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Ford EcoSport SUV 2018 in-depth review – Carbuyer

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Ford Ecosport review:

So this is the ford ecosport a small suv based on the ford fiesta now it was originally built for markets outside europe but it’s been on sale in the uk since 2014 and received an update in 2018 i think it’s fair to say that we weren’t that impressed with the eco sport in its original form so let’s see if the update has done anything to revise that opinion first

Of all there are some notable styling differences the front end now looks like ford’s bigger suvs the cougar and the edge with the much larger grille and headlights than before it is an improvement but overall the car’s proportions still look a little bit off one thing they haven’t improved though is the boot more specifically how you get into the boot it took me

Quite a while to figure this one out because it’s not here as you don’t suspect or maybe even down there know there’s a little handle tucked away here and it opens sideways and it’s really very very heavy and just look at the amount of space it takes up what this means is that if you’re in say a multi-story car park or simply just parked on the road with other cars

Behind you the boot is useless because you can’t actually get into it however once you do get into it well actually the space isn’t that bad it’s not class-leading but it’s a good square shape there’s no load lip and it fits all the car by suitcases with ease but even that positive does not make up for this the door it’s here in the back oil there’s not that much

More legroom than you’ll find in a ford fiesta so tall people with the tall driver will find themselves traveling with their knees really pushed up in front and it’s also the same story across the seat it’s not actually that wide so getting three of you in here is really going to be pretty snug it’s best suited to children to be honest but one thing that’s quite

Irritating considering this is a family car it’s the fact that the doors don’t open that wide it makes getting children in and out of car seats really quite awkward the cheapest eco sport model is the z-tech which is pretty well equipped for an entry-level car you get alloy wheels fog lights powered mirrors and air conditioning as well as digital radio and full

Smartphone connectivity with apple or android phones stepping up to the titanium brings bigger wheels roof rails a larger touchscreen sat-nav a rear view camera and part leather trim while the st line is the sporty choice with sports suspension a body kit and a leather steering wheel an update to the eco sports interior was desperately needed and to be fair things do

Look a whole lot better in here now it’s basically a replica of the ford fiestas and that is no bad thing now as i’ve said this 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system is only available on the highest spec models but even the entry-level still comes with a six inch screen storage isn’t too bad you’ve got a good sized door bins the glovebox is small but it’s a usable

Shape although i do think the cupholders are in a really awkward position tucked down here next to the handbrake and it’s worth noting that this center console and armrest isn’t available on the entry-level model the eco sport comes with a choice of a one lisa 123 horsepower petrol or a 1.5 liter 99 horsepower diesel engine and you can have an automatic gearbox with

The petrol but not the diesel the st line gives you the option of a more powerful 138 horsepower petrol engine which is what we’ve got here now although the fiesta on which this car is based is a lot of fun to drive suddenly the eco sport isn’t raising the suspension has had a bad impact on the handling and it really does lean heavily into corners now this is the

St line which doesn’t help things because the ride is actually very harsh really picks up every lump and bump in the road steering also could do with being more direct neither of the gearboxes are fantastic but the manual is definitely the better of the two the automatic really seems to struggle to find the right gear and it seems really quite sluggish as well so

The eco sport isn’t great to drive them but is it cheap to run soundly the answer is not really especially if you go for the petrol engine it’ll manage a little over 50 miles per gallon regardless of which of the power up which you go for but the reality is that it won’t achieve a figure like that in the real world the diesel is more efficient though but it does

Make the eco sport almost unbearably sluggish to drive with its 14 second nought to 60 time out of the engines i think this slightly more powerful one lisa is the one to go for the less powerful unit just doesn’t seem to me to have enough punch for the car and it doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence when you’re trying to overtake on motorways overall the ford

Ecosport is way off the pace of its competitors in too many areas and it costs just too much to excuse those shortcomings if you want to truly cheap suv you’re better off in a dutcher duster but if you are after something stylish modern and efficient than cars like the renault captur and santa rona are a far better bet if you’re interested in the eco sport make

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