Ford F150 Lightning REVEALED | But there might be a problem


This video is sponsored by alset e holmes whose mission it is to accelerate the advent of sustainable healthy living systems around the world hi and welcome to best and tesla so far just showed off their f-150 lightning what could be grease lightning and it is no doubt a very great truck but that could be a problem so let me tell you why and let’s dive

Right in um so ford just showed off their f-150 lightning and it is no doubt a very great truck but that could be a problem but i’ll get back to that and again just like when mercedes revealed their eqs they talked about how great this electric truck is and how it’s going to save the planet for our children and so on it’s a truck that will

Usher in a cleaner future for our country and it will fulfill our promise to our children and our grandchildren that our generation is committed to leaving them a cleaner planet but knowing that fort will make about 30 or 50 000 electric cars this year and still make about 4 million ice cars it just sounds a bit hollow but let’s start with looking at some of

The specs that we learned about this pickup truck well it can tow up to 10 000 pounds and has just under 600 horsepower it will do a 0 to 60 in the mid range of 4 seconds so let’s say 4.5 seconds it will have 230 miles epa and with the extended battery pack you can buy it will get up to 300 miles of range they didn’t say anything about the battery pack size

But since this is still looking like a normal pickup truck it will probably not have a very good drag coefficient so it will probably come with a very big battery pack between 150 to 180 kilowatt hours to get that 300 miles of range and it will charge really really fast it didn’t give any specifications on how fast really really fast is but the marquee has

150 kilowatt charging so i do expect this will be about the same if they had come up with something better they would definitely have told us but only 150 kilowatt with a battery pack that might be a 180 kilowatt hours that is not such a good combination and probably why they only talked about how it can fully charge overnight at your home but the f-150 will

Get over-the-air updates so that is very very good a must-have in my book and it got a very huge and very open front that’s very cool looking i really like that and it can power your house for three days if there should be an outage so that is also very cool and it will have 11 outlets so it can power a lot of equipment so that is very nice and the starting

Price will be 39 974 dollars now that was really unexpected and it’s only about 74 dollars more than the starting price of the cyber trucks 39 900 but if you want all that thought to talk about with all the whistle and bells it will end up costing over 90 thousand dollars so as usual when comparing any electric car to a tesla the tesla comes out on top when

It comes to specs and price and the f-150 lightning is no exception so for the 90 thousand dollars you will get a 300 miles of range 0-60 in 4.5 seconds and can tow up to 10 000 pounds and might charge with about 150 kilowatt but the maxed out version of the cybertron cost sixty nine thousand nine hundred dollars and there you will get over 500 miles of range

And a 0 to 60 in less than 2.9 seconds and can tow more than 14 000 pounds and can charge with more than 250 kilowatts so you will pay over 20 000 less for the cyber truck but get forty percent more towing capacity seventy percent more range about sixty percent faster acceleration and more than seventy percent faster charging and the ford f-150 lightning is

Not a bad truck but this just shows you how far ahead tesla really is in this game but the f-150 lightning is a very very good electric pickup truck no doubt but the problem is it is not coming out until mid-2022 and as ford just said on stage it is the best handling f-150 ever and the best acceleration of any f-150 the best owner experience ever this is the

Best handling of 150 and it has the fastest acceleration of any f-150 plus the ownership experience is packed with advantages only ford evs offer so if you had to choose an f-150 which one would you buy exactly why would anyone buy any of the old polluting ice f-150 that foster makes that ford just told us that they want to save us all from the polluting ice

Cast well the lightning do have a starting price that is ten thousand dollars more than the ice version of the f-150 but as we have seen shown so many times you will save about twenty thousand dollars over a five-year span with an electric pickup truck compared to a nice one so over a five year span the electric versions win and if this is the best ford has

Ever made why would anyone buy anything else well the problem is you can’t buy it right now so as i just made a whole video about the pinned up demand that is secretly grown in the background of people that want to go electric but is waiting for the right ev and therefore not buying anything else but just waiting until they can get the ev that they want so if

Ford just have shown the people what they want well will they not just wait until this great electric truck comes out and not buy an ice f-150 and that is still ford’s cash cow so did ford just make the osborne mistake showcasing a superior product that you can get before a year from now and if we look at ford’s sales numbers they have only been going down

Since 2016 and they have about 163 billion dollars in debt can they afford to lose any of these sales of their cash cow for the next year and the other problem is how many can fault make of these lightnings with a battery pack of an average of maybe 150 kilowatt hours fall will need a lot of batteries that they don’t have to really mass produce this truck

Because i think the demand for this truck will be there because this is a great truck but it won’t come out before another year and my bet is that fault will not make more than 50 000 of this truck in the first year of production just like with the machi so if the osborne effects does kick in i will bet that fall will lose a lot more than just 50 000 in sales

Of their ice f-150 but then they can only deliver 50 000 from the mid-2022 to mid-2023 or even if they can make a 100 000 of this truck in the first year i still think they could lose a lot more than that from their ice f-150s and with this big battery pack i doubt that ford will even make a lot of money on these trucks so this could really be a bad move from

Ford showing this so early i know tesla showed their cyber truck two years before they will deliver the first truck but they don’t have any ice truck so they will not get the osborne effect neither will rivien that is coming out next month i do understand why ford maybe did feel they kind of had to since tesla and ravion have shown off their electric trucks and

Many others so thought had to show they will come out with a great electric truck as well they didn’t want to be left behind and wanted to ride the hype train of the electric pickup truck but i think ford just pushed the accelerator too early and it might just have lost on the race but it is a really nice electric truck ford made here just like the marquee

Is a really great electric car but it will not save ford like all oems they have to tread very carefully to survive this switch to evs and i think ford really made a big mistake here revealing it one year before we can get it and calling it the best they have ever made this is the recipe for the osborne effect and on top of that they won’t be able to deliver

Many of these trucks when they start production because remember the ford f-150 is the best selling pickup truck in the world and has been for the last 43 years so ford sells about 1 million of these pickup trucks every year so even if they will be able to produce a hundred thousands of these lightning trucks in the first year of production that is still only

About 10 of the pickup sales from ford but if most of ford’s customers now want the best pickup truck that ford has ever made as they said themselves well that could really hurt ford pickup truck sales for the rest of 2021 and especially in 2022 and going forward but ford would not have enough electric ones to replace the ice versions of the f-150 so yes i

Really do think ford made a great electric version of their ford f-150 but i think the timing of the reveal was very bad but time will of course tell if ford is able to turn around this downhill trend they have been on for the last couple of years and convert all their cars into electric before the lights go out because i think people want their great electric

Cars but ford doesn’t have anywhere near the supply to meet the demand and just made a whole year with the osborne effect but what do you think do you like the f-150 lightning do you think ford will be able to survive this let me know your thoughts in the comments below and do you want two free stocks yeah i thought so if you use the link in the description

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