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Ford CEO Confirms Ford Maverick Has A HUGE Problem

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Ford CEO Confirms Ford Maverick Has A HUGE Problem

Ford ceo confirms ford maverick has a huge problem ford is facing a rather inviable problem with its new maverick pickup truck the pickup’s popularity having blown past expectations the automaker is temporarily halting taking new orders so it can focus on filling the large and growing backlog of orders it has already received but what are the big problems you

Should look out for before buying a ford maverick hello and welcome to our channel in today’s video we are going to discuss fort ceo confirms ford maverick has a huge problem so make sure to watch the video till the end to find out more and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more amazing and the latest videos about extraordinary cars everyone around

The country was excited about the release of the 2022 ford maverick this all-new hybrid pickup was hailed as a game changer in fact the company even boasted that owners could live like a maverick instead of feeling independent drivers ended up chained to the service center because of a defective electrical system and malfunctioning engine though the model only

Launched late last year ford managed to sell 13 258 units and demand is not letting up that’s why the u.s automaker informed dealers this week that it was temporarily sealing the order book so that current bookings could be met there’s been overwhelming demand for maverick both hybrid and ecoboost we’re making the decision to stop taking new retail orders on the

2022 ford maverick starting after january 27th to focus on existing orders ford spokesman mike levine told the detroit news ford will open the books again in the summer at which point new customers will be reserving 2023 editions the the model’s popularity is easy to understand first its compact size appeals to those with more modest needs or who simply want a

Pickup truck that won’t bust their budget recall that in the us the base model is priced at around twenty thousand dollars but the 2022 ford maverick recall out due to malfunctioning airbags according to autoevolution the side curtain airbags may not correctly deploy this malfunction could increase the risk of injuries during an accident ford is unaware of the

Root cause of this issue but it is still investigating this recall covers about 974 vehicles and includes both left hand and right-hand models sold in america and mexico the trucks were built between february 3rd 2021 and july 9 2022. at the hermosilio plant a defective batch of airbags could be responsible for the issue a stop ship order was issued so ford can

Remedy this issue as the trucks currently fail to meet the federal motor vehicle safety standard 226 ford is currently unaware of any injuries related to this problem in july the 2022 ford maverick faced a recall due to issues with the engine and engine cooling structure in the event of an engine failure models with the hybrid engine could result in oil and fuel

Vapors being released in the engine compartments the flammable liquids could accumulate near an ignition source resulting in increased fire risk if your truck makes unexpected noises loses power or if you see smoke park it immediately ford will replace the engine components as necessary here was another ford maverick recall due to seat belt issues the rear seat

Belt buckles may not be properly attached to the rear floor assembly because of this an occupant might not be adequately restrained in the event of iraq increasing the risk of injury ford is replacing the seat belt assembly units free of charge according to pickup truck’s talk there are reports of the transmission shuddering and jerking when it switches from

Gas to battery mode this could just be something to get used to as the same thing can happen in the ford f-150 hybrid and it’s not a problem owners have complained about their pink chipping and their stickers being washed away during car washes also the hood seems to be prone to fluttering in the wind the radio freezing and the fordpass app remote start makes the

Engine run rich causing the catalytic converter to get red hot another mavic recall involved the risk of not stopping due to faulty brakes a software error could lead to the loss of trailer brake functionality as a result loss of trailer brake function could lead to an extended stopping distance increasing the risk of accident and injury at least this issue has

An easy fix dealerships only need to update the brake software also one maverick recall involved leaking fuel tanks holes may have been drilled into the fuel tank when the spray in bed liners were installed this could lead to a leaking fuel tank increasing the fire risk but four will replace the fuel tank as necessary the 2022 ford maverick hasn’t been officially

Evaluated by the insurance institute for highway safety or the national highway traffic safety administration yet here’s one example from an nhtsa complaint since the date of purchase 10 29 21 i am unable to change set fm stations apps i.e i heart and spotify and voice command work intermediately apps will not work unless phone is plugged in 9-1-1 assist will not

Work if not paired and connected to a bluetooth enabled and compatible cell phone unsure if lane keeping assist is working properly vehicle was brought to on 10 30 21 as per dealer ford is unaware of these problems it is a hardware issue here’s another nhtsa complaint worthless nick when using remote start the truck will run for 15 minutes both inside and outside

The vehicle i smell what seems like plastic burning the last time it happened i looked underneath the hood while it was dark out and what appears to be a catalytic converter on the back side of the motor was glowing red hot there are high voltage lines that run within inches of this and i am concerned there is a fire risk the recalls shouldn’t be safe to concern

Instead they represent a problem with quality perhaps ford rushed the maverick to market but the redesigned ford explorer had 17 recalls during its first year back in 2020 so reducing the number from 17 to 5 is a step in the right direction you’ll love the maverick if you like your truck interiors simple there aren’t a lot of fills or buttons but finding the

Controls you need is very easy getting in and out requires some ducking of your head for most but once you’re inside there’s a decent amount of headroom all around the driving position is relatively upright and the driver’s seat and steering wheel don’t offer much adjustability legroom is limited in the rear seat as is the space under the front seat for feet the

Mavericks boxy cab however provides excellent visibility big squarish windows mean that you can see well in every direction and while they are a bit on the small side we like ford’s useful integrated blind spot mirrors more details about maverick are yet to be exposed so watch the video until the end and please don’t forget to like our video and subscribe to our

Channel so you don’t miss any of our latest updates how comfortable is the maverick when it comes to comfort the maverick embraces more of the truck vibe than the hyundai santa cruz rival over broken or bumpy roads it is a choppy ride quality that never seems to go away the seats are firmly padded but supportive and they hold up over long traps but there are hard

Plastic door panels right next to your knees and they are uncomfortable to brace against when navigating down curvy roads there isn’t much noise from the engine on the highway but it’s a bit unrefined at idle and under full throttle acceleration we also noticed a strikingly loud drivetrain noise coming from beneath the rear floor that we couldn’t identify these

Traits are a bit of a harder pill to swallow on a cup trim lariat without an operational luxury package there isn’t much tech to explore inside the maverick you do get 8-inch touchscreen with standard apple carplay and android auto smartphone integration and it’s quick and easy to connect but that’s about where it ends the standard stereo is underwhelming when it

Comes to output volume spring fur luxury package and you’ll receive adaptive cruise control enhanced voice controls and upgraded 8-inch screen a wireless charging pad and lane keeping assessed a lot of these driver aids and options missing from our top trim test vehicle come standard on the base hyundai santa cruz that’s all for today guys what do you think about

Today’s video and what do you think about these major issues in the ford maverick are you going to buy a maverick after knowing these share with us in the comment section down below i hope you enjoyed the video we will be back soon with more amazing content so stay tuned thanks for watching

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