very humid well look who’s here hey mom’s back to work on the truck today if you can see or not it’s a little bit cooler in the shop here but the floor is starting to get wet because it’s so humid out suckers wallet in the day i hope i already measured this out and i put

My tape on where i want to cut it out and i just measured up from this this body line here and i think i left a little bit of extra on there that’s better than not leaving enough kind of hard to jump that gap with an heart sometime so i’m going to cut this top part off and then we’ll stick it on the truck and see how all i was so we got our panel cut out out our

Sharp panel cut it out and now of course i’m bleeding i can’t do anything without cutting myself you got this cut out i haven’t tried fitting it up yet let’s take this tape off then always go along this edge number one it’s sharp you know cut your damn finger on it but to these little pieces you probably don’t you can’t even see them these little pieces you can get

Hung up on the edge of this and it’ll throw you off on if it’s gonna fit up or not so i’m gonna go ahead and knock all these off now once you get all the edges knocked off they’re not all not once you get all those sharp edges knock up or most of them contract fitting it up i sprayed all this with well three primers a little bit of a rust preventative corrosion

Preventative when you weld on it i’m going to be coating the edge of the inside edge of this as well when i go to well when you do a bevel like that up in here if you have weld through primer on that it kind of melts and then it re solidifies and give you a little bit of rust protection along that edge really not a lot else you can do until you’re all done you can

Get some kind of a wand or something up in here and cook the out of it with something i’m thinking of using fluid film i’m gonna get a couple of magnets and i’ll show you how i do this be right back i’m back now first off before i get started let it be known i am in no way shape or form a professional i’m just a hobbyist i guess you would call me and this is just

How i do it is it right wrong and different it’s the way i do if you have a better way of doing this post it in the comments down below and share with myself and everyone else so we’ll try picking this up here have i mentioned yet today it’s getting hot we’re not sitting too bad here i got a little finagling left to do we got a lighting isn’t real good we got a gap

There and it’s buttered up real tight there and right in there and right there and i need some forward just a smidge the back of it here we’re sticking out i did that i kind of bent it out like that probably get welded up front first and then bend that around the back get everything fitting up good the way i trim these to fit this needs to move up just a little

Bit to fit properly and so i’m gonna take where it’s hitting see if i can get this magnet off here without the whole thing crash where it’s hitting like right now from about there over to somewhere right in here and that’s how i do it i mark it and then all i’ll take wherever the hell it went yeah down there i’ll take my sanding disc along it and i’ll just start

Removing material and putting it back up removing fitting them back up until i get it to fit the best that i can so i’m gonna keep on doing this i’m just marking off those spots and then i’m going to sand it down and we’ll fit her back up here in this a little bit so i just got done fitting and trimming and fitting and trimming and i think i got it up there pretty

Good like i said this back part i’m probably gonna do my shadow out-of-the-way party that last get this will – willed it in up here and then push that around the back there well gap between them right in there and that’s about perfect the body lines look like they’re lining up okay so i think we’re about ready to weld this thing in a little bit of a gap towards

The back right right in there and that will that will push up a little bit it just doesn’t want to cooperate very much but i will get it that’s how she’s looking so far i think the body lines are lining up it’s pushed up i’ve got it up as far as i can go i believe so that’s that’s where it has to sit so i’m not sure if it’s the anything it looks like it might be

Sitting just a smidge lower than the door but if anything i think that front fender might sit just a smidge lower than the door it’s awful damn close i think when it’s all painted white unless you’re just being nitpicky about things i don’t think you’d even notice it look i’ll get it in there as good as i can it looks like i may be hitting right i’m gonna be hitting

Right in there so i might be able to knock that down a little bit and it might slide up but i i don’t know it looks pretty sticking out from the door just a little bit too so i’m gonna knock that little corner off right up there and see if that makes any difference so i’ve got this panel so it fits up there pretty good i knock that it’s not this corner down in that

That did help things a little bit and i noticed down here this actually sticks out this a smidge past the door to up here all the way up and oh so the door the door just may need to be adjusted out a little bit so i think we’re right where we need to be and so the next thing next thing i do is i go along both sides of this panel on the seaming on the inside and on

The outside and take off some of this paint so you got clean metal – well long you don’t really want to remove material you just want to get the paint off just kind of like that and you want to go all the way anywhere you’re gonna be welding you want to remove the thing so go paint taking off around the where i’m gonna be welding on this and now i’m gonna i’m gonna

