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Ford Edge Long Crank No DTC

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Today we have a 2011 ford escape this is a v6 i think it’s a 3.0 liter engine complaint to this car is that has a long crank it doesn’t happen every time but if car sits longer than 20 or 30 minutes it’s pretty much now after that time it will be a long crank now there are multiple reasons why the engine can have a long crank one of the could be a camon crankshaft

Sensor could be a vacuum leak could be a stock egr valve stuck open uh purge valve and evap system and uh but most of the time with any of those problems you’re gonna experience some other issues drawability issues the this car has a long crank but after it starts runs great i checked the fuel trim fuel trim is fine i checked the egr valve uh did by direction

Control turn it on and off works okay and the uh my purge valve works fine and unplugged it uh put my vacuum gauge on it it wasn’t did not open uh so with like with a stock open uh purge valve you sometimes can experience a hard start after you’re refueling the fuel tank of course if you have vacuum leak your fuel trim is going to be elevated you might have a

Rough idle that kind of stuff but this car literally is nothing wrong with it other than long crank and uh 9 out of 10 times now with any of these other issues you probably would have a check engine light it’s not always but 9 out of 10 times you will have a check engine live related to the problem and now as i said once it starts runs great and uh so it’s uh

In this case it’s a bad basically bad fuel pump and now when we some one thing we can do to verify that we have a uh crankshaft signal we can look at the rpm gauge and see if the gauge moves when the engine is cranking so let’s see if you’re gonna have a long crank at this time nope that’s interesting a little bit long but now this thing was cranking for like

A 20 seconds well i cannot duplicate the problem right now and uh but what we’re going to do we will uh now the problem with this car it does not have a trader valve to check the fuel pressure so uh but luckily the fuel pump is uh easily accessible it’s underneath the back seat so i just need left to lift the seat up and i’m gonna gain access to the fuel pump

I don’t have to drop the fuel tank let me see if i can duplicate a problem nope all right well uh let’s put the fuel pressure gauge on it the fuel pump is located underneath the driver rear seat and i’ve got the fuel line disconnected this blue line here is a main feed to the engine and i’ve got my pressure gauge hooked up and what happens basically i’m going

To plug this back in actually what i did first i unplugged the uh module and cranked the engine over so that i can bleed the system out and so what happens with these things is that they don’t hold the pressure they just bleed the pressure back into the fuel tank and uh it takes longer time to uh build up the pressure and causes the long crank let’s say now that

What’s going to be like a dead pressure and you can see it drops it should not do that it should be able to hold the pressure the whole time so let me crank it but as soon as i as soon as i stop it it drops the pressure let’s crank it again the pressure is okay 60 psi is fine but the problem is it’s not holding the pressure just bleeds back down and then

Uh especially on a hot day when you have a hot you know if you’re gonna have a air pocket in your in your fuel rail and then uh it’s going to cause a lot of issues for the by the time you build up the pressure actually into the uh into the fuel rail itself so we’re going to replace the pump and redo the test new pump is installed i didn’t film the installation

Process it’s pretty straightforward there’s a plenty of youtube videos how to do a pump replacement this particular model and uh let’s turn the key on crank the engine over and see if it’s gonna hold the pressure now all right it’s holding pretty good it should stabilize itself there you go it’s not bleeding back as it used to let me turn the key on key one

More time there you go okay that’s good all right i’m gonna put the fuel line back in and uh crank the engine over and it should be fine but it’s uh you can see how he’s holding the pressure now before he was just dropping like a in less than five seconds it was down to zero okay i did not start the engine yet let’s see sorry i could not duplicate the problem

But you could see on the fuel pressure gauge there was no question this was a problem of course we have to check for leaks nothing looks dry i had some soap i was clean cleaned this up so yeah everything’s nice and tight connections are good hoses are good all right this is it i’m done thank you guys see you next time bye

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