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What’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by auto top now my name is max and today we are checking out the all new ford mustang mach e gt this is the most sporty version and the one to have probably uh we’re going to find that out today so i’m going to show you around it we’re going to talk a bit about what it is what it’s supposed to compete

With the drivetrain of course the interior we’re going to cover it all and then we’ll take it for a drive towards the ultraman for an automan blast now let’s start with the fact that they have called this a mustang you’ve probably made up your mind already about this and you’re either against it or you don’t care but i think this is a big mistake by ford i think

Dusting off the mach e name the mach 1 mac e i quite like that i think that’s a cool not to like the past two ford mustangs and i would have accepted that and said okay nice touch machi i like that but the fact that they call this a mustang and put all the ponies on there and say that you know it has something to do with a mustang it just rubs me the wrong way i i

Really don’t like it because it immediately gives this car shoes to fill well this is the first time they’re doing anything like this so why would you make it so difficult for yourself by calling it a mustang and you could have just called it a ford mukee and given it a couple of ford mustang uh design cues like the bullet or the lights or the rear lights whatever

And still we would have said okay nice touch by calling it a mustang you’re also raising the bar of the expectations people have and i think that they kind of shot themselves in the foot with that one however i do think it’s quite a handsome car we’ve got a cyber orange car today and as you can see the front end is super sporty super aggressive that’s because we

Have the gt model so you can see that we’ve got quite a pronounced front splitter down there which you don’t get on a regular mach e we also get this black grille with this sort of grill structure in there as you can see this is made to look like a real grill if you go for a regular mug e this is a body color and you have this black line on top of it which kind

Of looks like a mustache so definitely this is the way to go very nice beautiful headlight units as well and of course we’ve got that nice bullet with those lines in there it is a handsome front end especially now these wheels are pretty cool as well 20 inch and these are wider and bigger than you get on a regular mach e we also have 18 inch brembo brakes and i

Think if you compare this car to the us mach egt you can also get a performance package over there and i think we get that as standard here in europe because i think these wheels are part of that performance package you get better brakes and the torque is raised from 13 newton meters to 860 and that is the number we get so i think you get the performance package

As standard here which is pretty cool moving on down the side we’ve got black mirror caps we’ve got all this black window surround and then we’ve got a very clever thing that ford did which is you can see that the the cyber orange runs here and this is a quite a sharp downward line and this gives it that super nice fast back look but you can see that you’ve got

This black roof part running on top of it and that means that we’ll talk about the doors later if you sit in here you’ve actually got quite a bit of head room because this is much higher than it seems and i think that is very clever well done ford and then at the rear we’ve got the sequential tail lights another design cue to the mustang of course and we’ve got

A gt badge here whereas if you go for the normal mac e you get a pony badge all wheel drive badge on the rear awd and then on the side we’ve got mach e 4x does that also mean four wheel drive or what is that i don’t know i couldn’t find anything about that so it’s kind of strange we’ve got a black side skirt there lower part it is a pretty handsome car from certain

Angles especially now the doors as promised uh we’ve got these buttons here so at the front you’ve got a button and then this little handle so you press that it pops open and you pull it you can also open it with the code as you can see and then at the rear you just have this button press it the door opens and you open it like that but if you press the button you

Can’t immediately close it so you can’t put your hand in there and immediately accidentally close it or whatever so i guess that is pretty that’s pretty handy yeah quite like that um what else do we have well we can can we open the front from here there we go and then we’ve got a little bit of storage here with a drain so you can actually clean this out with

A hose and some water a couple of cup holders here as well i guess no that’s a joke um mustang pony this is not that big this is more for like a couple of dirty boots or something like that and then in the rear of course you are hurt by the sloping roofline but it is still quite a nice sized trunk all right let’s get in and we’ll talk a bit more about the

Drivetrain because all electric of course and we’ve got an 88 kilowatt hour battery this car produces 487 horsepower and 860 newton meters of torque this is the most powerful version the the most sporty version we’ve got magneride dampers the four wheel drive system is rear wheel biased so they really set this car up to feel as sporty as possible the ride height

Is 10 millimeters lower the dampers are stiffer yeah they did a lot to make this car feel sporty which i really like you also of course have like the entry level and the long range version which in its optimal form delivers a range of 610 kilometers wltp and this delivers a range of 500. now on the interior we’ve got these awesome ford performance seats with this

Super nice shoulder bolstering the relationship with recaro has ended apparently so four performance make their own seats now but i have to say these are super nice we’ve got a gt logo here some nice storage down there we’ve got a space for your phone down there with wireless charging and then of course we’ve got this massive screen which is sort of mandatory

Now in electric vehicles i guess but i really do like that you have this system here which uh the response to your inputs is fine and i i think it looks cool it’s quite easy to operate but you have an extra display right there with the most important stuff so your charge your range your trip and your speed which i really like i like that not everything is in

Here like you get with a tesla you still have some decent stuff there and we have a physical volume button with a very nice sound system so this b and o ben olufsen sound system with a sound bar right there is as comes as standard on the gt 10 speakers and it’s really good the sound is really impressive so that’s very nice and then what else do we have we’ve