Take a break because i’m getting hot before i do that i’m gonna spray some wealthy primer all along the inside of this i’m not gonna spray it on the outside with the wealthy primer on the outside sometimes get lost spatter with it although i did see some kind of weld through primer i can’t remember what it was i just happened to see it last night i think it’s made

For spraying metal that is exposed like you’re storing metal outside or something you can spray this primer on it and even weld right through it you don’t have to take it off before you well i’m going to take that little bit of pain off and then i’m going to spray the inside with well three promises so i’ve got the panel in place and we’re ready to get to get some

Welding done still a bit of a gap there at the back i think that’s gonna be fine i’ll go over the welder real quick it’s a thermal art what is it thermal art 181 oh absolutely yeah 181 hi and according to the chart inside the door which pretty much all welders will have a chart and it’ll tell you what your settings it gives you a starting point for your settings and

I don’t remember what i use when i did my green truck and it probably wouldn’t matter if i did but this says it started at 264 the wire speed and 14.3 for the voltage so that’s where i’m going to start also use an argon shielding gas which i assume i have plenty left what’s it all bleed out good to go on that looks like it might be turned up plenty high so i’m gonna

Try to record this i’m not sure i’ve never recorded welding before so i’m not sure how this is gonna go i do have another another welding helmet that maybe i could put the camera behind that i’m just i don’t i’m not sure how this is gonna work and the way you want to weld this is heat is your enemy so probably going to start off by putting a tack weld up in here

Somewhere and then another one i don’t know here maybe here and just kind of work my way back you don’t want to get too much heat into this if you get too much heat into it it’s gonna cause warpage and you just you want to avoid that if you can warpage is your enemy so then once you get it kind of tacked into place then you start adding on to the tacks you don’t

Run a beat on it at all if you just run you put a tack and then spread them out let it cool down a little bit and then you come back you put another tack and you just keep adding on too and it takes quite a while so i think for this video anyway i’m not gonna show this whole process of building a bead out of tax but that’s how you do it you just you put one tack

In and then another one and another one another until you have a continuous bead along that and then you go back with your sanding disc and grind that weld down and if you’re real good you can get it so you don’t hardly need any filler to smooth things out it’s pretty time-consuming because you just put one little tack and you another one another another one and

Then you start in on that tack and then add to this one add to that one and let it cool down and you can’t hardly wait long enough to let it cool down you just keep heat away from it as much as you can or you’re gonna wish that you did i’d rather it take all day to put in a patch panel then get it done in an hour and the side of your truck looks like bacon so

Let the fun begin and i am wearing the proper welding attire shorts tennis shoes and a t-shirt yeah guys it’s freaking hot in here that’s all there is to it when you have your second tap onto the kind of shoot for the middle of that one and then bring it over this way i don’t know how to show this on camera well i’ve got a few welds on here now enough to show

You something anyway if i tell you it’s just too damn hot out here right now i’m gonna probably wait till tonight and come out here and weld the rest of this up it does take a while because you have to look you just have to let it cool down but and i am not by any means the world’s greatest wielder and i haven’t really well done anything since i did my green truck

Nothing to speak of anyway that one’s kind of sloppy but that’s about what they should look like or that’s not too bad i have one there and then i took the you’ll probably hear me say grinder it’s not really the grinder it’s a sanding disc and went over it and that’s what it should look like all along this when it’s done it should just blend the top into the bottom

I just ground that one down to show you real quick so i think that’s gonna be it for this video i’ll get the rest of this welded up and you’ll see that in my next video i have the other side to do as well it is giving extremely hot very hot very humid and uncomfortable but i gotta feet welds on their tax on there i think i’m gonna come out later tonight or you know

Tonight or early tomorrow morning before it gets hot finish welding this up and growing the weld down sanibel run and i will show you what that looks like in my next video which hopefully i will get up in the next day or two so i need to finish welding this in grind all the welds down do the other side and then after that we’ll put some body filler on and smooth

Everything out i need to do that on some spots on the hood too but that’ll be next after doing all this but this is going to take a little while grinding the welds down isn’t difficult you just go over with that with the sanding disc but you can get too much heat doing that as well it takes a lot but you can so just be careful and avoid getting too much heat in

This metal or ponyo if there’s something you want to see more of or explain better or something before i get done with this hurry up and comment down below the mailbox is still set up still many of the license-plate wall that’s in the description down below please subscribe comment give it a thumbs up and we’ll catch you next time

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FITTING AND WELDING IN CAB CORNERS – Ford F150 Extended Cab By The Fox Shop