Ford Transit Connect | Van Tour

Ford Transit Connect Van Tour

Hello my name is christina with small vans big world today i’m going to give you a tour of this 2020 ford transit connect but first i’m going to show you around the outside of the vehicle here in the side windows we have the exterior lights to light up the campground and you have the store power hookup right over here moving on to the back we have the exterior

Lights on the tailgate the hitch down here for your bike rack wrapping around you have the another exterior lights here window and diesel fill up on the roof we have the skylight 100 watt solar panel and the dometic fantastic fan before we get into the van we want to make mention that this is the same layout as mr cedar and mountain blues we have not found a

Name for this layout so if you have any ideas of what layout best describes this layout comment down below and we will pick the best name and we will give you a shout out in our next video now let’s get in when you open the door you have the ice cove fridge right here it’s a dual fridge so it has a freezer and a fridge compartment these ocean blue cushions

Were professionally upholstered and we love the way how it looks in here we’re going to bring you over here as you can see it’s a little bit different layout from before this is the 120 outlet along with a 12 volt outlet with the usb as well here is the switch for your inverter this is to turn on the wii boost and this is to turn on the offshore hookup and

This is a meter for your solar panels and this is the heat pad switch for the tanks in the floor up here you will have the dimmable lights and on this side you will have the hooks and back here you have the control for the diesel heater over here is your overhead shelf where you can hold all of your window coverings or lightweight items for all of the windows

We have handmade custom window covers for privacy and temperature control the skylight has a window cover along with the side windows the rear doors the front windows and the windshield up here is your fantastic fan along with the skylight on this side now come around the back and i will show you the kitchen all right come on in i want to give you a tour of this

Beautiful kitchen i am super proud of this so as you can see we have this deep sea blue waves as the backsplash and of course this beautiful shiny butcher block up here we have the radio unit for the speakers on the back door push to open to have access to your upper cabinets what this client requested is a mount for her monitor so as you can see this is sturdy

Bracket for your monitor and you will have to plug it in on this outlet right here and then you can pull out this table and you can work from home anywhere on the road all of the drawers are pushed to open so all you have to do is push it and then pull it out over here you will have your propane stove you can put your propane stove top on this pullout table

And cook inside of this van or you can cook outside of the van another thing that we recommend is this low wattage water kettle in this door you have the underneath the sink storage another drawer here and in this door we have moved the electrical components in here daniel will go in depth later on you have the sink with the pull out faucet and right next to

The sink you have the water pump switch here we have the interior light exterior lights and the switch for the dump valve on both sides of the wall you have the windows you can open both windows to get that nice cross ventilation or open one window to have the cross ventilation from the vent to the window over here we have the night light with a usb port up

On the tailgate you have the speakers for your outdoor dance parties we also have the lights that you can use to light up the area when you’re camping outside and one important detail is that you couldn’t open the tailgate when you’re inside the van so we added this button so that you can open the tailgate while you’re inside the van here is the pull out table

You can sit down drink your cup of water drink your cup of coffee eat out here listen to the nature put on some music and just totally chill out in the back here underneath the bed you have storage containers that way you can make the most use of the space i’m going to show you how you can turn this sofa into a bed first get your strap ready unlock the platform

Grab your strap pull and put it down gently and you can turn the whole car into a bed now to turn it back into pouch mode simply reverse grab your strap pull it up and then push and there you have it back into pouch mode now daniel is going to give you a tour of the electrical and the plumbing system back at it again with the white vans let’s hop right into

It we’re going to go right back in here we have a super compact electrical setup with a 100 amp hour battery a 1000 watt inverter down here you’re gonna have all your fuses and your switches you’re gonna have a main shut off that is easily accessible right from here your fuses for your solar and your alternator charging and etc we’re not going to go into too

Much detail because i’ve covered that in other videos but we’ll show you some footage of that so as christina mentioned you have the water pump the interior lights exterior lights and then this is the gray water dump valve so as you use a sink there’s a two and a half gallon tank underneath this corner of the van under mounted and this button right here opens

The dump valve regarding more of the plumbing for your fresh water you have 14 gallons of fresh water we’ll show you where the gauge is for that on the other side door under the sink we have the filter for filtering your water and then also we have this fun little guy right here you can mount that to your glass turn the faucet this way pull this out and then

Turn on your water pump that builds up pressure and then you can leave it on as long as you’re not driving we recommend just turning it off while you’re driving but then you turn that on you can have an outdoor shower just like that right down here we have a couple fancy little magnetic carabiners that get attached to the metal in the four corners and then

From there you can actually hang a shower curtain or whatever the case might be for privacy and additional space back here let’s go to the passenger side door and show you a couple other things there so on the passenger side here you’re going to notice a couple things we can move this chair a little forward and then right here you’re gonna have storage nice big

Long storage for longer items and the all the cushions are mounted with velcro and then under here you can service your toilet it goes in and out of here and then down here you have a couple other items you have your fill port that you fill the tanks that are built into the floor fill that with a garden hose and then this button right here turns on the gauges

This one is for the fuel for your diesel tank and then this is the water for your fresh water we also installed a separate tank for the diesel it’s a 2.5 gallon aluminum tank then we install that in the rear right side corner of the van as in previous vans the diesel heater is underneath the passenger seat in the front right here you can take a quick peek at

It thanks for watching we’re daniel and christina if you’re interested in purchasing a van that we’ve converted you can go to our website and go to the what tab is it for sale the first sale tab and if we have any for sale you’ll see it there otherwise you can go to the let’s build tab and fill out a form submission so that you can build

Your next band with us let us know what layout we should name this van leave it down in the comments below yeah let us know what we should name this layout something that really describes the layout but is kind of catchy right and then we’re gonna name it that so let us know dude seriously this is so nice like freaking love it

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Ford Transit Connect | Van Tour By Christina \u0026 Daniel