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Ford Transit and Ram Promaster test drive (which van to choose?)

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In today’s video we test drive the ford transit and ram promaster. It’s almost time to upgrade my van life set up so I thought I would share my thought process if your in the market for a new van!

All right what’s going on everybody in today’s video we’re test driving the ram promaster and we’re also test driving the ford transit i’ve been thinking about upgrading the element for a while now and today is a good day to go test drive it so we’re gonna get into these two vehicles and give them a shot and i just want to walk you through my thought process to

Maybe help you if you’re in the market for one of these two vehicles for your van life so make sure you hit that like and subscribe button and enjoy the video let’s do it so many possibilities in here wow all right what’s up guys we’re testing out the ford transit uh this one has the ecoboost engine and dude it’s freaking cool like i got plenty of headroom

More than i need uh storage space up there which is cool nice little navigation system right there so i’m imagining like a bed frame up here some shelves up here uh like a little desk area so i can work definitely like a little kitchen area here have those sweet seats swivel around you know outdoor shower section oh man this would be crazy and i can lay down

In this way which is pretty cool and i can lay all the way flat i think nice this is crazy cool it’s like a little wider up here with the windows so i think that’ll that’ll work to serve as a bed nice like we got the beach behind us it’s super cool uh i really like this one so far i mean so far this thing drives really great this turbo in it is like really

Powerful it’s got a lot of power in this engine it doesn’t quite feel like a really big vehicle so it drives like a normal car which is pretty wild and um yeah i mean it’s comfortable it’s great it has a nice display to show you like everything that’s going on with the car rpms gas gas mileage all of that you’ve got your modes here and whenever you switch the

Modes it shows up so you can get eco mode slippery mode tow mode just clicking that button real easy parking sensors which is great nice uh screen you can access your phone you can make calls navigation all of that on here uh more cup holders than anyone whatever ever ever need so zero let’s just lower it jesus christ man this thing is like got a lot of power

I didn’t want to like really go for it but jeez man i don’t think the sales guy was kidding when he said this had the raptor engine in it i really do think this will be the vehicle for me but we gotta test out the sprinter as one goes by uh we gotta test out the sprinter to know for sure all right we’re back at the dealer and now it’s time to pick up chelsea

And check out the sprinter let’s do it you ready yeah i’m ready what do you think about the mercedes luxury i like it it’s a beautiful color too it’s my favorite color big old nap system here i mean you can’t compare it actually no definitely not like i haven’t seen any other ones yeah all this like electric seating and stuff what do you think about the seat

Warmers that’s not important to me she was making a real big deal about the seat warmers i mean if we’re in like um michigan or northern california sea warmers are key yeah um all right so we’re now in the uh ram and it’s it’s like not bad it’s pretty basic pretty boring i just don’t think it’s the prettiest one but steven likes the fact that the walls are

More squared yeah there’s more space in that way yeah it’s definitely the most basic so it’s very similar to the ford ford has a little bit more bells and whistles oh yeah you can’t you can’t you have to there’s a knob to move your seat back it’s like a knob yeah there’s no electricity that’s okay though that doesn’t really matter to you i like the squareness of

The back and everything because even the square let’s take it for a test drive let’s see so we’re in the uh ram right now and so far i like it a lot more than i expected to like it it’s got a um not as much like pick up and go as the uh ford does but it definitely feels more like easier to drive and i think that has to do with the four wheel drive front-wheel

Drive system in this um the ride is decently comfortable it’s not too crazy it’s pretty basic and i like that because it’s like less to worry about breaking down i really like the boxiness of the back so i am pleasantly surprised and i really like the size of this thing um it’s not as long right yeah yeah yeah yeah so it feels really good really really good i’m

I’m really shocked actually good vibe so good vibes so this is definitely going to be a contender now i kind of written it off completely but maybe we have a contender here we’ll see so now that i’ve had some time to think about it a little bit i’ll go over some of the pros and cons of the ford transit and the ram promaster that i noticed while driving them so

The pro for the ford transit is that it has this huge like window space and you can see kind of all around all the way around and it had really good visibility so i liked that a lot and as you saw that engine is powerful like there was so much power in that it felt like it had the tallest ceiling of all the vehicles i tried which is really good if you’re going

To build a lot of shelving space inside of the vehicle uh what some of the cons is that vertically or like when you’re laying down side to side it didn’t have as much length i’m five nine and i would barely barely barely just fit laying down across so that’s kind of a big deal and it’s gonna take up a lot of space if i have to move the bed into a horizontal

Position ford transit also had a nice little navigation system which would you know help you navigating around really the only con about that vehicle is that it doesn’t have as much space lying side to side so it on paper it seems like the best choice oh one of the cons about the ford transit is that it has the turbo in the ecoboost engine and the turbo just kind

Of complicates things which might make him prone to failure uh later on in the vehicle so that’s one of the cons about that vehicle ram promaster actually like really stunned me i really enjoyed how like vertical the walls were and it would make the build so much easier and it drove really well it drove like a regular old car so and like i said i think that has

To do with the front wheel drive system it was the most basic and i really like that so there’s less to like break down and some of the research i’ve done with the ram promaster shows that there’s a lot of issues with like the headlight burning out like super consistently every now and then a few of them have like transmission issues and there just seemed to be a

In general just more reliability issues with the ram promaster than the ford transit or the mercedes sprinter so that’s something to be careful of and look out for but it had the most storage space just above the vehicle like built-in shelves which was really cool so that was really fun to check out all those vans i’m mostly just dreaming but if you guys own any

Of these vans i would love to know your experience down in the comments below any problems or major issues that you had let us know so we can all learn from your experience but uh let me know what you guys think what was your favorite van which one should i get what do you think is gonna be best for my lifestyle and you guys take care thanks so much for watching

And make sure you hit that like and subscribe button and we’ll see you next time peace you

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Ford Transit and Ram Promaster test drive (which van to choose?) By Stephen Aldaco