Ford Tells 2022 Ford F150 Lightning Buyers they CANT Sell THEIR Trucks Is this okay?

In recent development with the Blue Oval, Execs plan for a One Year No Sale Provision for new buyers of the 2022 Ford F150 Lightning.

Well with big anticipation here of the new ford f-150 lightning ford has uh kind of dropped a bombshell on its yet to be released vehicle and uh let’s talk about the new shenanigans here at the blue oval all right well it’s been kind of a very interesting few years here with ford they’ve just kind of been doing some weird strange things in their business practices

Well of course here we are in a new year and a new set of problems although a lot of the problems are just carryovers from the previous year and right now of course with everything and the huge supply shortages and labor shortages on most stuff special electronics and the ones needed to make these vehicles ford has um implemented some very controversial groundwork

Here for the new f-150 lightning so of course if we’re going to read the headline here 2022 f-150 lightning will come with a one-year no sale provision oh much like the half a million dollar ford gt now on that vehicle it was almost certainly understood it was a limited production vehicle that no one ever knew would ever be produced again so we’re going to

Take a look at some of the good stuff first and that’s actually this part of the article here what looks like ford is actually trying to address some of the bull crap being done here at ford dealerships and that’s with stupid ridiculous markups and is gouging customers left and right to get these vehicles the automaker recently expressed his concerns over the way

Dealers are handling markups and forcing customers to put down additional deposits or payments to order an f-150 lightning furthermore none of all 200 000 or so reservation holders will be able to order a 2022 model due to production constraints which will undoubtedly entice a number of those that are lucky enough to get a delivery of a 22 f-150 lighting and flip

It for a profit well not only are they doing if the lightning ford really needs to put their foot down because they’re doing it with everything but because the lightning now is the next new things the next big vehicle coming out from ford of course they want to protect it at all costs and protect the image of it and continue protecting their image as a as automaker

At least they’re trying to protect initial buyers from this but as a whole dealerships need to get hold hold of themselves and not do this on any ford product it’s ridiculous i don’t care how many vehicles are you know around people don’t need to buy them there’s so many other auto manufacturers out there someone is actually in need of a car they can go anywhere

That you want they can get a used car they don’t need to buy from ford and they don’t need to buy it new so it’s really ridiculous how they think like oh well you know we’re gonna mark it up 20 30 grand someone’s gonna buy it well that might be true it doesn’t make it fair for everyone else especially people who you know are going after a vehicle that something

They could afford and then by the time they go through all the different fees and stuff and the markups it’s not something they can’t afford so at least what this ford is trying to do something right here and protect um at least the initial purchase of the lightning f150 lightning from being stupidly overblown in its price and and whatnot okay so now that that’s

Out of the way i want to go ahead and talk about the bad thing now this is really the highlight of the story here and something that really kind of rubs me the wrong way and it also seems to be causing a lot of issues with um people as well i mean it’s not really a well-received move here in ford’s end so and that is the fact that ford will be implementing a

One-year new sale provision much like you saw on the 2016 ford gt so quote from ford this is what they say um this is their reasoning for it in order to prevent the resale of a 2022 model year f-150 lightning ford is offering support a no-sale provision to be signed by customers at the time of purchase dealers may add this language to existing closing forms or

Create a new standalone document purchasers hereby agree that they will not sell offer to sell or otherwise transfer any ownership interest in the vehicle prior to the first anniversary of the date hereof so um i see why ford may want to do this and it may be to stop scalpers and people who are just trying to flip these vehicles it’s happening a lot right now in

The current market here’s my problem when ford has these vehicles they produce these vehicles dealerships then buy these vehicles from ford right dealerships then work with banks and other creditors to supply financing options for customers or if customers seem to purchase with cash either way and in one way or another when the vehicle transfers ownership from

The dealership then it goes to basically in most cases an ownership of a bank bank ends up owning the title of the vehicle until their loan is paid off in most cases you know how is it right for ford to tell the customer what they can and can’t do with their vehicle it seems kind of odd i know that they’re saying they’re trying to prevent scalpers yeah i could

See how that would work except after a year what are they gonna do they’ll probably just hold on to them and flip them again that’s how these people are they’re weird like that but here’s my big issue what if someone’s does buy a new f-150 lightning because they want to try it out they think it is something that’s like you know it’s the future it’s it’s all electric

F-150 what could go wrong and they realize they don’t really like it maybe they don’t like the way it drives maybe they don’t care for what they thought it was going to be maybe there’s some major issue that comes along here because it’s a new vehicle as far as i’m concerned it’s just wearing the body of f-150 you know what happens if if those things happen ford

Is not going to seems not going to let you do anything with your vehicle until a year you’re stuck with it that’s where i get really upset i think that’s what’s upsetting a lot of people too is it’s you know you’re spending all that money on something and at the end you’re allowed not to like something but then you’re being told by the auto manufacturer that you’re

Stuck with it for a year at least it does raise some red flags you know i mean why would ford want to do this is it really to protect or to seem like they’re protecting future consumers from from scalpers and people trying to flip these things or is it for something else does it protect the interests of ford and the company and their brand for people not getting

Rid of it if they choose that there’s something about it they don’t like i don’t know but sticking the customer was a vehicle for years is wrong i didn’t really agree with it with the ford gt however the ford gt in comparison to what the ford lightning will be wasn’t a mass-produced vehicle you know they built a handful every now and again the lightning is going

To be a mass-produced vehicle as far as their plans are concerned here at this moment in time so with all that said i think it does uh kind of raise a lot of questions here and why ford really did this someone’s going to argue that it was for the better of the customer someone’s going to be very upset that they don’t get to choose what they want to do even if they

Weren’t going to do it with their vehicle they that they’ve spent a lot of money on so either way it’s a new development here in the blue oval land so anyways if you like the video please give it a thumbs up share with everyone you know if you want to see more content like this and you haven’t already subscribe to the channel keep a lookout for next true car thesis video you

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