Ford Doesnt Want You to Know This About Their F-150

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People are just looking for a good work truck used it’s a 2010 f-150 platinum edition four-wheel drive maybe you were put off by the 50 000 price when it was brand new my customer here he bought it for 16 000 that was one year ago it’s still running fine he admitted to me that he’s only used a four-wheel drive once on it but i mean if he needs to one big

Advantage of four-wheel drive when you’re talking about used vehicles sure the new ones cost a lot more four-wheel drive the resale value of the used four-wheel drives is much higher so even though you’ll pay a little bit more he still saves a ton 16 versus 50 000 if he gets tired and he wants to sell it on this thing will be so easy to sell especially here in

Tennessee guys in the army are just dying to get their hands on a four-wheel drive version so even if you don’t want a four-wheel drive it can be your advantage if you’re planning on having it a while and then sell it on you can get the two-wheel drive versions a lot cheaper but you’re gonna get a lot less from them when you sell it on and they do come in handy

If you live where it snows or you go hunting and you go out in the mud you’re not gonna get stuck now he’s only spent about two thousand dollars in repairs since he bought it the main one was the brakes kept wearing out now he tried drilled and slotted rotors and then he said they wear out even faster that’s why i advise people don’t do it especially on a truck

That is a racing design it’s from multiple stopping and starting stopping and starting racing around the track hitting the brakes letting go of the brakes at high speeds so the brakes don’t overheat now you’re generally not driving a truck like that you hit the brakes once to stop it and you’re stopped so they actually stop better without drilled and slotted

Because there’s a bigger surface area it’s for continuous application and then acceleration so don’t waste your money on that on just about any vehicle unless you’re racing it and as strange as it sounds from my experience the best brake pads you can get for these things are acebono a japanese company yeah but they make ceramic pads they cost a little bit more

But they’re excellent pads they can take the heat dissipation because they’re ceramic they don’t eat up the rotors as bad and they can last a really long time so surprisingly enough if you put japanese pads on your ford truck you’ll find they’ll probably last longer and the rotors will last longer too and as we look under the hood shark’s dirty but who cares he

Had to change the vvt sensors on the engine which is no big deal he did it himself bottom it forward and then it ran fine again that’s a typical problem with these engines and hey you can easily do it yourself it’s a simple job just watch my video on changing variable valve timing solenoids they just bolt in and out and the advantage of this particular design

Is since it’s older you don’t have to reprogram anything on some of the new ones you’re going to have to reprogram it and then you got to pay a guy like me but on these older ones you just pop them in drive and the computer figures out itself another reason maybe buying a little bit older vehicle is a good thing and here’s a tip this is a 2010 trout and 5.43

V the earlier ones had problems with the spark plugs breaking off and ford had to redesign them so if you’re looking at one older in 2010 you want to have the spark plugs checked by now most guys have swapped them out to ford’s new design but let’s say you got a low mileage one maybe an elderly couple owned it and it’s still got the original spark plugs in that

Case you want to be very careful and you want to remove them all go to ford and buy the new redesigned plugs and put them in it was a design flaw ford knows it if you happen to get an old one it’s still got the original plugs you want to do that now rather than later because if you do have a problem and they blow out it can ruin the threads you might have to put

New cylinder heads in in the case of if they’re in there and you can get them out with a long extension bar and a socket do it now buy when it’s 2010 or newer i didn’t let that problem now the other thing that went out was the alternator typical ford alternator it lasted about a hundred thousand miles you expect that in a ford he does his own stuff so he went to

Autozone it was about a hundred bucks and came with a lifetime warranty they’ll never have to buy another one and there’s auto zones everywhere you’re not paying me to say this that’s just the truth you know i got stuff in them and if you break down in california you just give them your phone number and then they’ll look it up and you get another alternator free

So hey worry for you there now there is an error on the oil cap you can see it says 5w20 even ford admits you 5w30 because it lubricates better now in some of the modern cars that’s sacrilegious you can’t because they need a super lightweight oil to lubricate everything but this is a classic v8 you really want to use a 5w30 in this now you might think this owner

