Five things you should know about the Honda Clarity Electric

The Clarity series’ awkward middle child will be one of the largest pure electric cars on the road, but it’s also got one of the shortest cruising ranges.

The 2017 honda clarity electric is sort of the awkward middle child in the largely identical trio of clarity electrified cars however with an epa-estimated range of just 89 miles it’s sort of a tough sell these days even when compared to its own hydrogen and hybrid powered sibling after spending a bit of time on the road with this one here we’ve got five things

That you need to know it’s got a torquay electric motor the clarity electric is powered by a 120 kilowatt or about 161 horsepower electric motor producing 221 pounds beat of torque that’s technically a little less power than an accord 4-cylinder but with much more torque it should feel much more responsive off the line and around town it should feel about if

Peppy as the clarity fuel cell the epa reckons fuel economy for the battery power clarity at 114 mpg ii combined with a max 126 mpg in the city speaking of the battery the clarity electric draws power from a twenty five point five kilowatt hour battery pack the model has a stated range of 89 miles on a full charge but you could get more with a light touch though

Probably not much more fortunately the vehicle can be fully charged in just over three hours at a 240 volt charger or using its standard combo connection at a more rare but more powerful dc fast charger it can choose up to 80 percent or about 70 miles in just 30 minutes this battery powered model is nearly identical to the hydrogen fuel cell example that we

Tested last year both are big sedans with spacious cabins and even the same weird gun clip window through the trunk that looks useless but actually helps a lot with rear visibility however the battery pack is a lot smaller than a hydrogen tank that we’ve got a bit more trunk space here than we did in the fuel cell and you even get a tiny path through into the

Cabin for longer items the dashboard tech is also identical to the clarity fuel cell with an excellent loadout of onboard features including android auto and apple carplay coming standard to fill in any gaps also standard is the honda fencing suite of driver a tech bringing lanewatch camera lane keeping assist adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking

Assist to the party oh and there are no options every clarity model comes fully loaded you just choose your color when it hits dealerships this august the clarity electric will be facing stiff competition entering the market as an 89 mile eevee in an era where 100 miles range is seen as the bare minimum from any eevee buyers chevy’s bolt does over 200 hyundai

Ioniq does about a buck 20 heck even a nissan leaf which hasn’t fundamentally changed since his 2010 debut does about 107 miles range to be fair the clarity eevee is a much larger car than any of those but it’s still a tough sell honda’s clarity electrocutes dealerships this august for the relatively low lease price of $269 a month for 36 months and that’s before

California’s clean vehicle rebate of 2,500 bucks until then this has been 5 things you should know about the clarity electric be sure to check out a full review of this and the clarity fuel cell over on the roadshow calm for more details pics and video

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