FORD F-150 Crew Cab Prerunner Shreds | BUILT TO DESTROY

We got to meet and talk to one of the dudes that has been coming out to our Pismo Takeovers for the last 3-4 years and he’s slowly been building a very clean F-150. He gives us a walk around, gives some insight on the build, and lets her eat.

Okay so we made it to a destination out here in pismo in the back of the dunes i don’t know if we’re gonna film a build to destroy episode or if he’s gonna try to kill me singh is bitching this is what you’re like third or fourth trip huh with us right yeah so i think this is my third time out with you guys yeah harley-davidson dude yeah a lightning engine okay

Thank you so you kept it forward yes you kept it forward because most people will do that you know dare i say that ls well right yeah for just being stuck i like it you know i’m very cool sounds good well most importantly it’s a it’s street-legal yeah right so winning a 5.4 you get to keep it real eagle tell me dude be the ls wha cops would be knocking down your

Door let’s check this thing out man this is a freaking mean front ended very nice see what glasses on this thing oh trailer product those guys are out of hemi okay so taylor motorsports one clip yeah dirt designs did a custom filter on it how’s the dirty science front kid okay cap cage forward like from the back of the cap forward is built by steve dirt science

Dirt designs okay so are you are you local to senko yeah so i live i live in nipomo which is about 50 miles away oh dude so this is this is your playground right on man right yes he’s still like it you know a lot of our boys in michigan freshwater but they still have to deal with rust and stuff but but out here it’s salt water and you guys know like i mean that

Keeps a lot of people away from even visiting totally what they’re built because like everybody’s like who’s like can’t take it it’s it’s a great chassis well what do you do to keep it from rusting right there so i’ve coated the whole chassis or frame is coated in ppg amber lock which is a two-part epoxy that i sprayed out of a gun so i stripped the whole chassis

Sprayed it with the with a q spray spray gun okay like i said the chassis has ppg i’m over here the front spindles and i steal it on it the epoxi pursued i mean i’m not gonna lie this thing looks so damn clean dude not only does it look clean as in like a clean bill but it actually looks physically clean i mean like i’m looking at this and it’s like that’s the

Tiny bit of dust on that thing is bitching well to me it was kind of like trying to protect my investment cuz you know use rattle-can and the sand just blows it right off okay where most of my money went so right make it last you know for sure you especially out here so you said dirt designs built this thing the cab ford tommy tree cab forward motorsports okay ott

Okay yeah i’ve heard those guys yeah tommy he built a like a four-door tacoma right yes that thing is bad too yeah let’s take a look at the the front yes dude i love that front clip i’m not gonna lie that the trailer products is a you know a old-school like trophy truck builders right i mean they i think they got famous with like robby gordon and stuff right four

Inches okay where so where’s that so like i mean you know right in here is like there’s like about four inches at it on the girls put okay to push forward so the tire is pushed forward four inches with the with the dirt designs kate yes steve didn’t exactly know how much the front kitt was pushed forward he said three or four inches right okay so around there yeah

So for the most part it ended up this this clip went with that yeah steve steve built the kit around this clip okay right on i love it has like the oem not not knocking the the raptor conversions that everybody’s doing like i know there’s definitely a lot of hate on some of them when there’s a lot of love it’s a love-hate thing i don’t mind them i think they’re

Actually pretty cool you know but for the most part i mean the oem look it’s kind of seems like that’s kind of like the way to go right now yeah hold it so this truck with the heart being a harley edition it has like a special grille and headlights and stuff so i kind of wanted to try and stay with that so you can tell it’s a harley i’ve never seen like a square

A-square bumper like this – pretty cool like it yeah dude that is badass if i wouldn’t have been fighting your set issues for the last two three months yeah the most important thing is is building it making it right you know before before the look and and beauty comes later right so let’s check this thing out man yeah so it’s a front kit that steve built for the

Truck cycles just under 20 okay as the front has a 2.5 color coil over in a 3.0 bypass nice as cambered hubs and the brakeman calipers the brake mean calipers yeah okay cool hey who are those guys out of a so they’re like a local shop very cool are they pretty pretty affordable or they when i say that what like what limb did it cost you to forget the exact figure

On the brakes but i believe it was about twenty seven fifty okay all the calpers and rotors okay there are smaller calipers and show them the truck and they said hey you know we want to put our bigger caliper on there than f5s so they set me up with the f5s and i mean they were great yeah so you said it’s about 20 inches of travel in the front yeah okay just a

Little under very cool and this is all man this is just so damn clean you guys i’m telling you this guy killed it do you mind if we open it up the the hood with ease and it seems like every time you’re out here that the truck is progressing a year you’re doing more to it you know it almost seems like you’re getting more comfortable driving it and it’s pretty cool

