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The most important electric vehicle in the uk is not a medium-sized suv it’s not a 600 horsepower sports crossover and it’s not a cute super mini or a big 4×4 it’s going to be something like this the new ford e transit think about it the delivery van is the unsung hero of transportation they are the backbone of all of those deliveries that you order online

And then end up at your house and they really suit electrification there’s no diesel idling as they wait to drop things off they actually have no urban emissions and they all end up at a massive depot every night where they can be charged up and electrification really suits van work they’re quiet they’re powerful they’re easy to drive they can get into the low

Emission zones in cities for exactly zero pounds and they cost less to run and service if they’ve got enough range then they’re a bit of a no-brainer also i just quite like driving fans are you a van enthusiast would you prefer an ev and by that i mean an electric van or would you rather stick to diesel let us know in the comments and please do the usual and like

And subscribe now working out what makes a good electric delivery van is obviously a little bit different to what we usually do trying to work out what makes a good electric family car but we shall attempt to get to the heart of things you can have the new e-transit in three lengths and two heights including a bare chassis for sticking specialist equipment onto

A double cab setup for extra people and various other configurations there are bits of blue on the grill that mark it out as electric but you’re not going to be overwhelmed by space age transitness if it ain’t broken all that luckily the e-transit doesn’t skimp on being practical it would be a pretty rubbish van if it wasn’t now obviously a lot of the features

Depend on which one you go for but on this one there’s a sliding door on this side and rear doors that open properly wide to reveal between nine and a half and just over 15 meters cubed of load space big enough for an echo note for edit put an echo echo echo echo echo echo echo in there there there please please please the battery just like an electric car is

Mounted really low under the floor out of the way down here so the van should have a nicely low center of gravity and the heavy duty rear suspension has been completely redesigned and now it’s fully independent which means the transit should handle well whether it’s loaded or unloaded which is always really useful depending on which variant you have it can carry

Up to 1758 kilograms of things there’s also the option of a thing called pro power on board which is basically this little box here now in electric car terms we probably know that as vehicle to load system so essentially it’s a set of plugs that’s in the back of the transit that can deliver up to 2.3 kilowatts of power now that’s enough to charge your laptop run

A bandsaw or well pretty much any other power tool that’s handy if you’re on site all day without access to mains power and they’ve got flaps up front and it is way more sophisticated than the old transit i used to drive around in i mean in front of you it has a set of analog dials which is very nice but then in the middle it’s got a 12 inch touchscreen which

Runs ford sync 4 latest operating system which is really clear easy to use and really nice and after that it’s got loads of car like gadgetry so it’s got apple carplay it’s got android auto it’s got lane keep assist it’s got a heated quick clear windscreen which a lot of fords have which is really useful in uh cold weather it’s got standard heated seats it’s even

Got a nice little shelf here which allows you to rest your elbow on and give you a proper transit driving position and after that it just feels a bit cleverer than transits used to so there’s tons and tons of storage there’s big door bins there’s a cup holder here in the middle it’s a rotary gear selector which is really useful if you’re having to maneuver this

Thing in a town you just flick it back and forth and the drive is instant and then it’s got another cup holder there it’s got a little cubby hole between these seats here three seats up front there’s a little slot down here which would be good for workbooks and then these shelves up here are really good for paperwork it feels like someone’s really thought about

This vehicle in terms of how you’d use it day to day because when it comes down to it if you’re having to put a shift in in this transit the more comfortable and costing it is the handier it is to use the less stressful it is to use the better off you’ll be when you have to put in a 12 hour shift they’ve thought about this van and i think it really works okay so

The plastics are a bit industrial but it’s a transit van it wouldn’t work if it was all plush if you’ve got a fleet of more than five transits there’s four telematics that you can spar i mean check on your gang monitor the vehicle’s health and do all sorts of other stuff so you never waste time and there’s the fordpass pro app for your phone so you can do loads

Of stuff remotely forgotten to lock the van you can do it from home and yes there’s remote start and preconditioning too so a transit is ready to go when you are and as for that battery we’re talking about a 68 kilowatt hour unit that could see up to 196 miles of range depending on what you do with it and which version of transit you have ford consulted with delivery

Companies to see what an acceptable level of range was and they said more than 150 miles a day so the transit should have every eventuality covered especially if the van spends most of its time in town where it’ll be most efficient 11.3 kilowatt ac charging means that you can slow charge at a depot in just over eight hours or a home wall box overnight and there’s

Decent faster dc charging at 115 kilowatts by the nose mounted charging point which should see 15 to 80 in just over half an hour on the appropriate public unit customers also have access to the fordpass charging network which really helps when you’re out and about there’s only one bill for a start this is not like any transit van that i have ever driven it doesn’t

Rattle smell of diesel or somebody else’s lunch okay so that might be a little bit of personal prejudice it is really really easy to drive it’s just stop and go put it in gear it’s smooth it’s quiet for a van it’s genuinely impressive it rides really really well look i’m just tooling around barcelona now and it’s actually quite relaxing this is not a small van

And yet i’m quite chilled out with it now the most powerful transit has 265 brake horsepower and about 317 pounds feet of torque this is the less powerful one with about 183 and because the motor and all the electrical goblins are actually packaged out in the back by the rear axle this van is rear-wheel drive like they used to be back in the day which means in

Theory it would drift we’re not going to be testing that today because we’re serious journalists there are different driving modes just like an electric car that you might be used to and there is normal which is just for normal everyday driving you’re just bombing around there’s slippery and that is for when it’s really horrible out it might be a bit windy or

It’s raining that’s really useful if you’ve got a big load on the back and you want to be as calm and as gentle as possible but then there’s eco now eco is just like the mode that you have in another electric car it will limit acceleration top speed and the air conditioning now ford reckons that you can get between eight and ten percent more range when you’re

Using the eco mode obviously the van will be a little bit slower it’ll be a little bit less quick to react but it will give you that extra bit of range if you need to get back to the depot to charge up it’s also got a really handy turning circle and good vision the interesting thing about the transit is that ford really has thought about the whole ecosystem that

Surrounds running vans for business recognizing that a big switch to electric is actually quite daunting but the fact remains there are loads of advantages to electric vans while the government grants for electric cars have snipped a bit commercial electric grants are still relatively generous the smallest electric vans are eligible for a 5 000 pound subsidy while

The biggest can get up to 16 grand off and that’s not to be ignored especially if you run a fleet although there is a little loophole which means that you can’t get the discounts if you order more than a thousand vans plus electric vans are predicted to be up to forty percent cheaper to service than the equivalent diesel and far cheaper to charge up than to refuel

Especially if powered by low-cost renewable tariff back at the depot rather than a public charger ford seems pretty confident there’s a three-year 60 000 mile warranty on the van and an eight-year hundred thousand mile warranty on the battery now uk government regulations state that you’re not allowed to drive anything over three and a half tons on a standard uk

Driving license which means that the 4.25 tonne transit would be ineligible but an interesting loophole means that because the e-transit is considered alternatively fueled you can actually drive it on a standard normal uk driving license that’s really handy the big news is that even though the base e transit starts at 42 695 pounds which isn’t cheap it is a lot

Cheaper than any other equivalent electric van the thing is once you take into account the total cost of ownership over the course of its life these vans work hard for a living and they’re looking like a really solid choice in a really practical boring and unsexy way electric delivery vehicles are going to underpin what it means to transition to electric and i

Think the e-transit is a bit of a quiet game changer now where’s my bacon sandwich you

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Ford E-Transit First Drive – New Transit electric van review / Electrifying By Electrifying