Ford Transit Connect 2016 Blower motor replacement and Blower resistor replacement. @ Adams Garage

All right guys we’re doing a blower motor on a transit connect for transit connect 2016. we didn’t see any videos on youtube so we’re going to make one all right first thing you want to do is pull this cover off of here off the bottom of the steering wheel and column it just clips on see those clips and it looks like one fastener there then you remove the

Accelerator pedal right here 10 millimeter bolts and the connector on top if you look up here there’s the blower motor resistor right there you see it’s got a t20 torx you can unscrew that bolt and replace that we tried replacing that first it didn’t work if you look right there you’ll see that rounded part and i’m trying to get my phone up there there’s a

Little tab you got to push this tab to get the blower motor out one sec i’m gonna get a better picture of it all right so there’s a tab on the motor that you gotta press in right here so the motor is in there sitting like this connector down and that tab right there marked in yellow all right so when you’re ready to take it out someone has to push that tab and

The other guy on the other side turns the body of the motor clockwise see those grooves so tab in other guy on the other side turns the motor and pulls it out the passenger side i’m gonna go over there next okay we’re on the passenger side now and you can see we got the glove box out all right next thing you want to do is take this bcm out just push these tabs

Push these tabs down pull the bottom and it’ll pop out it’ll pop out leave it connected you don’t got to unplug these you don’t have to really connect those disconnect those you can leave those connected just pop these tabs and pull down put it to the side next the really hard part of this job is getting this cage off this cage right here on the passenger side

And you can see it’s got a actuator plug unplug that these are all t20s all right so there’s a t20 here down here t20 right there now it’s a phillips right now because we lost it we put a phillips back in it there’s a t20 there now the hard ones that we that we could barely get are behind here way back there and way back there and how we did this is i tried and

Tried to just use extension and feel for it i could not get it so what we did is we used a borescope so we took the boar scope here and went down on the borescope you can see the bolt you can see the screw and then we took left that there we see the screw took our extension and put it back in there and watched the borescope just make sure we’re on the we’re

Actually on the screw so again there’s one to get the top one to get the top one you need the long extension you need the long extension and the long t20 to get that’s how far back that sucker is and you can see where i’m at right there it’s back in there and then for the lower one for this lower one it’s really hard to get to so we also use the borescope it’s

Back in there use the boar scope to see the screw and then take this what we got here t20 extension back behind there so once you get that cage off you get those three bolts out three screws out take the cage grab it slide it out you have another guy on the other side pushing that tab and what you want to do what you want to do is this how the motor’s sitting

With that connector down and it’s going over there like this the guy over here grab the motor put your fingers down between these fins so you can grab the extra the body of the motor when he’s pushing that tab you’re going to want to turn clockwise turn clockwise and then boom it’ll come out same way going back in push it in turn counterclockwise to lock it

Back in once you get that far we used tape and we taped the screws to that cage on the hard ones on the ones in the back and then we were able to screw them back in but you can see on my borescope you can see right there that little orange piece of tape we just taped over the side so you still get the torques in just hold it in there enough or you can hold it

In the cage then that screw ain’t gonna fall out just a little bit of tape then you can use your bore scope if you don’t have a bore scope which most people don’t what you could do is take your torx stick it back in the hole there and tap tap it back and forth until you hit metal you’ll fill the metal verse the plastic so you tap tap fill that bolt and get it

In there it’s pretty difficult to do without a bore scope then once you get that done the hard part’s over and just put it back together have fun

Transcribed from video
Ford Transit Connect 2016 Blower motor replacement and Blower resistor replacement. @ Adams Garage By HOBO TALK