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In this POV Drive video we take the 2021 Ford Escape Titanium Plug-In Hybrid compact SUV for a test drive in Toronto, Canada! Here we test the Ford Escapes different drive modes as well as the various EV modes to see how smooth this Ford Escape is in slower speed situations!

Welcome to juicy cars my name is eric and today we’re going to take a cd pb test drive from this 2021 ford escape titanium plug-in hybrid ev this is as specked out as you can get for the escape clocking in at close to 50 thousand dollars canadian here expecting yeah today we’re going to take it for a little bit of drive excuse the filth but um current weather

Conditions here canada don’t really allow me to have this car as clean as i would like it to be but it’ll be nice and clean in the full review where i give you all my thoughts about it and you can find that just in the top right hand corner because in these pv test drives i don’t want to talk too much we’re just going to test a few things and well you’ll be able

To make up your mind yourself look can’t even get that really off anyhow i would say we go inside where it is much cleaner and much nicer like the dual accent or the dual color tone we have in here nicely matched and the trim and then we shall stutter up no more music thank you okay so excuse the sun i’m sorry i can’t do anything against that but as far as i

Can know the gopro should be able to kind of make that look fancy and nice for you um yeah we’re gonna start off just in regular mode we have a little ev button down here so we can switch for normal operation all electric driving ev later so it saves the battery or we can actually charge the battery as you heard the engine just turn on the ice so um we can also do

That if we want to charge the battery without plugging it in but we will want to use a normal operation that can actually turn off the car and neatly as you can see it also shows you exactly how much you need to charge with the one level two chargers let’s turn back on again because we don’t want it to use the battery right away so we stay in regular mode uh we

Also have different drives but we’re going to stay normal as well put it into drive and you can see it zoom all that on you can also go into this mode which will show you what the battery the car and uh the motor are doing the engine i mean okay let’s go starting off you fully electric how about the battery about halfway charged at the moment gives us roughly

14 kilometers that’s uh but eight or nine miles a range and you can see battery going to the front wheels right now and if i let off it’s regenerative braking goes back in the battery let’s uh try to clean a windshield a little i’ve already done it but it’s just gets filthy pretty much right away and we’re going to switch around a little bit we’re going to do

A little bit of an acceleration run as well if we get to do that but like i said i’m not gonna talk the whole time just last things i’m gonna say right now we do have two more pv test drives one at night we would test the high beams and the headlights in general we also do a full-on launch from from standstill this one’s just kind of an acceleration we’re going

To do and we have a highway purely test drive where we test thank you persistent centering adapter cruise control and if possible of the handling but yeah i don’t think it’s gonna be that dry turn off the heated seats don’t need them anymore it’s warm enough as you can see we just washed the window but um yeah it instinct gets kind of filthy again fortunately

Nothing i can do about that and we also have this uv short coach display which we can uh well display which shows us just about how much energy in the braking we were able to recuperate and bring back into the battery of course it’s technically not 100 probably but it basically shows you how much of the braking was done by recuperating versus the actual physical

Brake discs we have okay we do want to go into sport mode so just down here we can switch our modes eco and sport mode there we go so we can do a little bit of an acceleration run see the gauges change around which is actually pretty nice now we’re going to go right here give that cv a tiny bit of room so we can actually accelerate i haven’t even accelerated

Hard in this one so i’m curious as well i’m going to floor it so straight okay torque steer and it instantly goes down in the refs all right you can see the engine is now enabled hybrid drive essentially means the engine the well the yeah the engine not the motor it’s driving the car and it’s doing a bunch of fancy stuff if you’re curious about that um i’ll

Go more into detail in the full review but we’re gonna go back into uh regular mode so we want to go back into normal driving mode wonderful and just cruise uh we can set it into fully remote here in a second but i just wanna actually let’s do the opposite we’re just on hybrid let’s turn it into set ev later which will save the current amount of battery we have

For later so we will be able to use the internal combustion engine a lot and see how that works it’s still electric actually as you notice because we enabled it before breaking there we go with the engine sync 3 is uh pretty straightforward to use as you can see of course the second i say it’s straightforward i do the wrong thing but um it’s pretty it’s pretty

Easy just put it into charge mode it’s just because i want to use the engine right now so this is um it’s internal combustion and only right now so so let’s put it into ev mode engine enabled for system performance it says so we can now actually look up why the engine is enabled and it turned off so i can press ok now and then we would enable the

Engine so that would be able to power like the the heating and all that but um i think we’re fine right now i actually want to stay nope no not an engine anymore no stop i don’t hear an engine it’s fine fully v-mod okay you definitely do notice uh the difference in smoothness between the eevee mode and the internal combustion engine mode do so and they were

Very unsure where to go tried to turn in earlier before that but i get it sometimes it’s confusing here we can also once again look up we have 37 charge 1.8 hours um on 240 volt level 2 charger 6.1 hours on a 120 volt uh level one charger so that is your common house outlet so um if you have a garage you don’t even really need a charger for these kind of hybrids

Honestly all you need is well an outlet plug it in overnight because of max it’s like 10 hours to charge this which i think most of us have the car stationary for like 10 hours a day it’s actually pretty convenient i personally um could do most like couple of days of my commute daily commute solely with like one charge so i wouldn’t even need to charge it every

Single day it is very convenient it will save you a lot of money especially with record gas prices we have right now always love that so oh they did go down though nice so okay 100 park and yeah that is a drive cdp test drive in the 2021 ford escape plug-in hybrid i think you did pretty well like i said we have two more pv test drives which should be somewhere

On your screen right now but i highly suggest you checking out the full-on review for full on for all my thoughts and like all the details about this for escape anyhow i upload videos every single week so if you like cars everything from budget cars to expensive cars luxury cars truck sports car we got it all make sure to subscribe hit the bell and other than that

I hope you liked it i hope you enjoyed it and i hope i’ll see in the next one thank you and goodbye

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