Ford Escape PHEV | FWD only, no AWD , but no range anxiety

The next-gen Escape has undergone a massive makeover. The vehicle is lighter, more agile, and more fuel-efficient than ever. Plus, you can go further with the Ford Escape Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV). It is equipped with a 2.5L plug-in hybrid i-VCT engine, an electronically controlled continuously variable gearbox! Equipped with the same gasoline 4-cylinder engine as its hybrid brother, it adds a larger battery (14.4 kWh) and connected charging. It can thus offer a power of 209 horsepower, but above all an electric range of some 61 kilometers in gas-free mode. And unlike the Escape Hybrid, you can charge the Plug-In Hybrid at home or on one of the growing nationwide power grids. Essentially, the more frequently you can plug in and charge, the less gas you will use. The Ford Escape Plug-in Hybrid is sold across Canada, but its availability is currently limited outside Quebec and British Columbia. The Escape PHEV is only available with front-wheel drive. Electricity + gasoline consumption = 2.2 L / 100 km city / highway combined! And fuel consumption alone = 5.8 L / 100 km city / highway combined! The only downside, the Ford Escape PHEV is FWD only, no AWD! But at least you won’t get any range anxiety!

Hey guys welcome to car question i’m with dave  today here in revelstoke bc to try the new ford   escape hev the escape is an important car for ford  they are bringing the phev to this car and dave   i want to know what you think about the exterior  to be honest james the outside is not my favorite   point with the phev um i

Think we miss a little  bit the wow factor there it’s not a head turner   for people when we’re driving but we told us at  ford that we focus more on the numbers and give   us a good vehicles with good numbers then give  us something that it’s more like just a good look   yeah and if we compare with the other versions of 

The escape the older versions we kind of see the   difference here it’s still an improvement though  it’s not bad it looked good it’s just that uh i   would like a little bit more of uh spice into it  and now dave the interior okay so the interior uh   a lot of space that’s the first thing i saw uh my  friend james here is around

Six foot nine or ten   so needs a lot of space and that vehicle is good  for that so a lot of space comfort uh the seat   to say about the interior like everything   is perfect oh yeah the rear seat you can move it  forwards and backward offer more space for people   in the back as well the fact that the people at 

Ford put the batteries on their vehicles and not   in the trunk like some other vehicles give us uh  space in the back in space as well in the trunk   roof and also the display in front of you   system it is really easy to use so it’s   a pretty good interior for the car i think the  only thing i’m not sure about dave is the

Kind of   no you’re right on that james i think that the   top-notch it’s not bad but yes i would like   to have a little bit more on that side too and  if we compare with a mackie that the screen is   very huge i think we can just do a little upgrade  here now with some specs it’s 220 horsepower   the electric

Motor and we have 60 kilometers   average people that rides the car it’s kind of a   little bit low for some people but don’t forget   you have the gas engine that will take over when  uh when you need it so it’s very good as well 220   horsepower is more way more than what we really  need in a day to day to go to work uh

So nothing   numbers james we don’t have a version with 4×4   and then i think here in quebec canada that’s  something that with that people will look for   exactly and it’s a cvt2 so it’s not bad the   transmission is very smooth dave it’s impressing  and you have the mode of driving and you have   you can let

It to normal mode if you want   you can have also a mode that saves you 15 of  the battery so you can really adapt the car for   what you need at this moment yes so all the option  all the mode uh really like it we need to talk to   about the fact that the vehicle recharged himself  on the road so that i mean if you decelerate

The   battery will himself recharge as well as when you  break hit the brake so all those little thing that   the engineer at ford did really good thumbs up on  that yeah and speaking of battery to recharge the   car dave on the 220 volts it’s three and a half  hour and for a 110 volts it’s ten and a half hours   so i

Love the car i like to drive that it was   really nice you feel safe you feel comfortable  in the vehicles the suspension is pretty stiff   uh james you talk about the transmission just  to change gear it’s awesome like it’s so smooth   very very good on that nothing to say against that  so uh overall the feeling of driving is

Really   good the sports mode would give you the little  bit of a then you know the punch you need to   bypass a van or something it’s very good i like it  and now dave i want to know what do you not like   about this car okay so to do that maybe one or two  point the fact that i don’t have a 4×4 version i’m   living in

Quebec that’s something i would like  to have in the future maybe on this vehicles   uh other thing you talk about it the inside the  material in the way it is configured i think we   miss a little bit i would like to have a notch  a little bit higher than that so now for a thing   that i like dave uh it’s a phev first so it’s 

Pretty good it’s 60 kilometers of autonomy so that   i like too the eevee modes you can choose and  the smooch rides super comfortable inside the car   it’s not too loud also so that’s the point that i  like what about you you you talk about the space   safe in the vehicles the performance are good   the numbers are good

I think that’s uh that’s a  big win for ford on that uh on that vehicle in   that version i liked it a lot so guys we want to  know what do you think about that vehicles what   do you think about phev vehicles in general and  we don’t want to know what you think about our   accent because we do our best but i know we’re 

Not there yet but i think that that vehicle is   there yet so we want to know so thumbs up share  foreign

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