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Ford Escape Modified Raptor Edition Walk Around

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Many inovative features That I would like to share with the Escape community

So this is my 2010 ford escape xlt b 6-3 liter six-speed automatic transmission i had it wrapped with a 3m deep matte black vinyl wrap then i put a 2 inch front strut spacers on had two inch taller rear springs made and two 3585 16s on stock wheels painted a matte black gave it a four inch overall lift i’m going making it a raptor which has the signature 3 led

Lamps on the top and on each side a new rear bumper that is 14 inches higher than my original 1/4 butter shades on tinted the windows added a hi-lift jack to the top put on a turn my crossbars upside down and put a 2 by 4 by 1/2 inch plywood up there between my kayak rollers they’re loading wood and everything throwing my ladder up there emergency shots a lighting

52,000 lumen light bar across the top and i just ran the wire right through went into the headliner rewired it down to the switch box the 2018 raptor i made a heat extraction vent out of clay and then cast a mold made the part and fitted on drilled some holes in the underside of the hood for the heat leave especially at high altitude heats up rather quick you

My original front bumper that i built i bashed in moab and replaced it with this razor auto jeep bumper brought my winch six inches closer and eight inches higher than my original setup then i ended up building some skid plates for it underneath you i replaced the stock fog lamp with 2,000 lumen leds get elley lamps front driving lamps nine thousand four hundred

Pound and go winch i wrapped the lamps with a film to take some of the bling-bling away and then put angry eyes on them mounted the three leds and the ford raptor and real ninety-two thousand miles on it over seventy five thousand on these tires they’re still doing good it’s a 2010 starting to show a little rust right up here but i’ll redo it through a new piece

Of matte wrap on it and side here i built a pull-out shelf sit on you said workbench i use it for when i do tree jobs and i pull up and there’s all my equipment is in here i need somewhere to change my chains and fill the fuel built a storage unit up here we’ll get to that later another storage unit on the side here took out all the insulation inside here but for

More storage in there have somewhere to put all my stickers used to put them on the outside but now i just put them on the inside in some my good taste kobra 75 wrx cb with a fire stick 3-foot antenna and holders for me and the wife cb radio love wheel rap neoprene very comfortable warm in the winter time got my soon toll vector altimeter watch sunroof there you

Have it ford escape xlt raptor edition look for it in the future then being the avid off-roader that i am always looking for adventure and wanting to be prepared like the boy scouts taught me i need to keep my off-roading gear somewhere and keep all this space open so i created this little top shelf here utilizing the anchor points from this child safety seats to

Hang a daisy chain on put some carabiners on it for drying off gloves but up here they fastened it to the sheet metal underneath here the little shelf used some heavy-duty cardboard put a couple of screws into the sheet metal there ran a board across fastened it there gave a good strength up there laced it with 50 foot of emergency climbing rope if you ever need

It then had to put a hole in the ceiling because it was drooping too so up here again 10-foot tree saver strap wheel chocks one statue strap what toast rap extra winch cable gun mounting and dismounting various things on the vehicle thing is badass on this side i’ve got the smaller items had to build a box to contain it all but some wires employers and fire

Starter and some heavy-duty full of duct tape fathered mt you roll perhaps hissing back pad controller oh hey venturi moulton rear seat and under it i keep car wash drying towel i have a tool belt here it’s like electricians tool belt fix just about anything maintain three household sockets tire change iron pry bar drill bits mister lights extra bits for we’re

Removing the hose clamps on the shovel and that’s what holds the hi-lift jack up in place okay so ford gave me this little storage bin here i’ve got a couple of clips just in case this for the tonneau cover drill a hole in it put a bungee cord and five gallons of gas hold it securely against there piece of double sided velcro holds up to nothing or it fastens back

On itself for holding stuff got some nitrate gloves and a little salt take down a 10 inch branch chop it up off the trail some light duty gloves i’ve got some heavy-duty gloves and then created this out of bed liner material keep a flashlight tired deflator kit got some wd-40 up there keep the air compressor up there tie wraps next to a rope rag for sound-deadening

Anti-vibration and over on this side there’s a storage unit here again and for the tonneau cover drill the hole put a bungee in their adjustable length that’s tough and a hatch in case a fire extinguisher always got to have that put a carabiner and through the seat belt loop so that i could hang stuff off it and here all the tied downs you never know what you’re

