Ford Mustang Mach-E Vs Nissan Ariya | Which One Wll Destroy the EV Industry?

Ford Mustang Mach-E Vs Nissan Ariya | Which One Wll Destroy the EV Industry?

Ford mustang mock e versus nissan arya which one will you choose ford is launching an all-new electric car the ford mustang mock e in 2022 except for the name and design that maki shares with a mustang otherwise it’s a new and innovative production as the all-electric crossover is named after the company’s iconic pony car mustang we expect the maki to reach the heights

Of success on the other hand nissan is all set to launch its suv nissan aria in 2022 its striking exterior luxurious interior powerful engine and smooth performance is worth the hype and people can’t wait for its long-awaited release today we are to compare both the incredible cars so that you can choose the best one exterior if you are looking for an excellent

Car with exciting features ford mustang maki is the one for you there are four different versions of the maki but the iconic mustang styling sleek designs and muscular look remain the same the first thing you’ll notice on the exterior is its huge 19 inch aluminum wheels the stylish signature led lights to give the cards edgy look and provide a clear vision both in

Daytime and night time other exciting features include a panoramic fixed glass roof with an infrared reflective windshield on the other hand the designers of nissan aria indeed aim to turn heads with its remarkable exterior the suv has a sleek looking galvanized steel body and front grille the car comes with a beautiful two-tone color scheme with a black roof which

Can be customized the car’s rear has a sporty look and a one-piece blade light that illuminates when the vehicle is used and blacks out when parked other impressive features of its exterior include roof rack rails rain detecting windshield wipers high beam headlights and led brake lights interior the inside of the mustang maki is quite streamlined with sharp and

Clean lines a digital cluster is attached to the dashboard dominated by large vertically positioned touchscreens the center console has a floating flip up armrest which is the perfect storage place for your purse and wallets mustang maki has other exciting features including a comfortable yet luxurious interior good lighting heated front seats a heated steering

Wheel wireless charging and much more the most exciting part is that the frunk is a durable plastic that can be rinsed and drained perfect for storing messy things other than the frunk the car has 29 cubic feet of cargo which can be extended to 60 if the rear seats are folded now let’s talk about the interior of the nissan aria the suv has the same minimalistic

Yet futuristic interior design as the maki nissan tried to keep the new suv as buttonless as possible which gives it a sleek spacious look the car has exciting features like a low floor zero gravity seats etc engine and performance the mustang maki is available in two battery ranges a 75.7 kilowatt hour range battery pack or an extended range 98.8 kilowatt hour pack

Mach e is an all-wheel drive with an electric motor position at the rear axle or axles both the motors produce a combined horsepower of 480 horsepower and up to 634 pound-feet of torque ford has claimed that the mustang machi can accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds the 18 inch aluminum tires have adaptive dampers for adjustable ride firmness and

The mustang provides the most impressively smooth and quiet rides the nissan aria will offer two different battery sizes a 63.0 kilowatt hour battery is standard and a larger 87.0 kilowatt hour pack in this suv nissan offers the all new gtr sports card torque split system which will provide all-wheel drive via a dual front rear electric motor configuration it is

Claimed that the acceleration in the front wheel drive will be 0 to 60 miles per hour in 5.0 seconds though the drivers of the nissan aria will enjoy a calm less bumpy and stable ride the car doesn’t have that sporty look many drivers prefer features ford infotainment features can be customized according to every driver’s experience the software installed in the

Car’s 15.5 inch touchscreen which will allow users to access features like apple carplay android auto a mobile wi-fi hotspot and a bang olufsen audio system now let’s talk about nissan’s features in its all-new suv nissan aria has two 12.3 inch displays which can be used as a digital gauge cluster and the infotainment screen apart from nissan’s standard features

Apple carplay android auto and in-dash navigation it will offer innovative features like a feature that will sync the driver’s schedule and a feature that will automatically pre-heat and pre-cool while parked the most exciting feature that the concept car showed is the automatic parking feature a user can park their car using their phone from a nearby location by

Using pro pilots remote price the ford mustang machi comes in five different versions the select is available for forty three thousand nine hundred and ninety five dollars the premium is available for forty eight thousand seven hundred dollars the california route 1 is available for 51 500 and the gt is available for 61 000 the gd performance is available for 66

000 nissan aria will be launched with four models and their prices will be differed based on the features the basic venture plus will have a price tag of forty seven thousand one hundred and twenty five dollars the evolve plus will have a price tag of fifty thousand one hundred and twenty five dollars the premier will have a price tag of fifty four thousand six

Hundred and twenty five dollars and finally the platinum will be priced at fifty thousand one hundred and twenty five dollars

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