Ford F-350 Super Duty Platinum Crew Cab

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Good morning everyone and welcome to transwest truck trailer rv we’re located in frederick colorado my name is larry vickers to get a hold of me simply call the office at 303-684-3404 boy it’s going to be a hot one today here in northern colorado we’re supposed to hit almost 105 degrees and for september that’s plenty warm but let’s talk about the truck we’re going

To take a look at one of the used pickups that we have on the lot this is a 2016 ford f-350 this truck has just a touch over 125 000 miles on it the trim package is platinum so as we admire it from the side view i guess the biggest thing that jumps out at me anyway is for having a few miles on it it’s just what kind of shape it’s in i mean as we analyze and go

Over the truck you’re going to see there isn’t scratches on it the interior isn’t torn up anything like that it was very very well maintained that coupled with the fact that it went to the local certified ford dealer to have it thoroughly inspected makes your comfort level extremely high when purchasing this truck so even though it has a few miles on it don’t

Let that bother you because it still has a substantial amount of lifetime left as stated this is the platinum so as we continue to go through we’re going to see that it does have a few accessories on it that’s really going to make life comfortable for you underneath here is both the fuel and the death tank as we take a look at the running boards we can see

Where it has grips built into it so here in a few months once we get into the winter time and the roads and driveways and things are a little bit ice here that’s going to be a huge advantage for you in getting up and in to that truck now let’s take a look directly in front that’s a huge grill guard made by steel craft so everything behind there is going to be

Protected and it’s kind of interesting i mean we’re going into fall time where the deer and the elk that kind of thing is going to be running so having that on there sure not going to hurt anything right below that we see a light bar and once we get inside i can show you where you’ll turn that on in addition to that tow hooks on each side now underneath that

Hood is ford’s 6.7 liter engine it offers 440 horsepower and 900 foot-pounds of torque so this truck is going to be able to tow a substantial amount and that’s coupled with ford’s six-speed automatic transmission we did put brand new tires on it as you can see we went with a little bit more aggressive one that’s a cooper 275 65 r20 as we take a look inside

The driver’s seat both front seats are heated and vented right here is where we make the adjustments to the seats as you can see it comes with weathertech floor mats as well now as we take a look at the mirrors one thing nice about ford is that they’ll electronically extend those out if you do have a trailer behind you to assist you in your travels as we take a

Look at the back seat this does lift up so you have storage room there and one unique thing about this truck is we’re able to lock that under there so if you have items in the back that maybe children shouldn’t get into you can lock that up and carry that key with you to make things safer for you plus floor mats running across the bottom now as we take a look

Behind as you can see this comes with a tonneau cover simply slides all the way up in addition this rhino rack will run along here so you can put these an additional rack anywhere along the sides that you want which will enable you to carry things such as bicycles things like that as you can see the bed is lined for protection the truck comes with the puck

System which will allow you to either use a gooseneck ball or a fifth wheel hitch whichever you need as we take a look at the tailgate this will slide on out and down in addition to that this will pop on up to help you get up and in the bed of that truck as we take a look from behind as well bumper pull hitch located here and right here is where you would hook

Up the lights sensors run across the back of the bumper so if something is here and below and you don’t see it it’s going to notify you of that as well now as stated the truck comes with a few miles on it however our finance department does sell extended warranties so if that’s something that you’re interested in make sure to notify me and the finance department

And we can sure get you set up with an additional warranty as well one nice thing about this truck and you don’t see it a lot is this seat will actually raise and lower a lot of the passenger passenger seats are stationary well in addition to front and back this will raise and lower as well this truck does come with the original manuals as we take a look in the

Back seat from here we can get a good shot of this sunroof this truck does come with a sunroof let’s crawl on in and take a closer look for those of you that may not be real familiar with diesels it’s good practice to get into especially when it gets cold out not just to start the truck right up turn that key right about there and let it warm up a little bit

Before you go ahead and start the truck as we take a look at the screen as mentioned it comes with both heated and vented seats and you can make those adjustments right there in addition to that it comes with a heated steering wheel over here are your presets for your radios we’re going to do a couple of things for you when you purchase the truck we’re going to

Set all your presets in addition to that we’re going to set your bluetooth up for you so when you leave the lot you’re going to be completely ready to go as we come over here we see hill descent located here traction control located right there this truck is four wheel drive so you can make those adjustments with this dial right here this is the exhaust brake

So if you are towing and you’re coming down a sharp decline you’re going to want to hit that because that will make things safer for everyone on the road trailer brake located right here under auxiliary one is where you turn that light bar on that you and i discussed it but you can do that with auxiliary one it comes with some other auxiliaries if you wanted to

Hook up additional cameras things of that nature you can adjust the hook them up to these auxiliaries 12 volt charger located right here and there’s one right there as well sunglass holder located here it does come with a sliding rear window and you can open that right there as we take a look there’s some cup holders located here and as we take a look inside the

Console we’ll find a removable tray with substantial room to carry items there as well so we went over a truck that does have a few miles on it but one that is in an excellent shape and has a lot of lifetime left for any other questions about it please feel free to give me a call i can be reached at 970-370-4000 the work extension 303-684-3404 feel free to email

Me at larry.vickers at thanks for tuning in today you

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