FLYING a Subaru Forester STI through the Green Hell

Thank you for the opportunity to lap my teenage dream car!

It’s already sliding on four wheels good morning coverage welcome back to the channel welcome back to the liverpool and welcome to a very special video because we’ll be doing a lap in a smart oh i guess it’s moving away now so um well in that case we have a good alternative should we do a lap in the forester then let’s go nice so it’s actually quite special for

Me because people who’ve been following me for a long time and a bit of my history my very first race car was a subaru gc8 another sti but we converted it to like a very heavily modified time attack car 705 horsepower so i’m very big fan of subaru’s even back then in the days when i was looking for a daily i was dreaming i was like should i maybe build a forester

And now luckily thankfully thankfully we have marvin here with his survival force forester sdi uh what’s it called this sc9 sg9 yeah so tell us a bit more about the car first of all it has a bit of different colors it’s not factory no no it’s actually millennium jade yeah which is a nissan skyline color yeah uh i uh lived one year in georgia and uh getting the

Car we painted there was very cheap georgia we mean like european country georgia well not us asian eurasia turkey yeah and i was there with this car uh i drive it daily so i took it there and i asked how much is it to repaint it and they gave me a joke offer and i said okay take the car yeah and they re sprayed it in and out so yeah that’s very cool so when it

Comes to the mod so let’s open up the engine bay i think we should have a look there so is it ej 20 or 25 255. it’s a two yeah okay so two and a half hundred two and a half liters oh yeah there we go oh nice i tried to keep it look uh to look make it look as factory as possible i like it to be oem plus so top mount intercooler you said the engine is a bigger top

Mount intercooler because normally the sdi force sti comes with a very small one yeah so i changed it to a bigger one it has a tdo5 18g turbo uh it’s got uh different uh spark plugs and it’s a three inch full exhaust without cats wow a blow valve air oil separator and a different fuel pump and it makes around 340 horsepower and 500 meters nice that should be nice

Okay stack pistons you also told me off-camera that if if it goes it goes i am going to get it forged yeah okay so it’s a high mileage already i had the car uh four years now yeah and i drove eighty thousand kilometers but it’s one two hundred fifteen thousand i drove it back and forth to georgia was already uh eight thousand uh eight hundred kilometers nice and

I use it as my daily i put the dogs in the back i put the groceries in it the wife like a forester should be used yes yes and i drive it always and i i like to enjoy it on the track i like to enjoy it wherever i can very cool very cool i’m excited to go for a lap with you uh for the rest oh rcm parts nice oh it’s just yeah it’s just the boost controller but i’ve

Got some other parts laying around in case the engine goes i’ve i’m already stocking up parts to uh to get it done nice nice so bc racing coilovers you said that they are kind of on their last legs i drove in georgia with uh with this uh over there and the roads there are not uh not that uh well yeah and i uh put them now stiffer and i just had a lap before i came

Here okay it uh to me it’s fine but probably you’re gonna have some uh remarks on it all right yeah well the tires are nice the brakes are uh dbasp pads with oem uh discs yeah and so for me one lap they survived good so i’m curious how quick they fade with you but we’ll see it’s fun enough yeah we need to be kind of cautious of course the tires are not like really

Circuit aimed they’re good goodyear eagle f1 asymmetrical five yeah and it’s also very hot today yes so it’s going to get uh they’re pretty wide that’s good stocks 245 huh all around yes cool nice nice big exhaust as you mentioned three inch pipes front to back so it makes all the nice uh sounds uh lovely that’s how we need it now we want it as always to have

A feed cam installed unfortunately for some reason is just wooden lettuce nothing would stick not even duct tape here so no feet come you just have to imagine me doing some nice healing toes and uh there’s that no excited really really really excited hopefully this lap is not going to be the reason why you’re going to need a new engine but i drove one test lap

And it’s still fine and then the oil temp was around 110 which is okay yeah of course someone some people gonna say like oh if you think it’s gonna blow why are you gonna take the risk of going on the track there’s always a risk so we just know that uh we’re gonna take it easy because the car also doesn’t have oil cooler so we’re gonna monitor the oil temperatures

When we go up the hill from berkwerk and that’s how we should do the first straight uh just take it easy until the intercooler is a bit cool yeah and uh after the first corner uh bridge bridge again yeah bridge then you can go okay good so easy accelerating and then we go after the first big corner at the bridge it’s bridge right that’s it called bridge the start

Time yeah well the antonio’s bridge yes that’s where uh then because right now you cannot touch it it’s hot yeah okay well maybe by the time we drive to the track it will already also maybe cool down but then you still need to stand in line and yeah yeah all right while subarus have a bad reputation because kids buy these vagues and then they go uh crazy on these

Uh heat top mounts and then they uh are prone to knock and that destroys your piston if you don’t do that you know that just drive the intercooler a bit cool until it has some air through it and then you can go good have fun good to know that’s what we do so that’s our driver excuse so we wait now for the track to reopen because it’s currently it is yeah i just got

Messaged me you sure yeah my friends are driving now in the queue really because i was told it was still 4 30. oh no no no they said uh yeah 4 30. yes correct yeah okay good so we wait for that hop in and go for a lap okay so we have a yellow and golden cup they’re reconstructing the the barrier and we have very funny window press the button 10 times at least

