Ford Transit Camper Van – Roof Heights: A VanDOit Adventure Van Option

VanDOit builds on low roofs, mid-roofs, and high roofs! Depending on what you are looking for, this can sometimes be the most difficult decision to make. Check out the video to get a couple visuals to see which one works best for you.

One of the most difficult decisions is all do i want a mid roof van or do i want a high roof fan this is the question that everybody asks which one do i want and it really just depends i want to show you the difference between the two different vans and then maybe help you make a better decision on which size of van you would want i am currently in a mid roof okay

I have been both in high roof and mid roof and i’ll tell you a little bit about both then i am about five nine five nine and a half i’m pretty much standing straight up i can’t fully extend my neck but for me it’s really not that important because most of the time when i’m standing straight up in my van i am looking for something anyway so my head is bent over

There really aren’t many times where i find myself needing to stand straight up now if you’re somebody who really really needs that good posture who really appreciates that maybe you’re gonna find yourself cooking at the kitchen pot often where you need to be standing straight up maybe the high roof is good for you but if you were if you’re about five probably

About five seven you’re gonna be able to stand straight up in the mid roof without having to worry about hitting your head now you may have to watch the bars but that’s the only thing the mid roof gets a bit better gas mileage there’s just less and less to hit the wind whenever you’re driving down the road if you’re tall if you’re like six-three six-four six-five

You probably want to look at getting a high roof but then again is standing up straight and you don’t mind being bent over if that’s if that’s not a huge deal to you then you may look at doing the mid roof as well the high roof just has more vertical space so you have more shelving space your shelves are a little bit longer you also have more space up on top of

The bed whenever your bed is is raised a little bit so it just gives you more leeway having a high roof that’s a really big plus to to the high roof some people find that the mid roof has the perfect amount of space it has the perfect amount of leeway and they like the gas mileage and they like the control so it really just depends on you but i want to show you

What me standing up in the high roof looks like so this is me standing straight up in a high roof as you can see i’ve got plenty of space i can fully extend my neck there is still about five six inches above me that i have to go and so for those of you who standing up is extremely important this is kind of what it looks like maybe a recommendation for for those of

You who really just don’t know you can’t figure it out you may want to look at going just to a ford dealership and asking them if you can go check out their mid and their high roofs just to to kind of get an idea again a little bit less better gas mileage and a little less better control but much more space for standing up straight as well as more leeway on the

Bed i mean being able to store more stuff underneath while still maintaining a lot of space up on top of the bed platform

Transcribed from video
Ford Transit Camper Van – Roof Heights: A VanDOit Adventure Van Option By Vandoit Adventure Vans