Gonna haul bungees ratchet straps and say here the first aid kit drop-down trailer hitch got jumper cables got a hinge the bone clubs put in a few more tie downs case you’re trailering extra trip in some more tie-downs some ratchet straps for rags snatch block sometimes for pulling out tree roots another snatch block and cleared out everything to make more storage

All their sound deadening stuff around this side a duffel bag never know what the changing weather conditions here in michigan and waterproof breathable gear in there three layers to keep whatever i have on warm your mops gloves hats behind the seat here travel pillow usually keep some maps in there sometimes then i have this little box it’s got umbrella some air

Freshener power bars go to ac dc converter shopping bags that’s a little charger some backpacks you ever going out for a little hike little fanny pack toe warmers i guess i can take those out for the season now emergency blanket extra flashlight charging unit for the works screw gun and the garbage can that is easily empty able every tiny on again is walk screw gun

Stores right up here nice and easily accessible and being the adventure photographer that i am i always carry my tripod there’s a couple of the photos whole basement walls filled with in the door i keep punching napkins receipts and frequently used large paper items so this is where i put all of my switches the upper leds these are the three little grill leds and

The signature raptor leds on the back there in the front they change from yellow to blue and on the back they can change from red to white for reverse and also by clicking down turns out in the auxilary were clamps in the back up top the leds there this is for the upper light bar this is for other side driving lamps ali lights systems for backup lights over there

And everything is neatly contained and leaves everything else fully functional in the cockpit here we’ve got a body glove wheel wrap suunto vector altimeter watch got the cobra sr 75 cb radio a couple of phone mounts actually drilled the plates and mounted it right to it so it’s nice and firm it’s nice and high doesn’t distract from driving got my carpet this

One is manny the mammoth came from mammoth lakes phone charger plugs right in right now here i’ve got a mount for my action camera and your garage door openers all the rest on sol ford created this little change holder that actually is it little dovetail clips on here i usually keep my camera in here toothbrush on the go this removable bucket that also fastens to

The rear for the storage or garbage but down here is a lot of access to other things cds and miscellaneous items keep my journal in there for manual extra charger dual port charger when you’re carrying lots of loads leatherman so i had to make a clearance hole and cut out for that heat exhaust vent that’s mounted to the hood install the k&n air filter works

Great built this little emergency box oil tire plugs jb weld bulbs sealant and acts as an oil pan in case a cracked my oil pan like i did on montero but have since built skid plates for it so the engine three litres been no problems just keep good regular maintenance on it this bumper a little while ago so i built this mounting bracket mount from here i put up

Pieces strapped on there drill the hole put a peanut in the back just run a nut bolt right through with tighten it down underneath i put down the truck bed mat just wait keep everything nice and clean under there and have a full gut hole here pull it out use it for crawling under the vehicle and everything you’ve excelled in just one piece of velcro organize it in

Place the shelf is two by four construction piece of plywood over the top and put a bolt in here so it doesn’t move keep that plate here slides out have you treat job so i have all my equipment in here i need somewhere to change the chain fuel it up and created this it’s also a good place to sit down change your shoes we have heard and actually sit two people on it

What’s up very good put a couple of ford’s i’m here and equipment box i’ll slide in this way pull it forward well a strap through it down hold a chain saws in the thrill-seeker that i am and rock collector these are from all the different adventures everywhere michigan io royal and then four-wheel and moab up in colorado the rubicon trail engineer past black bear

Pass tulum in mexico and then all the summits that i’ve climbed in the rocks from the peaks just got mount whitney last summer tallest one in the lower 48 got 23 of colorado’s 14 errs up here we got all the wife’s travels mostly beach related from all our excursions mountain epic mountain biking trips all over to place ice climbing winter camping epic kayaking 60

Miles on this 80 miles on the manistee rock climbs ice climbs busted ice axe from up in canada pulled out a piton on mount katahdin took a 30-foot wepper summit attempts and awesome hikes from around the globe matterhorn climb the eiger mall the jungfrau and then some

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Ford Escape Modified Raptor Edition Walk Around By Zeke Arzooyan