Man i mean did you see the way around 39 s and with proper gearing then with the lease rings i had stocke 373 years so it’s it’s a lot better and 39s they float on top of the sand a lot better than the 37 inch bfg alterans i had okay so i’m so this is where the so-so tt motorsports did the back half i did like the plumbing for the fuel cell so what do you what do you

Do for a living if you don’t mind me asking so i work for my family nice dude very cool oh dang dude so you’re telling me you could definitely get some groceries in this thing put some milk right there put some cereal put some cup of noodle i love how you utilizing all this space dude yeah so clean on a bitching jack right here yeah doll being with prp huh yeah yeah

Very cool so you decided to keep the gas tank in front of the axle yeah i mean i’m happy with the trunk i mean you know it’s really hard to get stuff out of in front of the axle right right right dude yeah this is so clean it’s a prerunner dude yeah dude this is its purpose this is its home having fun i didn’t see you got the tow hitch on here to start the bill that

Was my only truck i didn’t have any other truck this was the daily well i had a car that i used as a daily but so i ride jet skis – okay i had to have something to get my jet skis to the lake or out here to the ocean you dude very cool i mean now you know later i have a regular truck that i can drive no do this that knowing that makes it so much cooler you know that

Is so cool lake all the time yeah is that like a custom sell or what is that’s off-the-shelf harmon sell oh nice okay and then it has a weld-on pump with all well done filters and then brown and miller fittings okay cool yeah so you guys eliminated the frame back here you got all that up travel look at that yeah dang yeah it cycles 24 cab without the the shocks

Pocketed into the cab i mean race about as good as it gets at stuff sticking the shocks in the cab you know right right right no dude this is amazing dude i’m sorry to keep saying that over and over but damage it’s a beautiful build this thing just as me with finish work not even fab work yeah i did the light bar mount a few tabs here and there i mean nothing how

Many years did it take to build this thing what are we looking at what do we look at i think it’s i think she said seven years seven years and his lady his his his strong support behind behind every awesome strong man is a strong supportive woman dude you know what shout out shout out to all the women that stand behind us in our childish hobbies it keeps us out of

Trouble so just remember that and as people say you guys are lucky we could have been like addicted to drugs or something at least yeah we’re addicted to this crap thank you very much for supporting this guy to built this badass thing and for 24 in the back 20 in the front and then what what kind of rear end is innocent that’s a curry 4-inch tube nice dude and it

Has a heaven well are definite and evan weller’s a local dude who builds a third members up here right yeah yeah well you didn’t see me i mean in between right la yeah the brake man out back – very cool dude i mean it’s so cool that there’s so much support to build this thing up here you guys enough to be driving all over the place you guys definitely have a strong

Productive scene up here you know of a fabricators and builders so yeah thing is awesome man yeah i’m gonna take a look inside if you don’t mind let’s take a look at this thing dude got the momo steering wheel again i mean look at this and this is a 2002 guys this is crazy 2002 huh do you got the armor-all sponsor no we’re looking we’re looking for that armor all

Shout out to armor all cuz it looks like this thing is bathed in it it looks so clean man so shiny so nice in here look at this thing chemical guys okay shout out to chemical guys we’re all kiss our ass very cool and you even got like i see it came with the the awesome lunch lunch bag right here we got the fire lunch bag very beautiful yeah dude very cool very

Nice – yeah this is so nice like i said this is the dream build man i mean you know hopefully someday i can get my f1 shitty to it i have enough one shitty right now you have like an f1 spiffy or something this is super nice well man thanks for your time are you down to maybe take this thing through a couple loaves it’s it’s just some action i mean it’s not here

To sit pretty man it’s used hell yeah no dude hey man we’ll get you to the moon before you know it don’t worry in due time don’t worry oh yeah so any other future plans with this thing just for fun for pre running i still need a few little steering upgrades like it still has the factory pitman arm and i need ram assist okay so i do need a little bit of steering

Upgrade it never ends does it really never ends damn yeah i need a bill trance i could throw more right right and then i’ll need a belt block because i added more boost you know so it’s late look at your lady she’s like i’ll talk about this later you guys to do that she’s like nah dude we got this hell yeah dude thank you guys so much for checking it out let’s

See this thing in action boostin see we got these dorks behind the scenes but nelson we got garrett and don’t forget about that guy over there i know what he’s doing sir black hat sir black hat and then watch out every move your ass i’m going to tell them one more they want to capture that ruse that you blew to the moon see you already going to the moon

That ruse is where you hit the fattest roost ever dude try that one more time coming this way and we wrapped up all right thank you so much dude love how hungry you guys are now i was getting eat want pizza klondike’s go on guys yeah what about burger spot sighs delicious or sylvester’s or darlin oh dude you guys know what’s up all right man what a brother

Thank you so much you guys have a good one we’ll see you guys now yeah

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FORD F-150 Crew Cab Prerunner Shreds! | BUILT TO DESTROY By Terra Crew