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Hey everybody welcome to southern motor company here’s a 2018 ford transit connect wagon now what makes this one a little bit different than some of the other ones out there like the one that we’re actually seeing pulling into the shot right now this one that i’m selling is a passenger vehicle that’s right this one probably can hold well let’s think one two three

Four five six seven people inside of it versus your regular transit like over there that’s more of a work van so anyways this one’s silver in color body’s in great shape on it it’s got a nice looking set of all season tires with plenty of tread so you won’t need to put tires on it any time soon mileage on this one is just around 154 thousand both sides of the

Vehicle open up with these back doors and i’ll pull them open here for you in just a moment it’s also an xlt package so pretty well equipped backup camera backup sensors all that good stuff and very spacious as well when it comes to interior cabin room let’s go ahead and open her up so we’re right now on the passenger side of the vehicle here in the united states

Of america and this is usually the side of the vehicle where people will be getting in and getting out when you’re pulling up at let’s say a hotel at the airport and things like that a lot of times people will buy these vehicles to use as uber vehicles or for your church or just a transit type vehicle for businesses and limousine services and all that but also a

Lot of people buy these just for their families because they’re roomy and they get good fuel economy if you got more than two kids but anyways very clean got the black interior cold ac a warm heater all that good stuff here’s the back there you go pretty easy to get in and out and everything is pretty simple on it for the most part nothing super super techy right

It’s just a basic simple ford transit connect wagon now for safety features it does have the blind spot monitoring system right there on the uh or the mirrors so it’s going to let you know if uh someone’s in your blind spot right which is nice and again it does have the backup camera and backup sensors back here so when you’re backing your car up you can see

Exactly what’s going on also it’ll let you know what’s going on if someone’s a little too close to you back there and there goes the other little ford transit they’re pretty popular vehicles you know you can also take the back seats out if you need more storage space and you can fold them down as well if you’re not using the third row now this one does not have

Like a power tailgate or any of those types of luxurious features that some vehicles may have the really the main deal to it is it gets seven people in and gets everybody down the road lots of cup holders and all that you got rear air and a 12 volt back here and up top you’ll see plenty of storage above your head let’s go ahead and take a look up front those

Second row seats fold down as well power windows power door locks power driver’s seat and again just as simple as can be massive dash you do have cruise control bluetooth all that good stuff all right and you just got to see it 152 615 to be exact on the mileage and it’s got a working horn there you go all right thank you for watching with us tonight here at

Southern motor company if you’re out there in the market looking for a ford transit connect wagon for the family for the business whatever you need for the church let us know we’re here to help you at southern motor company visit us online for pricing and more details and carfax smc i’m chad have a great day i look forward to selling you a car real soon

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