Ford Transit Connect Limited L2 Detailed Walk & Talk Review

Detailed Walk & Talk Review of Ford Transit Connect Limited L2

Here we are for sale our 2018 on an 18 plate ford transit connect limited this is the 240 model which means it’s got the 2.4 ton gross vehicle weight this is the l2 long wheelbase it’s got the 1.5 tdci 120 brake horsepower engine in it which is of course euro 6 which i’ll talk you through in a little bit more detail later in the video what we’re going to do in this

Video is have a little walk around i’ll show you the spec which you get on a transit connect limited of this age is one or two optional extras on this particular van as well which i’ll talk you through and we’ll also look at the condition service history ownership as well seeing as this vehicle is currently available for sale so starting here at the rear of the

Vehicle we can see that we’ve got rear barn doors what i mean by that are two doors which open in that sort of fashion this color by the way is called magnetic it’s a lovely metallic gray color very very popular in the ford range one of my personal favorites also while we’re here at the rear you can see that um well i can talk you through some of the spec here

So on unlimited a number of elements are color coded and that includes the door handles certainly gives the van a more premium look if we look at the rear bumper limited will come as standard with rear parking sensors there nicely integrated into the rear bumper but this one has actually got a reversing camera which is not standard that is actually an optional

Extra from the factory so it’s very nice to see one with a reversing camera like this in terms of condition of course this is a used commercial vehicle so it’s not brand new they’re not used to go to the shops on a sunday there are a couple of small little marks on it which i of course will point out to you if you’ve watched any of my videos before you’ll know

I’m very very honest when it comes to um you know pointing out any blemishes at all and there are a couple of small little blemishes here on the rear doors i’m just pointing out there and there’s a couple just here that’s a little um mark there which has been touched in by the looks of it and i say just a couple of small little marks nothing um substantial but

As i say we like to point out anything which which i can see opening up the rear barn doors then you’ll see when you open up the rear bundles you’ve got this yellow button just here if you push on that yellow button that then allows you to open the rear doors to their 180 degree position and you can do exactly the same with both rear doors so simply push on the

Yellow button just there and then they open up right the way to the 180 degree position of course then this gives you maximum accessibility into the back and then this gives us a chance to look at the condition of the inside of the rear doors and these are actually looking very very good these sort of exposed metal areas here these are the areas which will show if

A van has had a hard life if this fan was um had been used for heavy work these sort of areas would be absolutely battered and of course you can see you’ve got a couple of little marks but that is looking very nice indeed looking in the back of here again of course you are going to get a couple of little marks here or there which is as to be expected but all in

All looking very good this one has got an led load light also nice to see and you get these plastic trims on the transit connect just there and this is the factory flooring it’s a sort of a plastic floor which you can actually take out if you undo the tie-down points you can actually take the whole floor out makes it much easier to clean so if you were to spill

Something on this you can pull it out give it a wash off and then get it back in the van but and it also acts to protect the floor as well we’ve got the factory fitted bulkhead just there and as you can see in the bottom left-hand corner we’ve got the load through hatch which i’ll talk you through in just a second when we go around to the side loading door and

As i briefly mentioned the tie-down points plenty of tie-down points in the back of here the bulkhead can be removed they are just bolted in around the outside so if you wanted to take that out that is easy enough to do if we shut the rear barn doors it will continue then to go down the passenger side of the vehicle and what we’re going to do here is have a look

Down the side use all the reflections and things of the buildings behind to see if there’s any marks ripples dents anything like that that i can see if there is anything i will certainly point it out to you but it is looking really clean and straight down the side of there i can see a little mark here on the passenger door and if you can see that but just down

Here a little mark just there i say it’s not particularly noticeable but as i say i will point out anything that i can see opening up with the passenger door then i say this gives you another aspect then of the load area and the factory fitted bulkhead and as i say this is where we’ve got the nice load through hatch so you simply give this a good pull uh it is

It it holds shut and holds open via a magnet so it magnetizes to the bulkhead and this is where you can actually load through then into the cab of the vehicle if i open up the passenger door i’ll just quickly show you a couple of bits in here before i show you that so looking at the passenger door card there that’s all looking in really good order excuse my

Shadow with my big gimbal and microphone and all the rest of it and if we have a quick look here as well we’ve also got some nice service history with the vehicle so last service here done in january 2020 at 17 996 miles and this is actually the bill uh to go along with that so you can see there january uh 2020 17996 and you can see here carry out 20 000 mile

Service with the oil etc which was done there so always nice to see a good stamped service book with the vehicle and having a look here at the dashboard all looking very nice we’ve got some transit connect overmats in here and then this is why we wanted to show you with regards to the load through so you’ll see on top of the seat here this little red tab if you

Give that a pull you can then fold the seat all the way down flat there’s a nice metal back on that seat just there and then as i say what that allows you to do then is load all the way through into the passenger foot well so even for a relatively small van you have a fantastic load length going through just there and as i say you can simply put the seat back

