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For Sale: 2022 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4×2 – Classic Silver

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Take a tour of one of our 4Runners. A 2022 4Runner SR5 in Classic Silver. Is this one for you?

Hi everyone i’m jeff teig with fred anderson toyota in raleigh north carolina we’re your trusted toyota resource and today this vehicle is available if you’re interested it’s a 2022 toyota 4runner sr5 two-wheel drive this beauty here is in classic silver metallic toyota 4runner is one of the most iconic vehicles on the entire planet it’s tough it’s rugged it’s

Really ideal for on-road and certainly off-road as well this one here it has predator pro step bars added to it it also has a sliding cargo deck the sliding rear cargo deck is one of three different configurations you can do for the cargo space area you can have it completely empty you can have third row seats or you can have this baby right here it pulls out

It holds 440 pounds it’s a great way to watch your kids game watch the fireworks tailgate or you could just do work here that’s right because we’ve got a grounded outlet here 400 watt a 12 volt circular port lots of tie downs this is what it looks like with the seats completely down so you have a nice open space it’s wide it’s tall it’s boxy great for loading

Unloading and traveling passengers sitting in the second row will find plenty of legroom plenty of headroom lots of room to stretch out chill out relax enjoy the ride the interior is called graphite interior and it’s a combination of dark charcoal gray black and lighter gray y’all also see some silver metallic accents as well all four runners come with rear

Air vents usbs in the back and then this is a view from the back has the 8 inch multimedia touch screen you’ll find it plays apple carplay android auto sirius xm the front section we always want to know where we can store our drinks a sport bottle hydro flask might go there little storage area right there for maybe chapstick does not have a power mechanical

Driver seat the seating is very comfortable it’s supportive but it is soft as well so let’s look around this is the button to control the rear glass it goes down with just the push of a button we’ve got usb 12 volt circular port nice chunky dials that you can turn if you’re cold or working have gloves on can still do your operations exactly what you want to do

Then let’s look inside the console 12 volt circular again and let’s look from the driver’s side this one does have a power driver seat with lumbar support i like the pattern here it breaks up the black interior and then here we go leather wrapped steering wheel so this one’s available would you like it here’s the window sticker so we can learn specs and pricing

Two-wheel drive sr5 made in japan classic silver metallic safety ratings fuel economy here’s standard equipment here there’s a little bug to the left of the specs 4.0 liter v6 engine 270 horsepower this is a 5 000 pound tow capacity it comes with standard 17 inch alloy wheels and then we’ll come down here add in delivery this one has some options on it every

Vehicle has some options or no options or a lot of options predator pro step bars toyo guard platinum all weather mats all weather cargo tray led interior lights paint protection on the door and we bring that down 41 405. thanks so much for watching if you’re interested in this 4runner or any of our other cars trucks suvs this includes new vehicles used vehicles

Certified pre-owned vehicles we have a lot of inventory available not just on the lot but also incoming in the next few days weeks and months that you might be interested in a good place to go is fred anderson so check that out and then contact us we would love to be able to help you local long distance we just want to make it easy for you thanks so much please

Hit subscribe to our channel you’ll see regular inventory review comparison videos how-to videos all that jazz so thanks again we’re on instagram and also facebook at fred anderson toyota see you next time you

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For Sale: 2022 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4×2 – Classic Silver By Fred Anderson Toyota