It works and most importantly we have air conditioning yes that’s what i’m really happy about especially on like older car because what a year is this 2007 okay so like 15 years yeah yeah yeah quite good nice so they were still making them back then because that’s this is the last model year they made it for sdi the last year the last production model cool after

This they didn’t make a real force sdi it made like a ts port but it really sucks has no manual transmission yeah so as requested doing it easy through here to cool down the intercooler it’s funny because sometimes you need to bring the car up to temperature but in this case we’re bringing the car down to temperature nice and cruising i like that so yeah after

Here let’s go as you wish insane red line seven yeah seven takes it off jesus christ it’s already sliding on four wheels yeah i’m more concerned about the brakes yeah they will start fading soon taxi behind us you monitor the oil temperature for now it’s fine it’s just more later oh my god this is crazy i didn’t know my car could come this fast it cut

Faster with a bit of creepier brakes i think the better tire yeah the brake’s performance is really not there that’s my biggest concern though so once they start fading that would be even bigger issue i get recently changed to that brake fluid i remember the gearbox is like quite sensitive in this the thing for rings yeah i did change the shifter linkage to

Solid okay that’s why it’s so crispy that’s what you hear okay this is not the singles it’s the shifter linkage is solid this is so pushy i’m enjoying the ride it’s completely destroying porsches and oh my god they get like overtaken by a fucking suv it’s just an suv it’s an sdi no it’s it’s cold it’s labeled as the suv so that’s funny comparison to these ones

Because what’s the weight of this 1500 it’s less than the card like hot hatches even so okay okay makes the nice exhaust sounds yeah so from now the track starts going uphill so that’s where the car starts to usually get engine heating issues i think at 120 so yeah you let me know so so i feel a small reduction in power yeah let’s uh start to get old

Now yeah let me know if it’s 120 now 120 yeah okay i’ll just take it smoothly through your way have traffic anyway so we’re good but after this we’ll be like at the highest point and we’ll go downhill after that anyway i just won’t go flat on the uh start flashing ah okay that’s 120 now so okay take this one hello don’t push me thanks we’ll let this one come

True unless he’s just following us for there you can go okay i’m just shifting at five but it’s okay so that’s right still has decent oil pressure okay now here we’re going to be at the highest point and then it’s going to be very easy for the car to keep up because we’re going downhill then it needs to uh it doesn’t need to do so much here thank you now

We’re at the second highest point of the track and from here on it should be quite easy the flashing is stuffed nice when you know what’s going to happen exactly starting to cool down now yeah perfect and then go on the grass that’s what you asked me yes just take the card i cannot believe this car is so fast it’s ridiculous it’s about momentum keep

The momentum for sure uh it’s yellow from here so then you can that was nice yeah i enjoyed it i cannot believe this car is so fast like i would not be able to drive it at this limit uh not even close yet yeah i don’t think i ever want it but uh it’s good like for track use i would only recommend yeah i think yeah yeah brakes tires oil cooler that’s a

Typical subaru thing and then it can go a bit of clutch a bit of clutch yeah it’s still on the stock ledge ah yeah they get quite hot as well so it’s uh especially with race power yeah i remember back in the days when i was tuning mine it was the first thing like are you putting more power you need to change the clutch don’t no don’t worry about the brakes

Clutch flashes oh so we’re already done with this left that’s fucking fast yeah that’s what i said it was good that was yellow because we can cool down the car now and uh before entering the traffic jam it was good i enjoyed it so yeah like i said oil cooler breaks tires then you have actually quite good capable track car yeah it’s your daily anyway so you don’t

Really need it except for maybe some hot certain days you know i think if it was uh cooler to 20 degrees today i don’t think we would have probably yeah oil issues yeah no that happened exactly where i knew that was going to happen the uphill part and after that the drop so that’s the only thing that you need to keep in mind in case you don’t have like a monitor

System yeah with all the cars should probably drop off the but it at 120 and it stayed stable and after it went down so yeah no it’s good it’s not uh crazy oil temperatures yet nice oh thanks i enjoyed it so i think like no it’s my second subaru this year and actually that i ever lapped you were power sliding on four tires i was like oh my god it was more a bit of

Understeer in the front because it doesn’t have like any lsd or something front and back it does yes okay uh sure track front and back okay it has no dccd it’s i believe 40 front and 60 rear okay that’s it’s good that’s hot temperature with the tires down and just like asking for grip yeah but i i i felt the bag going also really yeah yeah you were like literally

Going like this but uh well who knows maybe stateside supercars are out of addiction to have some videos of that yeah we’ll see yeah i know it’s beeping again yeah because uh it’s just very hot the oil so it’s still in within one bar but it’s barely one bar because it’s so hot so it’s just very liquid nice i love it you see it stays on one more cool but if it

Just goes below it it starts beeping well i’m sorry i didn’t give you a reason to swap your engine or do that at least you can drive home yeah yeah that would be nice yeah cool nice

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FLYING a Subaru Forester STI through the Green Hell! By Misha Charoudin