Up the headrest remains on the bulkhead which is quite quirky and as i say that’s as simple as it is to use you can even do it with one hand underneath here there’s a little handle if you give that a little pull handles just like so you can then actually gain access then underneath the seats and as i say if you wanted to load something there i guess you could if

You wanted to you can pull up the middle seat as well for a bit more storage and there’s actually a couple of usb ports in there as well and this is a good chance to show you the 12 volt socket which is just here and also the heated driver’s seat with multiple settings we put these seats down and then finally we’ve got another red tab just here if i give that a

Pull you can then fold the middle down just there which gives you a couple of cupholders and somewhere to store your paperwork as well i’ll talk you through a bit more of the spec when we go around to the uh driver’s side as i mentioned near the start of the video this van is euro 6 meaning you can go into the ultra low emissions zone areas such as central london

Without having to pay the ultra emissions zone charge very handy indeed as i also briefly mentioned earlier you get a number of elements which are color-coded that also includes the wing mirrors and the front bumper and again especially in a nice metallic color like this it just really sets the van off nicely and looking here looking at the condition of the front

It’s all looking really nice and clean actually it looks like we’ve got two new front tires on this particular van looking at the bonnet here of course you’re going to get the odd stone gpu over there but that’s all looking really really nice and clean there is a little touch in just there you can also see that we’ve got front of fog lights on the van and the 16

Inch limited alloy wheels as well having a quick look down the driver side then before we go into the cab again using the reflections there to look for any dents or ripples or anything like that it’s all looking pretty clean to be honest with you there’s a couple of i mean extremely minor outward dents just there but as i say that is really being quite critical

You’ve really got to get in the reflections to try and spot those if we open up the driver’s door then just quickly see if there’s anything else i can see it’s all looking pretty good another thing to mention as well we’ve got these nice three roof bars dima roof bars always handy if you want to load something longer maybe a ladder on the roof or something like

That and then if we open up the driver’s door here we can have a look at the conditioner and spec inside let me just grab this mat out of the way there so on top of the driver’s door we have electric windows you also have electric folding mirrors let’s get rid of this mat and then we have got auto activated lights and wipers you can see here that we’ve got two

Full remote keys with the vehicle as i say this one has got the transit uh transit connect overmats i know there is a little bit of wear in the floor here which i always like to show so there’s a little bit of wear just there in the floor but as i said previous owner looks to have covered that with a transit connect over matt what does it say we’re very honest

Here anything that i know of i will uh i will certainly show you a little bit of wear here as well just where you know usual places on a van where people have sort of been getting in and out of the van looking at the driver’s seat plenty of adjustability here so we’ve got height adjustability on the driver’s seat for backrest adjustability and in terms of condition

Absolutely spot on there’s no rips tears cigarette burns anything like that it’s all in really good order we’ve got the leather multi-functioning steering wheel on the right hand side here we’ve got the volume controls for the radio and also you can answer and hang up the phone and then on the left hand side you’ve got the onboard computer controls and that is

Up here in front of us in the middle of the speedo and that’s where you can see the mileage 31 382 miles just down to the left here we’ve got your cruise control very very nice to have indeed if you look just under here there’s a little hidden sort of button under there pull on that that gives you a bit more storage up there on top of the dashboard and even a

Little 12 volt socket if we jump inside the cab a bit cooler in here so looking at the nice screen that we’ve got at the top so start off with you can see that we’ve got dab radio we’ve also got satellite navigation on here very nice to find indeed if i put the van into reverse this is where you’ll see the reversing camera there lovely and clear great size on

The reversing camera as well in my opinion looking down here air conditioning which i can confirm is blowing lovely and cold on a nice warm day like today we’ve got heated windscreen that’s the actual elements in the screen not just the blowers and to go along with 120 brake horsepower engine 6-speed manual gearbox on a small van like this um 120 horsepower and

Six-speed gearbox is very nice to find and this van will go really really well for as i say a relatively small van that’s the sort of power that you we’re used to seeing in something a lot bigger like a transit custom or voxel vivaro something along those lines so to see 120 horsepower on a banner this size very very nice indeed this van is one owner from new

So just to summarize ford transit connect 240 long wheelbase limited with a 1.5 tdci engine 120 brick horsepower as a limited spec in the magnetic metallic magnetic gray lovely host of spec on a limited including air conditioning color-coded front bumper alloy wheels cruise control heated windscreen so on so forth air conditioning as i mentioned but also this

Particular example has the satellite navigation and the reversing camera as well and as you saw on the passenger seat there we have got some nice service history with the van and of course it will be going through our workshop as well before it leaves us if you’d like to inquire please feel free to give us a call on either of the numbers listed here at the bottom

Of the sign we can arrange finance on all of our vans starting as low as 7.9 apr and we can also take cars or vans in part exchange as well thank you very much for watching

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Ford Transit Connect Limited L2 Detailed Walk & Talk Review By Bridgend Van Centre