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Ford Super Duty F-350 4×4 FX4 Limited Reviewed – Who Needs This?

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The Ford F350 is a big truck with big power. Who needs something this huge? Is it limited to towing and hauling or can it manage more rugged conditions? We test it both on-road and off-road in this complete review of the 2019 along with details about the upcoming 2020 model.

What’s it like to drive a big honkin super duty truck we had some fun and did some work with the ford f-350 to find out it’s coming up right now on driving sports tv when it comes to work trucks the ford f-series reigned supreme in 2019 ford moved nearly 900 thousand of them the model we’re looking at today is a top of the line and very tall f-350 super duty 4×4

Crew cab limited that means it is simply loaded to the gills with features comforts and capability prices you see it here eighty five thousand six hundred seventy five us dollars including destination so i did a quick search on zillow to see what we could buy for that and yeah you can get a 3-bedroom 2bath rambler in alabama moving on i also want to note that since

We filmed this particular truck ford has released specs on the new 2020 model any changes between this 2019 models shown in the video and the 2020 will be identified as we go through this piece we have a lot of driving ahead of us on road and off but first let’s start with key features and as with any f-series there sure is a lot of them one reason most buyers will

Look at this truck is power and this f-350 has it in the form of ford’s 6.7 liter power stroke’ v8 diesel here it puts out 450 horsepower and 935 pound-feet of torque in the 2020 model that’s been upgraded to 475 horsepower and a thousand fifty pound-feet of torque it’s connected to a six-speed automatic transmission with a dual range gearbox part-time all-wheel

Drive a locking rear differential with a 3.5 v ratio and towing controls thanks to this setup payload is a whopping three thousand nine hundred and fifty pounds towing maxes out at twenty thousand seven hundred for this particular configuration with a gooseneck dually configurations can tow as much as thirty one thousand three hundred pounds that’s like towing

Three full-grown orcas or three african bush elephants or even a gulfstream g2a t if you ever wanted to do that drop the gate to access the six and three-quarter box that’s been treated with an optional spray in bedliner here you’ll find a pullout step which is pretty nice for such a tall truck it also has tie-downs and a fifth wheel power relay the crew won’t

Complain about the second row here there’s plenty of space to stretch out plus cupholders seat warmers power and a lot more just need more room for cargo and don’t really care about people the seats fold up and a cargo box folds down for maximum accommodation up front is a truck interior befitting the hefty price i can’t imagine any ranch owner would complain

About the materials and usefulness of this space ford really knows their target audience the seats are covered in high-quality leather with 10-way power adjustments heat and ventilation included up fitter switches allow you to expand capabilities like adding an aftermarket winch or lighting while maintaining that oam feel you also get a large cargo bin with dual

Cupholders and a power inverter which provides standard ac power for working on the go next to this our pair of usb sockets with a place to store a phone the head unit is an eight-inch touchscreen running ford’s sync 3 software this provides a lot of features including apple carplay and android auto functionality in addition to wi-fi xm satellite radio and a lot

More the limited comes standard with premium b&o sound the touch screen also displays various camera views including satellite backup bed and trailer assist speaking of towing you can set a whole lot of parameters related to that in the main digital gauge cluster this will show status as well and if you do tow you’ll be happy to find a trailer brake controller

Easily accessible our truck came with the fx 4 off-road package which adds skid plates to protect the fuel tank and transfer case it also adds a hill descent control and gives the shocks special tuning for bumpy trails ford throws its entire catalog of active safety at the limited with driver alerts parking assist rear cross-traffic alerts blind spot warning collision

Mitigation and adaptive cruise control for wide loads you can adjust the side bears with a push of a button another folds them in completely headlights are quad beam leds for epic illumination the drivetrain is easily controlled going from two wheel drive to four engages with a twist one more click moves it to four low pull to lock the rear differential now enough

With facts and figures let’s head out and see what it’s like to drive one of these it’s clearly bigger than almost anything else on the road and that got me thinking what exactly is the motivation for somebody to buy something as big as the yep 350 450 horsepower might be impressive but the real number is 935 pound-feet of torque that is why this 6.7 liter engine

Is so incredible plus i’m actually getting pretty good mileage all things considered i mean i’m getting about 15 miles to the gallon around town and freeway combined and you know considering 6.7 liters of diesel power that’s really not so bad let’s try a zero-to-sixty because why not so i’m in drive mode there’s no other special drive modes to go into here i’m just

Gonna basically lay into the throttle and see what that 935 pound-feet of torque can do in real numbers three two one go let’s burn out 40 50 and 60 i think i spent one to two seconds just spinning the rear wheels there which is not helpful with my zero to sixty numbers even spinning the tires the f-350 got up to speed in 7.8 seconds not bad for tipping the scales