Got driving modes as you can see untamed is the most sporty one and then you’ve got whisper and active we do have untamed plus here which means that it’s sort of for track mode and it conditions basically the batteries for more performance so you can see here traction control intervention of stability control energy regeneration regenerative braking is reduced

And more geared towards track driving chassis dynamics power and throttle response are configured for control and trust on the track something like that it might not be available because of vehicle circumstances vehicle whatever and i can already i mean it’s nine degrees why why can’t i use it i can’t use it it’s not working not working because it’s too cold or

Whatever i don’t really like that i think if i want untaped plus i should be able to hit it or at least tell me why it’s not working because this is super weird uh we’ve got a one pedal drive button right there but i don’t really like that and you can and you can turn off or all the sound right there so the fake sound for the for the drive if you look at build

Quality though i have to say that ford has done a good job if you compare this to a model 3 which we have driven but model y is basically the same thing quality wise panel gap-wise this all feels really good compared to a tesla i also like the fact that with this gt you get basically everything as standard so the only option you have is going for this panoramic

Roof which is quite large and of course you can choose a color and stuff like that but there are very few optional extras left in this car and that is very nice okay so let’s start it up and immediately turn off the lane keeping assist which automatically turns on okay now we can also turn off traction control with a button right there esc we can turn that off

And i can show you that indeed it sends a lot of power to the rear it is very wet though as you can see so if we stop here with esc off and we try to do a launch you have a lot of wheel spin and you’ll never get close to the times that ford claims but there is a problem with that because i’ve seen so many different numbers floating around even within ford on

Their website in the netherlands they stayed 3.7 seconds but i’ve also seen like an image that said zero to 100 in less than 3.5 seconds so i know that there’s the the one foot roll out nonsense that people sometimes use but it would be good to have just one number just one uh instead of four different ones we’ve been able to do 4.5 in these conditions which yeah

It doesn’t really say anything i know that but just for reference now we have the fake sound on as you can hear and i have to say we’ve been driving this car for a couple of days now and i am very impressed with the way they’ve set up this car uh of course we’ve got those magna right dampers but the car just feels like a ford it feels like an st car by ford uh the

Way they’ve set up the suspension it is quite firm but still relatively comfortable and it just handles the way you would expect from a fast european ford the good thing in this untamed version in this untamed mode is that you also get less regenerative braking so the brake pedal feels a bit more natural than it does in the active mode or with the one pedal drive

So i quite like that as well but let’s take it to the ultraman now and find out what it’s like i already know and this is going to be a good one i do i really like the balance of this car they really did their best to try and set up this car so you could have fun with it because when you’re on a roundabout and you go on the throttle too soon it it still is just

So happy and it will just slide so easily okay so we’re at the old van we’re going to slow down to 100 kilometers an hour and then we’re going to floor it of course we’ve done our measurements from 100 to 200 and ford claims 487 horsepower for this car the problem is though the faster you go the less power it delivers so you actually need a lot of space and

Time to be able to do 100 to 200 measurement it is the slowest car we’ve ever measured we’ve done over 400 cars with draggy and this is the slowest one with 54 seconds it’s 14 seconds slower than a 143 horsepower vw up gti it is ridiculous the gt has a top speed limited at 200 kilometers an hour well it’s not limited it won’t go any faster maximum speed has been

Reduced i don’t know why we’ve got 48 battery so won’t go any faster than 180 now this is horrible and it brings me back to that point of why would you name this a mustang it just dilutes the mustang it it damages the ford mustang i don’t understand why no one at ford that had anything to say said no this is too much this is full throttle in a gt mustang how is

This acceptable i know that not a lot of people will use this car like this but still it should be able to do it right now we’ve even got some footage of martin attempting to do a 100 to 200 run and he and inadvertently he ended up in the slowest drag race of all time with a woman in the skoda diesel who was well just beside herself with joy that she finally was

Able to beat someone in a drag race uh you can see here that it is crawling absolutely crawling and martin is being overtaken by the skoda at higher speed because it just has no power so performance wise it is a bit of a joke let’s be honest a tesla will do 250 kilometers an hour they have fixed all the heat problems they had so a model 3 performance and model y

Performance will do multiple 250 kilometer an hour runs before overheating this i haven’t even done one and it already limits the power and i don’t know why so that’s not great the good thing though is that you can really feel that ford has done their best to try and make this a fun car to make it handle like a ford performance car should handle and we know that

They are one of the best at setting up these cars ford focus st ford focus rs fiesta st’s mustang gts uh shelby gt350s they all handle like a dream and you can really feel the family connection with this car i really really appreciate the fact that they’ve tried to make this car so much fun to to drive and you don’t really see it that often in electric cars so

That is one of the biggest positives about this car so in the end it is a flawed car i really have to say that it’s a car of big pros and big goals there are things that i think are absolutely magnificent and there are things that i think are horrible so i know that we test cars in a way that hardly ever makes electric cars shine but still i think you know we as

Petrol heads as car lovers as people who love driving are still going to use electric cars like this in the future so they should be tested like this as well and i think that as long as you drive this car you know to and from work maybe sometimes a nice b road and some highway stuff as well you’re going to love this car and i really love the fact that ford still

Has this aim for driving fun so i think that is a nice conclusion for today i’m going to end it here i hope you enjoyed this video you can subscribe by clicking the big button in the middle you can also check out this video on the right you

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