Is a bit of a fanatic he bought it used and he did notice when he took the valve covers off there was some varnish in it meaning that the previous owner didn’t change the oil enough so what does he do he changes the oil a lot you change the oil every two or three thousand miles he’s a very good philosophy on this he knows the guy abused it didn’t change the oil

Enough because of the varnish you may not realize it but the bottom of your engine with a pistons bolt with a connecting rod to the crankshaft there’s bearings they’re thin metal and that’s what it rides on if you have an abused vehicle those bearings could be worn a little and it’s insidious because you won’t hear anything until it’s too late and the rods start

Knocking then you have to rebuild the engine if you change the oil a lot if there was anywhere it’s going to really make wear less and you do have to consider that the rod bearings are where on the bottom of the engine okay where does the most gunk go the bottom of the engine so it only makes sense oil is cheap engines are expensive and in doing so this truck

Is treating him well it runs like a clock shouldn’t have any engine problems and i mean this guy’s pretty smart with his trucks his previous one was a plain two-wheel drive ford that he bought for eight thousand dollars got hit by deer and made a few thousand on that by getting it fixed at a mako and pocketing the difference and then selling it for the same price

That he paid for it eight thousand dollars just think the original owner of this thing lost thirty four thousand dollars when he sold it he bought a used ford and not only did he break even on buying and selling it but he made thousands when it got hit by a deer by getting it fixed cheaper he didn’t care it still looked okay obviously because he sold it for eight

But he actually made money on a deal where the guy who bought this lost thirty six thousand dollars big reason why you might think about a used truck next time the other advantage have used this got the chrome tow hooks the interior’s got the i’m accurate leathernode is 11 years old so you know the driver’s seat’s gonna have holes in it that’s just ford leather

But got tons of space inside true room for three people in the back heating air conditioning too for a lot less money you get all this luxury you save a tunnel or even a stripped down new one which doesn’t have anything that you want there’s nothing wrong with getting a used f-150 truck they still have a lot of stuff you can do yourself like this owner has and

Even if you don’t find a mechanic like me there’s so many guys that know how to work on fords it’s not like you’re taking it to a maserati dealer it’s gonna be a four thousand dollar tune-up and huh they’re common vehicles people know how to work on and parts are dirt cheap look at that 100 alternator try that with any modern car it’s going to be a lot more than

That now you might say this big old thing what a gas hog well it gets 22 miles a gallon on a highway you can’t argue with a huge vehicle like this hey check it out a sunroof and a pickup truck what’s the world coming to and if you really want the heist of redneck luxury an electric window to get into the bed so you can throw things in the bed while you’re going

Down the road and don’t have to slow down now here’s some real world advice on flex fuel his gas marge on his normal commuting went from 20 miles a gallon to 12 when he tried out flex fuel so he doesn’t use it anymore now of course it ran perfectly fine the thing is ethanol burns cleaner but there’s a big problem with ethanol is that it has less british thermal

Units btus than gasoline about 20 percent less but he got a lot worse than 20 worse gas mileage because it gets really complicated now the speeding freaks love it because you get more horsepower it just puts out more zing the way that it burns faster and cleaner but he didn’t feel like going from 20 to 12 miles a gallon average gas mileage so that was the end

Of that the fuel is only a little bit cheaper it does burn cleaner yes if you’re going to get that worse gas mileage it doesn’t really make any sense let’s talk to the farmers who are growing the corn so sorry they’re farmers but i’m not a fan of e85 either so if you’re looking for a good used truck especially a 4×4 hey if you can find an f-150 like this get a

Good used one you can really save a lot of money and still have a nice looking truck styles haven’t changed all that much they’re pickup trucks they got boxes in the back and they can do all they want on the front ends they’re still pickup trucks they stay in style this one still rides in style why spend 60 to 80 grand today on a new one let somebody else take

All that loss and get it when there’s a lot of life left in it so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos remember to ring that bell so

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