At roughly three tons as i mentioned earlier this truck is equipped with the fx for off-road package so that means we need to find someplace where we can play someplace that has room for a truck this big and i know just the place even though this does have the off-road package that doesn’t mean it’s really intended to be used for rock crawling and forest roads it’s

Simply too big however for anybody on a ranch looking to use one of these roads like this are actually pretty normal let’s walk this rig through one of the more rugged features and see how it handles it okay so i’m a little concerned about the approach and departure angles because this thing’s got a long wheelbase and then it has a lot of overhang on the front and

Back so hopefully this isn’t a problem we’ll poach it from a slight angle so you can turn my surround view camera on that’s kind of cool now so far i’m just in for hi so let’s go ahead and switch this into for low put it into the neutral shift in progress cap now we’re in for low i can go back into drive let’s see if we can get through this oh yeah man it’s big

But actually pretty capable okay next obstacle now i would take this up into the playground or to the rock climbing to the rock garden area but it’s too big can’t actually drive it up there like physically cannot get there but for actual normal use cases this f-350 will get the job done even if that means heading off into more rugged territory now as a word of

Caution the shocks really aren’t great for rough conditions wagon inspired leaf springs are perfect for heavy loads but not so great for your kidneys enough playing let’s go find something more practical to do with this truck on the way i’ll dive a little bit deeper into some of the features so what is the point of putting leaf springs on a modern vehicle man well

It actually comes down to capability for what this vehicle was intended you can load almost 4,000 pounds into the into the bed of this truck that’s huge a dually tires and you’re looking at almost 7,000 pounds total payload which is just simply remarkable in a single truck on the freeway it’s actually pretty smooth right now i’m rolling along at 75 miles per hour

I can even use the adaptive cruise control just by hitting a couple buttons here we’ll go ahead and set it and then it will pace the vehicle in front of us i just set a target speed and it will match it up into that speed it does have laying detection however the lane detection is not lane centering so it won’t like do that auto driving thing for you instead it’ll

Just notify you if you’re wandering out of your lanes and it actually does it with a really nice little vibration in the wheel that honestly kind of reminds me of the old rolls royce it just had such a nice smooth polite vibration in the wheel and even though that suspension is really quite awful in off-road conditions here on the freeway it’s actually pretty good

Interior of this truck really is reminiscent of the higher-end f-150s there’s really no difference but that’s actually a good thing because the interior here is exquisite we have the bang & olufsen stereo system that sounds fantastic we have the latest sync system which i actually really like it’s super quick easy to use supports android auto supports apple

Carplay it’s really just kind of loaded with everything buttons on the steering wheel easy to use i also get manual switch gear for the aircon as well as the seat warmers and seat heaters plus this has seat massagers which granted they’re not the best they’re super loud when they’re operating as is the air-conditioned seats but it’s nice that they’re a feature

Especially after going off-road back there yeah you kind of want the massage unit to you know work it out a little bit there is the matter of price with this thing i mean you’re looking at 85 grand for this however if you’re in the market for a super duty up 350 you have a very good reason for it most likely and it’s not just because you’re a bro who likes to show

Off the size of his truck although you might be but i would like to think that most people buy the super duty at 350 s because they have a genuine work to do as luck would have it i happen to have this truck the same week that my wife was redoing our garden so naturally we took it on an errand to go get some dirt we loaded it up with a cubic yard and a half a load

Which weighed roughly 3,000 pounds if you’ve ever driven heavy loads with smaller vehicles you know how perilous it can feel at times with the f-350 it drove like it wasn’t doing anything special sure the braking distances were a little bit longer but overall it just shrugged it off like luke versus kylo ren at the end of the last jedi this kind of almost makes

Me change my mind about having a truck like this because really this is the kind of truck you can literally throw anything at ford knows that even if their buyers never tow five clydesdales or a 30-foot yacht they want the option to do that and they want to feel like they can and this f-350 could easily do any of those jobs it’s really quite astonishing and the

Fact that it can do all of these jobs with like practically luxury amenities i mean the bang & olufsen stereo system we got the great sink three system with carplay and android auto si massagers and of course a huge panorama sunroof iii think it’s fair to say it just doesn’t get more capable plus comfortable as the super duty at 350 for driving sports tv i’m

Ryan douthit thanks for watching be sure to subscribe for more videos we got a whole lot of videos and you want to check out all our old ones and definitely keep an eye out for what we have coming up next we’ve got a lot of great stops so be sure to subscribe leave a comment yada-yada we’ll see you next time

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