Ford F-150 2009 – 2018 Fuel Pump And Sending Unit Removal & Replacement

How to replace fuel pump and sending unit on Ford F-150 Supercrew with bed off or raised for access.

Okay guys today i’m motocar nut and today we’re going to be replacing a fuel pump on a 2011 ford f-150 with the supercrew cab um the bed is off i’m doing it uh with the bed off i have a video on taking the bed off that’s how you want to do it it’s not that bad um or you can drop the tank but you know you’re working on your back and everything all the line taking

Break whatever so once the bed is off your uh pump is right here you’re gonna take either you have a spanner wrench to take this off or you’re gonna hit it uh with a you know like a hard plastic um uh like uh tool and a hammer to spin this uh lock nut out of the way over here you have a little red tab you take that tab out and you press this it comes out over

Here over here and even if you like let’s say if you’re working underneath and doing um you know doing it underneath dropping the tank these these uh can be a little tricky to see what you’re doing over here you see over here you have to get it in between here you see this little little notch and it comes out like that like that and then you see these little tabs

You just push them in on both sides over here and just push them in like this it’s hard to do holding the camera but you get the idea you push these bolts in and then on this side you just uh you put the screwdriver on the red clip and just pull it out you don’t have to pull it all the way out and on this one you have a little see these little white things right

Here you push them both in you hold these two bolts in and you push it in and the same thing it’s going to come over it’s going to come out here you put a screwdriver in there and you pop the clip off all right i’m gonna do that and show you the next step okay you see it pushed it out about that far and then this comes right off i don’t want to do it the uh put

The light i already loosened the lock ring hold on and this one too over here all right you see how that came off all right and the same thing with this one okay then there’s a little plastic clip here you just want to move this out you see how it is that’s how far it comes out she comes out same thing with here i just want to move it just enough that you can

Get get the pump out then you take the lock ring off again don’t use metal to metal you make a spark here that’s bad you don’t want to use any kind of a metal to metal you use like a rubber mallet with a hard piece of wood or something like that or a spanner wrench to have a wrench that you know specifically made for this to turn it off i prefer that instead of

Rocking everything and shocking everything uh especially the new one all right okay now as you’re working out the pump if this is an original pump um it’s a very very tight fit and what you’re going to have to do is you’re going to have to work work it right because it if it’s sometimes they like swell up a little bit and the hole is so tight that you may have

To maneuver it a little bit you know a little bit on both sides until she comes up she won’t just come straight out maybe unless it’s a newer pump here you’ll get lucky but this is an original pump it’s been in here 10 years so you know the the circumference of the pump base over here it can swell up a little bit and make it very difficult to get out all right

And then once you get it out and just tilt it to the side that’s your guess and basically that’s it so when you take it out like that as soon as you clear the hole you put you tilt it to the side and you take it out all right but like i said that base was very very tight this right here because this is all plastic you see it swells up a little bit and didn’t

Want to come out all right and this is probably the thing that got that’s bad doesn’t even feel good it doesn’t even feel like it’s doing anything i don’t feel nothing look at that look at that nothing all right and you just reverse the uh removal procedure to put it back in and we’re over here sure enough i got a full tank of gas yeah it doesn’t look too bad

In there maybe in the in the um right now it’s the winter maybe in the spring i’ll drop the tank clean it out and that’s the proper way to do it you clean it out and then you put the fresh pump in there but right now it’s freezing it’s gonna start to snow so all right so you use a brand new o-ring and the lock ring if it’s not all rusted up you can use it but

There’s a kit that usually comes with the um the uh the clamp and the um o-ring okay the one i just pulled out if you can see i think you can see in there you see it’s supposed to have two prongs you see it has one one over here here’s the new one you see that no one has as well four little prongs over here only got two two missing that’s why she’s not working

All right and people say oh you put the additives in there to clean it up see but in the meantime how you gonna clean that up all right just wanted you to see that okay here’s another tip if you have let’s say if you open it up and a little bit of dirt falls in there don’t worry about it what you can do is use a piece of hose like this as long as it’s below the

Level of the fuel tank let’s say if the fuel tank is still up and you have another gas can below which you can use you can siphon you can put this in the uh tank and siphon it and act like a vacuum cleaner and suck up all the little particles of dirt you know and then what you can do if you still want to use the gas you can take this gas and drain it you know into

Like a a strainer very fine paper strainer or whatever to recycle the gas put it in your lawnmower or whatever all right okay when you install it make sure you look if you get a little uh inspection glass a little mirror and look around make sure that the green seal is seated all the way around it didn’t fall in the tank all right and you put your connections on

Nice and tight all right you put everything back the way it was even in the little uh plastic holder here and it’s a good idea to start the truck uh if you drop the tank well then you’re gonna have to you know wait till you put it up but if you’re doing it like i’m doing you start truck make sure it works make sure your gauge works make sure the pump everything

Works good before you put the bed back on and this is the kit i got the little uh o-ring and the clamp got it on uh amazon you could look it up i think it’s like about 25 bucks something like that all right guys morticon nut please subscribe hit that like button any questions leave them below and thanks for watching bye

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Ford F-150 2009 – 2018 Fuel Pump And Sending Unit Removal & Replacement By Motorcarnut