Ford F-150 Lightning 2022 Review – First Drive

Ford’s all-electric F-Series pick-up truck is a mega-hit in the US, but is it worth bringing to Australia? 👉 Full Review:

This is the all-new ford f-150 lightning the all-electric full-size pickup truck that could be available in right hand drive in australia in around 2024. let’s check it out so this is just a very very quick review of the f-150 i’ve just had it on the roads driven it around sort of 25-ish miles so not very far but it’s especially interesting because well there’s

Just nothing like it in australia now it’s difficult to underestimate the size of the f-150 it’s huge it’s enormous and that’s reflected with this rear tray it’s 1680 millimeters long and can carry well a disappointing sound in 910 kilos payload which is kind of because of this big heavy battery now this thing can pull around 2 300 kilograms which again is not very

Good but you can get an optional tow pack that boosts that to around 3500 kilograms now the good news is with a bigger battery that towing capacity well that is boosted to around 4 500 kilograms but the problem is with that is it reduces the payload even further to around 839 kilos now under the bonnet where you might expect to find a conventional v8 combustion

Engine is well nothing there’s a 400 liter frank better still it also has these very useful power outlets that can well can power your business or home in a blackout so instead of a typical combustion engine the f-150 lightning has dual motors that drive the front and rear axle providing all-wheel drive and there’s two versions there’s one with 318 kilowatts and one

With a more muscular 420 kilowatts now that is also joined by a 1051 newton meter torque p which is massive and that means that even the base model the base model can hit 100 kilometers per hour in just five seconds and the faster one like this one here just 4.4 seconds charging is via well this port here and a 150 kilowatt charger can top this up from around 15 to

80 in around 41 minutes it’s also worth pointing out that the f-150 lightning is only available with a four-door supercrew configuration so inside the f-150 lightning it’s a surprisingly refined and quiet place to spend time and that’s mainly because of this pure electric powertrain it’s also surprisingly quick i mean if you need any more power or torque in your

Full-size pickup there is something seriously wrong with you so what don’t we like about the f-150 lightning well it of course rides on a very agricultural full-size ladder frame chassis which means it neither rides or drives as good as a conventional car or suv but you know what considering what this thing can do what this thing can tow it’s not bad but it’s not

Good so overall our first impressions of the f-150 lightning are pretty positive i mean this thing well it really does have a unique selling point compared to other utes even ones that are powered by combustion engines is quite refined fast smooth well equipped and well quite a pleasant place to spend time so i think the biggest compliment we can pay to the ford

F-150 lightning is well even with its pure electric powertrain it’s highly desirable beside well it’s more powerful combustion rivals it’s smooth it’s quiet it offers all the power and performance you’ll ever need and when you’re driving it it feels like well you’re doing something for the environment right

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