Ford Transit Connect Fuel Filter Replacement – How To

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Replacing the fuel filter in a transit connect this is a 2010 model and just at the back of the bulkhead here is the filter location so we have one screw that’s holding in the filter itself and then we have three pipes at the top that need disconnecting so the first thing i’m going to do is disconnect these pipes here so to disconnect these pipes what you will

Want to do is push from the back and then with a flat screwdriver as you see that moving out you will just pull that back and then press up so after you’ve pushed in from the back and then pull that out it is free to come out so that’s one disconnected this next one in the middle is there pushing button and lift up and lastly this one here has also pushing button

And lift up so you want to press in just that side there and then lift up to remove that the next thing i did was pull the hoses back out of the way so i just used some hooks you can use anything you want and after that it’s 80/20 so this head here is t20 i back that off a couple of turns which frees up this filter and i’m just gonna remove this completely out

Of the way and put the new one the next thing we do is just compare that the filter we got is the correct one so as you can see that is exactly what we wanted so what i do is i always fill up the filter up to the top and these cases so i’ve a syringe that i can i can fill it up with new diesel so that’s what i’ll be doing i would recommend that you do the same

To make it as easy as possible for the engine to start without starving and thing i’m diesel and it also shouldn’t be an issue but just make sure that you know which one which one is which that’s an outlet and that’s an inlet so you can see more clearly on this one looking of any concerns you can also look at the start of the video before they’re disconnected

To see which one goes where so this is the tool i will be using i have diesel filled in here and i have the connection on this side here which i will be able to connect to the filter so i can prime it up to the very top and it’s ready for install then afterwards if you don’t have something like this you could typically use a very very small funnel and put it in

Slowly or let’s just say a little joke or something like that that you will be able to pull it in but i would highly recommend doing that before reinstalling again i now have the filter primed i’m ready for reinstall so you’re just reversing order of how you’re moved it so first things first is put this back into the seat tighten up the torx 20 and then i’ll

Put the pipes on after that so all the pipes are back in place now i’ve also tighten up that screw and i have just wiped off any excess diesel that was around it’s now ready for a startup and the job is now complete i hope you found this video useful if you did please like share comment and subscribe and i hope to see you in the next one thanks for watching you

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Ford Transit Connect Fuel Filter Replacement – How To By Gerard Burke