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Ford Mustang MACH-E EV tested for Australian buyers | Wheels Australia

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REVIEW: The name has polarised punters, but is the Mustang Mach-E a worthy electric SUV for Australian buyers? Let’s find out. Full review:

Foreign say the words ford and mustang in the same sentence and most people will immediately think of rumbly v8s and muscular coupes but this is a ford mustang and i’m getting none of that because this car is the ford mustang mark e the very first electrified vehicle to where the iconic wild horse badge now i’ve come all the way to america’s automotive heartland

Detroit to find out if this car has the potential to fit into australia’s unique automotive landscape this car has been on sale already in america for quite a few months and you can tell everywhere i’ve driven there are plenty marquis on the road it’s clearly gone down very well with the us audience and i can see why it’s a really great package there are a number

Of different variants on offer ranging from two-wheel drive rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive a standard battery or a range extended version power ranges from 198 kilowatts to 259 kilowatts while torque ranges from 4 30 newton meters for the standard battery all the way up to 580 newton meters for the biggest range obviously varies with the performance level and

The battery size but opt for the biggest battery and the sweet spot of the range and you’ll get up to 470 kilometers of range out of this car now that is pretty respectable and i firmly believe for most people that is more than enough for your daily commute and some other duties thrown in as well this particular mustang is one down from the halo version called the gt

Performance this one though still gets the range extended battery and all-wheel drive so you’ve got a really good balance of range and performance if the range were to come to australia then i can see this one being smack in the middle at the sweet spot of the range and the one that most people would go for now i’ll admit before getting in the marquee i was a little

Bit apprehensive this is a car that wears one of the most iconic automotive brands in history a car that represents pure american muscle coupes convertibles performance cars drivers cars how could this charlatan dressed up in a crossover tracksuit be anything to honor that amazing badge well i’m pleasantly surprised first start performance is absolutely excellent

Now you’ve got used to me saying time and time again that electric is conducive and synonymous with performance and this is no exception it’ll do 0-100 and around 5.5 seconds but it feels so much quicker there’s mountains of torque on tap when you want it and it’s incredibly versatile of course all the time i’m driving it i’m graced with this silent surroundings

You can get a bit of road noise from it and these roads i’m driving on are pretty good examples of american concrete surface with lots of repairs all over them you’re getting that thumping through the suspension so it doesn’t have particularly big wheels on it so there’s a bit of tire squash to absorb some of that but generally cabin comfort is really good and

There’s a lovely weight to the steering as well around the dead ahead mark it’s a little bit dead in the hands but as you turn into a corner it loads up really nicely and shows that there has been some thought put into the way this car drives and it’s also taken a step up in the premium stakes as well again this isn’t the flagship version but i’m treated to some

Really nice quality touches interesting material this textile on top of the dash lovely quality leather seats and the ergonomics are great as well as a much more reclined and purposeful driving position but that hasn’t hampered the view of the surroundings these chunky a pillars don’t really get in the way too much there’s this vast panoramic sunroof above me as

Well it’s got a light and airy feel in the cabin technology wow there’s a lot to talk about there as well first of all this vast screen in the middle that’s proliferating a lot of ford’s electric vehicles you can expect to see more of that but it’s complemented by this lovely neat slimline digital display for the driver as well wireless charging tons of charging

Ports electric popping doors really nice little features that that keeps the aerodynamics good on the exterior all right for a mid-spec cars it’s got a great level of equipment but most important is that transmission underneath all-wheel drive tons of grip loads of performance really all the time i’ve been looking for calling cards a mustang and a way to justify

This car’s boot badge but actually what i’ve spent my time doing is looking for things that’s more similar to a tesla that portrait mounted huge central screen down there this huge panoramic sunroof even the proportions on the outside are somewhat reminiscent of the model y or model x you can see that this car has taken a lot of inspiration from one of the world

Leaders in electric cars and that’s a good thing just because you’re mimicking one of the big players in the market doesn’t necessarily mean you have to play second fiddle to them and i reckon if this car came to australia it would have a really strong audience it does all the things you might expect from a ford which includes in this country at least a pretty

Competitive price tag but then it bundles it up with stuff that really does go straight for the jugular of tesla the ford mustang mark e isn’t confirmed for australia just yet but there’s a glimmer of hope our friends over the ditch in new zealand have been confirmed the mark e which means right hand drive is coming and really it’s a no-brainer to extend that to

Australia and let’s be honest would they bring me all the way to the other side of the world to drive this car for nothing foreign

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Ford Mustang MACH-E EV tested for Australian buyers | Wheels Australia By Wheels Australia