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Ford Mustang Mach-E GT – AutoWeek Review – English subtitles

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Ford Mustang GT. Die naam betekende tot nu toe dat er een V8 in het spel is, maar Ford durft het aan om het ‘GT’ ook op de topversie van de elektrische Mustang Mach-E te plakken. De auto is in ieder geval snel, maar is hij ook leuk?

If you couldn’t bear the mustang-name on an electrical suv, i’d imagine you’re going through a tough time right now. this is the ford mustang mach-e gt. and the combination of mustang and of course, this car doesn’t have a v8. it’s quick though, really quick. because with a 0-100-time of 3,7 seconds, it’s quicker than… sure, i know that mustang-enthusiasts are screaming

At their screen but if we go back a couple of years, before tesla came around, those very same times were very important for those very same enthusiasts. and 3,7 seconds is incredibly quick. and since we’ve already mentioned tesla, 3,7 seconds is the exact same 0-100-time as the tesla model y performance… and that’s no coincidence. ford even mentions the model y in

Their press release, and it seems to be the car for which the mach e… will be aiming. and that’s not a strange thing, because this car is mostly a product from ford america. ford themselves say it’s a… co-production between ford america and ford europe, and surely it’s important for europe, but it’s a mustang. that means it’s ford america. with that 3,7 seconds,

This car is a lot quicker than the quickest version up until now, that was the four-wheel drive version with the biggest battery pack. it did it in 5,1 seconds, which isn’t slow either. that produces 351 horsepower, whilst this very version produces 487 horsepower. funny enough, they’ve gotten that power from upgrading the… electric motor at the front. from what i’ve

Heard, it’s the same motor and the electric motor in the back of this has been tuned differently to react even quicker. that way, you get that bitey feeling when you… accelerate. and it does bite down, especially at lower speeds. just look at the camera, it immediately produces all of the power. a little bit like you feel in a tesla performance-version. it’s really,

Really quick, as the numbers already indicate, but it feels that way as well. the funny thing is, ford has installed some kind of fake noise. and opinions are split about that, because not everybody likes it. however, i do… have to say that it makes things a little bit more fun. as if you can hear the drivetrain working, even though you know it’s all fake. when you go

Above 100 km/h, the electric kick will feel a lot less impressive. it’ll remain very fast however, and a top speed of 200 km/h… isn’t something to be ashamed of for an electric suv. this mach-e gt is available in two versions in the usa, the regular gt and the gt performance. europe will only get the latter. that means you’ll have more torque, and you’ll get all of the

Additional options as standard. take the 20-inch wheels for example, special dampers, and big brembo-brakes. all of that to make sure this car becomes a lot it’s not very refined, i can tell you that, but it’s a remarkable car to drive. first of all, that’s because of all of the raw power, but also because… of the way it handles that power. it’s incredibly heavy, even

Heavier than a regular mach-e with four-wheel drive. it weighs more than… if you corner quicker than usual without searching for the limit, you’ll start to notice that the car wants to move to the outside. if you then put your foot down too hard, it’ll understeer at first, but if you do that when you’re exiting a corner, it wants to go sideways. and that’s a lot of fun,

And it’s something you hope to find… in a car called mustang. the regular mach-e has it as well, but with the a lot of fun, but it’s not a very refined car. it’s not the sharpest knife it’s way too heavy for that, but in a particular way, it feels really, really brutal. and it’s a car with which you can play in a very… accessible way. if you put it in ‘untamed’-mode,

Which is the loosest setting with all of the safety systems still turned on. it’ll allow the rear to waver a little, and you’ll be able to catch it again, specially for the gt, there’s a mode called ‘untamed plus’ as well, which i’m not able to turn on right now. i don’t know why. but it makes the car even… more playful. ford mentions that that’s only for track usage,

Not for the public road. but it should make the car even more loose. what does that remind me of? tesla’s track mode, obviously. the mach-e gt is mostly a mach-e, so if you want to learn about the interior and space, i’d recommend you to watch our other video’s on it. but there are several differences. the seats for example. i had to get used to them, but they do hold you

In place very well. also, you’ve got other exterior features. the wheels for example, but the front is different as well. the black grille, the aggressive bumper, and that means it’s very distinctive. just like the color is, because it’s the same goes for grabber blue, which was only available on the introduction version. you can’t get it anymore, unless you buy a mach-e gt.

And that’s quite a good idea, because this mustang mach-e gt is a really fun car to drive and it’s clearly on a higher sporty level than… a volkswagen id.4 gtx. so what does it cost? well, around €75.000. €75.500 to be precise, but for that money, you do get every… performance will set you back, because that’s €70.000 on the dot.

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