Ford Bronco fix for all. Watch this before you make the same mistake

All 6th generation Bronco owners should beware of this issue. PPF is needed on the rocker panels to prevent rock chips. This was a big issues for me having the Sasquatch package because the tires grab rocks and then shoot them out at highway speeds. Don’t hesitate to contact Coppola Customs in Branford CT to get Bronco PPF kit today. #bronco #warning #fix

Here at capella’s got the pt cruiser and there we got the bronco is getting some ppf uh here at capellas gonna do some ppf work looking really clean that’s the bronco next to uh trx that’s the bronco right there that’s my baby capella customs got it in good hands just taking care of it looking good i love that color i’m sucker for blue guys any any blue

Car see oh yeah oh yeah i keep going do i got room back there uh yeah you gotta look no no no don’t go no definitely not stop that’s too close right now too close yeah yeah yeah yeah the car already beeped at me yeah yeah it’s getting my whole network that was like get away bro you can’t afford the uh um the tire cap the ear for the air you can’t uh

We got the motor for the tires for this yeah definitely built trance yeah everything oh man yeah that’s a different level that’s like different type they got they got rich and then they got different like different type of rings there’s another rich level yeah yeah so the boys just cleaned it real quick today okay get it ready for ppf yeah um they clay

Boarded all the spots that they got they have to um that we’re gonna do ppf on okay we’re gonna do the bumper here because that’s the first place that it gets shot with rocks okay headlights because you don’t want to crack and damage these headlights okay um all around the pillars here around the window holding those okay what we’re gonna do from this body

Line right here okay to the bottom of the door yeah and the rocker down here too so we can obviously you know that’s yeah so i guess it’s a common thing if you want to tell them about what’s yeah so with the sasquatch package with these tires they grab rocks so before when i first did i got the car i didn’t have these um um mud flaps so first they have in

The car a rock was in a tire and a shot out once i got to highway speed and hit the rockers ironically it was right before tom told me i needed ppf he said you need a ppf this color you need to ppf this truck and i was like okay you know i was on the fence but now after that happened um i i need i had to do it so i looked on youtube and a lot of guys are

Having issues so if you’re having this issue please leave a comment um let me know um what what you did to prevent it um what i’m doing is the mud flaps and ppf so so tom has a solution for all bronco owners if you live in the new england area even if you don’t even if you don’t uh what we’re going to be doing with this is we kind of we do this with a lot

Of cars we’ll do like the full frontal and ppf and then we’ll do the rockers and behind the back wheels we call it our track pack um but this one we’re just obviously going to do the rockers and i can do a full front end we’re going to do a partial front end but if you do want these kits reach out to us comment like you know get get a hold of one of us and

We can send you these kits and paint protection film if you want to attempt it yourself or if you are local to connecticut or in the tri-state area reach out to us and um you know drop it off and we can give you a price on what you want to do this is a as austin knows it’s a very common thing with these broncos yes these wheels throw everything look at me

I was just looking back here this is another already a rucksack and it’s a it’s a decent sized rock yeah i mean it’s not you know little pebbles that’s a good rock yes that comes out at 60 70 miles an hour it’s going to instantly chip that paint will the ppf avoid everything if a boulder comes right up rip it out of there no but it’s going to do a lot and

I’ll actually um i’ll show you a video also we have this svr in here um yesterday we took it off let’s see if it’s on this phone um we did yeah so this customer came to us he actually clipped his garage door and all right here was all scratched and and the ppf was ripped up all the way like a huge mark wow and um yeah i’m gonna grab my other phone so i

Can show you yeah so you see that ppf protected that paint and this is a six-figure car six-figure suv you know seats though those used to fire me so what it was was you can see oh my god must have had a heart attack yeah yeah i would have had the crazy part is is he actually didn’t know he had ppf on the car no way he bought it from the factory like this

From the dealership yeah and he was like oh whatever we got to do we got to paint the bumper you know drop it off so he shows up and he shows me and i’m like you know there’s paint protection foam on the bumper yeah what do you what’s that yeah and i’m like let’s kill it like let’s damage the you know see what the damages are and we can go from there and

He’s like you’re telling me there’s a chance that there’s no damage on the bumper yes and there’s literally i i took i even took a video of it um to kind of show yes us peeling the ppf off see how bad it was wow yes it was real it was really bad yes and me peeling it off wow no damage no damage not even is it worth it not even scratches yeah and and uh

Subscribe to capella customs on youtube he’s gonna be posting these videos um all sorts of rap videos yeah of course the compressor yeah you could see like there’s nothing like no damage whatsoever all the way down this was all like really gummed up it was um reach out to us um or we can send you something if you want to go at it we can hook you up on

A kit for both sides the bottom of the doors and the rockers or small pieces if you start you know you want to get some online and you know figure out how it works watch some videos yeah and run you through it quick if you want to do it yourself we love people that reach out and want to do it themselves because that’s what makes this world go round at least

You’re getting out there and you’re trying to do it yourself and exactly that’s what we did when we started yeah i started out in my parents garage just throwing some vinyl around and ppf around and yeah you know it obviously turned into a business can will hook you up if you are in the tri-state uh anywhere really um and we could ship a kid out to you or we

Could do it up here whatever you want to do but we are gonna do it on this and uh try to protect as much as possible you know after a while of years and years having it on and it gets a little peppered you know you’ll see small spots in it rip it off and just put a new piece on that’s awesome man that that was a great example of why i need ppf to avoid uh

