Ford F-150 XLT – Instrument Panel Review

This clip will teach you about the Instrument Panel of the Ford F150

Everybody brock frady here helping you enjoy your ride the gauges in the 2011 ford f-150 are pretty intuitive you can do a whole lot of things and a whole lot of useful things that are useful for somebody who pulls a trailer you can actually memorize specific trailers and their weights you can memorize your fuel economy and do over a certain segment of time how

The fuel economy is working in like five minute increments so without further ado let’s take a look the one i’m working here the ways that i’m going to be changing the gauges in what you’re going to see is this keypad here up down left and right and then okay all right that’s what i’m going to be using on the left side of the steering wheel here and where you see

Gauge mode there’s the gauge detail scroll down trip a and b that’s pretty much a standard thing you can see your fuel economy trip a trip a press hold to reset i’m going to reset tripping press okay hold it boom reset so now i start tribbey all fresh it’s pretty neat how it shows the timer they’re taking them about to the exact second don’t love any vehicles that

Do that really neat fuel economy there’s your instant miles per gallon i can press okay to reset that as well and then i can go over here and there’s the history i was telling you about so i can push to the right again on the keypad and i can change the duration in those segments really neat okay to reset there you go fresh truck apps pretty neat here this is

All about all throat in your 4×4 system as you can tell we are in rear-wheel drive right now and so i’m going to click to the right trailer disconnected press ok for options this is where i can use specific features in order to customize trailers so this is change active trailer i’ve got a new active trailer i can add to right there i can even name it so that if i

Go to a specific place and pull a specific trailer i can change it around right there connection checklist very very neat i’ve got even a checklist so that the truck makes sure that i’m doing everything right i can just hit regular old conventional trailer and it’s just walking through a checklist and this is a kind of a little tutorial visual aid that shows me

Am i’m doing it properly pretty neat now i’m going to left-click to get out of all that good of settings trailer sway control vehicle settings and now these are the ones where i can get really specific i can kind of put my fingerprint in my truck if i so choose distance to empty calculation normal history towing history is my distance to empty based on me pulling

A trailer or not pulling a trailer because that will definitely affect your distance to empty calculation how the locks work menu control and then this is pretty neat mikey i can create a custom key memory system language units that’s going to be for metric or english total system reset clears the memory in case i want to start afresh information system check

Everything’s ok all right everybody that was your gauges in your settings for the 2011 f-150 i hope this helps you enjoy your truck thanks so much for watching everybody stay tuned for more to come have a great day remember to subscribe

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Ford F-150 XLT – Instrument Panel Review By How To Car Guy