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Hey friends i’m rick walker welcome back to the sst car show if you are in the market for a minivan but you don’t really want what everyone else on the block has you might want to check out this ford transit connect time for a test drive take a utility vehicle dress it up and load it with tech and this is what you get the ford transit connect this is an alternative

To the traditional minivan the ford transit is essentially a commercial vehicle it’s the kind of thing you would expect to see contractors driving but the platform is extremely versatile in 2019 ford redesigned this vehicle they loaded it up with current technology when equipped with seats like this you can put as many as six people into this vehicle there’s

A ton of headroom i went into this with kind of a utility vehicle mindset and that’s because they sell these as fleet vehicles and a lot of companies use them to make deliveries and they’re purchased mainly uh with very little inside very sparse so they can haul tools and cargo and things like that no seats in the back quite often at least that’s the way i

Have was introduced to the ford transit but when you pack it full of all these options and put these sort of luxury upscale seats in here and give it all of the bells and whistles and the the panoramic roof up top and the leather wrapped steering wheel and all of the other things that come with sort of a luxury vehicle suddenly it takes on a completely different

Personality our test vehicle was equipped with the 2-liter four-cylinder engine it produces about 165 horsepower it’s connected to an 8-speed automatic transmission power is adequate the vehicle is agile around town it’s easy to park it feels nimble even though this was designed as a utility vehicle the center of gravity is quite low so it handles quite well

Our test vehicle was the top of the line titanium edition just like the vehicle itself the seats in our test vehicle were just a little bit different they’re firm supportive and i think almost futuristic looking our test vehicle was equipped with hid headlights and led fog lights even came with rain sensing wipers and a backup camera ford’s sync infotainment

System is front and center this ford transit connect was also equipped with ford’s 360 copilot assist which adds lane departure warning and our model was equipped with active cruise control on this model we also got dual zone climate control the premium alloy rims are nice it also has power folding mirrors it’s versatile you can get tons of stuff in the back

The back seats do fold down closing the rear hatch is a little bit tricky it’s it’s long and it sits up high and there’s a lot of pressure there so you need to be a little strong to do it the thing i like best about this ford transit connect is visibility it has a huge front windshield tons of glass all around you it makes seeing everything very easy there is

Stability control on this vehicle so even on the highway if it gets windy it still feels quite stable this is a great alternative to a minivan if you have a large family if you have kids to take the hockey or soccer if you’re looking to pick up supplies at the hardware store take out the back seats and you have a ton of cargo capacity if you have a business but

You want to use this for personal use as well the ford transit connect could be for you maybe you’re an uber driver this could be the answer for you as well it’s reasonably quiet inside about on par with any other minivan out there overall we got an average of about 22 to 23 miles per gallon during our test week depending on how it’s equipped the ford transit

Connect is priced slightly higher than some minivans but it’s in the ballpark and it is a cool alternative this isn’t a vehicle that will appeal to everyone but the ability to take the seats out and use it as a cargo vehicle or to keep the seats in and carry as many as six people the low center of gravity its agility the fact that it handles a lot like a car

All of these things make the ford transit connect a quirky unusual alternative to a minivan but it is a practical alternative that will appeal to a niche group of consumers turn back the hands of time with antique chevrolet parts since 1971 we’ve been sourcing parts from around the world to help you restore and maintain antique chevs no sa tail fins we have

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