Situations like this yeah so he’s going to fix it with um he’s going to fix it and then he’s going to ppf it so yeah yeah yeah once we touch it up as you know it’s nice that it’s all the way down in the bottom yeah thank god it wasn’t you know it’s higher it could have been a lot worse yes yeah so but you know fresh paint things right out of the dealership

You got you know yes barely any time with it definitely it happens you know it’s a little bit softer um but we’ll touch it up and go over it and it won’t happen anymore yes sir you won’t even know what happened yes sir these tires definitely grab some you know serious rocks oh definitely like pick one every time every time i uh before i drive the truck

There’s always a rock yeah a few rocks in the top you heard one the other day hit the mud yes yes one and it was a loud sound like windows up everything yeah maybe him yeah that might have been another show yes yeah you’re probably thinking the worst too yes definitely i i was like almost like had that look at my face like a kid about to cry that’s silent

Yeah yeah but i think we picked most of them now so this is really serious about this issue when i got the car i didn’t even drive it for a week or two because i was waiting on the mud flaps and and i haven’t really been driving it because i’m waiting on the ppf so yeah you need ppf you you guys see um what it can do the magic of ppf what it could save

You is a good insurance it’s nice that it’s it’s reaching more people now to where they’re knowledgeable and what it is and how it works because you know like it’s been out for years a long time but with social media people are seeing it you know like word of mouth more and more people you know this guy’s hooked on it now yeah because he’s like oh man i got

To pee in my bumper in the match he’s all worried because a little bit older of an svr and he’s all worried about it all yeah you know and big money yes something like that yeah on a metallic paint and he’s like oh i could just rip the bumper off yeah and redo the bumper i’m like yeah yeah rip it off you know it’s just a clear coat yeah pull it off and put a

New piece on and you’ll be good to go again yeah but not for a bit you know what happens again or rock hits it or whatever yes but just in case you replace it yeah awesome so it’s full protection and it’s a hundred percent clear you won’t even know what’s on it look in the description um of my video you’ll most of my videos have uh coppola customs his number

And his his information there so you can reach out to him and get your get your ppf get whatever you need your tents your wrap anything detailing ceramic coating paint correction everything even custom he does some custom work like paint painting and stuff like that and yep yeah all right yes sir that’s the man all right bye boo bye bugatti yeah bye

Bronco gonna miss you too hey what’s up youtube we’re here with coppola customs we just got the ppa f and the uh rock chips fixed and we have the solution for your new broncos especially with the sasquatch package or the big off-road tires um that are going to throw rocks grab everything big knobbies on them and they come shooting out these flares really

Don’t do much obviously austin added these um mud flaps which the mud flaps help a lot you can actually see i mean it’s it’s blocking 90 percent of it um so what we did actually on this side unfortunately we had the rock chips fly out and hit the rocker at the time but there was three big shots down here and we touched them up they’re they’re pretty much

Invisible now um and then what we did was we did ppf this is like our track pack rocker kit so we did it from here down right from his body line all the way down here the whole rocker all the way down this way and then along the bottom of the doors right on this body line you could literally you can’t even see the line it’s crystal clear yeah and then we did

Uh door edges and ppf2 it’s a common thing with you know even even having kids and stuff you know people just throw out the door and it kind of you know it will hit a rock wall or head you know inside your garage if your garage is tight bangs up against the door it chips the edge of the paint so that’s a common thing you just do the door edges so we did all

That did another door edge back here the same exact thing on this side from that body line down door edges and then what we did was around the windshield which is a very common area your windshield gets blasted and then all the paint on this because it’s kind of straight up in the air it’s like a billboard so we did all the way around the surroundings there

And then we did the headlights because these headlights definitely don’t want to break and then we did the front it’s considered the front bumper here that’s pretty much it for the ppf wise and then we also did in here especially with these bigger broncos or trucks or we do it all the time on trucks and suvs but we did the inside of the door jam here so when

You go to jump in when you’re dragging your feet in and out it doesn’t start to scratch it and wear the paint so that’s all protected and after a while if it gets a little beat up you just peel it off putting the piece on amazing came out amazing and even the color looks deeper yeah we put a heavy ceiling on it so cleaned it up and it looks this blue is

Sick yes blue my favorite color on really anything yeah but um it looks good it really does oh it came out mint got to get the ppf guys especially for these broncos they should just sell it out the factory like that with ppf everywhere especially if you’re going to go off-roading and everything you know we’re actually yeah on our way to ford right now we

Fill that in and uh austin was lucky enough to get to know the salesman and the owner of our local ford here and they want to see it and they want to start offering this kind of stuff to their broncos their cars their trucks everything else and it’s a common thing that’s getting more into dealerships dealerships that don’t have it already don’t really know

Until they see it and they can say oh wow you know we could offer that you know trucks i mean you’re almost at a hundred thousand dollars from some of these trucks brand new why not put ppf on it for you know a couple grand for a front end or you know whole entire cars we have cars do full vehicles full trucks i mean we’ve done boats we’ve done everything

Over the years and it’s just protection you literally sit here and bounce rocks off the thing yeah so yeah so i think it’d be cool with them and then we could all always do you know more customization do the window tints powder coating all that kind of stuff full vehicle wraps changes everything over here yeah awesome what do you guys think leave a comment

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Ford Bronco fix for all. Watch this before you make the same mistake! By Spumatic Carz