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Ford Ranger vs Honda Odyssey DRAG RACE – Ordinary Drag Races, Episode 1

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Welcome to Episode 1 of Ordinary Drag Races!

How’s it going everybody welcome back to the channel i’m josh i’m miranda and we’re doing ordinary drag races and this is episode one as a side series off of kingdom auto consulting so thank you for tuning in so today along with our dirt biking friends in the background we have a for what year is your truck 2010 2010 ford ranger versus a 2011 honda odyssey the

Odyssey has a 3.5 liter v6 it puts out 248 horsepower and 250 foot-pounds of torque and that was when it was new 50 horsepower two yeah literally my confidence just went through yeah uh but here’s the catch this van weighs about 500 pounds or so give or take more than the ranger so we’re gonna see what happens we figured this would be a really good race and we

Figured we’d have a lot of fun doing it so my little guy is uh a 4.0 and it has a v6 in it a bigger engine yeah bigger red now my confidence level but it only has 207 horsepower so when he said that i’m like oh would you start shaking and then mine is mine sits like you said mine’s a little bit lighter but i also have like a tool thing in the back so it makes

It heavier but you know what i’m just we’re doing this ordinary and we’re just gonna do it as our vehicles as we drive every day this is ordinary drag races guys ordinary everyday vehicles which is exactly what we’re putting up against each other today so yeah enjoy as we take some time to put on our five-star rated helmets comment on what vehicles you’d like

To see set up against one another over a quarter-mile drag race we do read your comments we sincerely appreciate our viewers and we will do our best to make the recommended races happen please also consider subscribing to our channel and make sure to get the bell on so you don’t miss any of our upcoming videos you won the sound test i did oh yeah yours sounds

Better than mine mine’s still quiet yeah you’re just got a nicer noise to it okay so i’ve got the air conditioning uh off good got my sunroof closed right windows up i’ve got my custom exhaust pipe that adds 10 horsepower so i think we’re ready to go let’s do this and my optimism is high but i know i’m gonna lose but my optimism is high i just know i’m gonna

Lose no i’m not i’m gonna lose i think we’re ready to go okay ready okay three two one go oh you said three you’re supposed to say three two one go not one goal your bonehead one goal i said three two one go oh all all i heard was one go okay tell me when are you gonna are you gonna send it off one go you said three you still say three two one go not

One goal you bonehead i said one go what did i say i said three two one go oh all all i heard was one go oh man well we have to start again so ready three two one go i pulled an austin powers okay come back that was the best though because both of us first did false starts this is like we’re the most amateur drag racers in the world i think okay ready to go

I’m in drive not reverse this time i’m i’m good okay ready and three two one go oh she got a better lunch than me oh look at her go no no no no no catch up catch up come on baby come on baby i beat him yes i did oh no oh oh man i can’t believe that i was catching up right at the end man i can’t believe how fast that thing took off yeah she’s got some

Torque i was gonna say let’s do double we’ll do two yeah okay you just wanna make me feel better i appreciate it i think my helmet weighed me down a little bit i think it was your ego oh okay maybe it won’t do that yep okay got a bad start we’re gonna line up for uh round number two and good safety thank you does it like does it um deter you when you’re

Holding the like does it bother you with this i could make that excuse yeah are you ready i’ll count it i’ll count it down again no worries i’m i’m good okay ready and three two one go oh a better start better start man that thing takes off quick come on come on oh come on what yeah i can’t believe that that’s so cool i got a good start to and everything

I’ve got no excuses you won that fair and square yes yes good race though that man that was amazing i got i got like a perfect start second race so i don’t have any like that was about as even as it’s gonna get i was catching you at the end i think i would have probably caught up if we had a half mile but for a quarter mile you took that just thinking that i’m

Like i was looking back i’m like oh dude i don’t got nothing else to give because i’m like i did everything but it’s the take out i guess yeah hey like i just i just went yeah you went and then you stayed ahead the whole time there’s there’s nothing that uh nothing that i could do to keep up my pile of my thank you sir what do you get what do i get now i want

Rewards as always thank you so much for watching we sincerely appreciate it please let us know which vehicles you’d like to see up against one another in the future and i’d also like to give a huge shout out to the real racers of the track today thank you very much for sparing us a little bit of your racing time so that we would be able to set up and film our video

We’re very grateful until next time everybody thank you and god bless

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Ford Ranger vs Honda Odyssey DRAG RACE – Ordinary Drag Races, Episode 1 By Kingdom Auto