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Ford Transit Medium Roof Camper Van Tour | Hotel On Wheels

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In todays video we take a tour of this beautiful ford transit camper conversion. This originally started life as a passenger van and has been converted into a rental van by @ recreate outdoor a rental van company in livermore CA. This Van was given to me by National Parks NFT please check them out below and show some love. Enjoy the tour!

All right welcome back my name is stephen aldaco and today we’re going to give you a tour of this super sick ford transit medium roof build so before we get into the tour i have to give a very quick shout out to the national parks nft community as well as recreate outdoor which is the rental van company which let me borrow this super sick build for me to show

To you all as well just to enjoy here in sequoia national park so a huge shout out to them let’s take a tour so first let’s take a look at the exterior of the van it is actually very stock everything about the exterior appears to be stock which is great if you’re going to be doing any sort of any sort of stealth camping with this van so this is the transit 350

Xlt which means it’s going to be able to hold the most payload but this build is pretty minimal i don’t think it weighs all that much but it’s nice that it is a 350 so if you’re carrying a lot of gear while you’re borrowing this van you don’t have to worry about that and it also has a little tow hitch in the back so if you’re planning on bringing like a bike rack

Or any sort of gear you can definitely tow it with this vehicle the exterior of the van is very clean there’s no bumps or dings or anything like that so it’s really nice to see that from a rental van the moment you’re all been waiting for let’s hop on the inside of this van so like i mentioned earlier this is the passenger variation of the van so because of that

We’re still going to have the ac unit that’s hooked up so if you turn the van on you can run the ac no problem and you can keep it very very cool in here which is an awesome awesome feature if for whatever reason you don’t want to run the engine of the van you can also have this really nice fan which is mounted onto the bed frame here and that’s super awesome for

Those really really hot days the other great thing about this fan is that it’s powered by this external little power outlet here which is hooked up and it this little power outlet has two usb ports and it’s a simple on and on switch and all the cables are running into the back to an external battery which connects to the alternator which runs while you’re charging

Which is awesome in addition to that you also have this beautiful butcher block countertop right here and this has a foot pump with a sink and the sink is actually pretty deep so you can definitely do a little bit of dishes in there or brush your teeth speaking of brushing your teeth or getting ready for the day there’s also this really handy little mirror here

It looks like it was from a car or something like that but it’s big enough to do what you got to do and it’s been really handy and the nice thing about this too is that it’s mounted onto the bed frame so you don’t have to worry about it going anywhere in addition to that you also might have noticed see how the bed frame is kind of metal comes right here there’s

A fan but then there’s also these really handy hooks so you can hang up your wet clothes or you just want to let something dry for a little bit you can do that so here’s the sleeping area and the bed is about 4 10 across and it’s about six two going top to bottom and what they included here is super nice so you have your option of like this kind of wool blanket

And this is a weighted blanket or just some sheets if you want to rest in some sheets if it’s a hot day and what’s really cool is that on each side here you’ll see that there’s a little bit of a light so if you want to read your book or whatever you can do that at night and there’s also this really handy uh mount for your phone so if you want to like just mount

Your phone here for the night or if you want to watch a movie while you’re just about to go to bed you can do that on either side which is awesome as far as privacy is concerned we have these really really nice fabric window shades and they simply untie like this and they go all across here and they’re blackout curtains so you really cannot see anything when

You’re looking in even though there’s just windows on the outside so as far as headroom is concerned i’m about 510 and i’m just touching the very top of this here so if you’re any taller than that you’re definitely gonna have to like shorten your neck down a little bit but it’s really not too bad the disadvantage of course with the mid roof is that your standing

Heights a little bit lower but the advantage is your gas mileage is a lot higher so pros and cons it’s it’s a tough decision if you’re like in the market for a van but if you’re about five eight five nine you might be able to get away with just having the medium roof van on this side of the van here we have a very simple bench and this bench can be easily removed

In and out and what’s nice is when you rent this van they ask you are you how many people are bringing because they have the attachment points to bring add in multiple seats so you can add in two more passengers back here including the driver and the passenger so this here is the arb fridge it’s super big i think it’s 35 quarts or so cup holders up top and in

Here there’s plenty of storage space so this is actually a fridge freezer so the bottom level can be a freezer and the top portion can be a fridge if you like i just have it set for fridge and yeah it worked out really great and it was able to cool in just a few minutes after i turned it on uh up here you also have those really nice curtains which kind of just live

Up here and then when you’re ready to go to bed you close out the blackout curtains and you really can’t see anything from the outside and then up here i thought this was really handy especially here in sequoia this is a mosquito net so you can put that across here or in the back and the mosquitoes won’t get into your van which is really nice so one more thing here

Underneath the van there is a ton of storage space so you have storage space for whatever you want to bring all of your luggage and then underneath here there’s three shelves which are mostly empty and you can kind of store whatever you want underneath there so there’s plenty of storage space for all of your gear so here is the foot pump which controls this little

Spigot here and this is what i wanted to show you earlier it’s the gray and clean water tank so all of your plumbing is in there no problem you don’t have to worry about it you just let it run to the sink and you’re good to go so let’s head out to the garage of this van it’s super nice so like i mentioned earlier this is the transit 350 model and the 350 model

Allows you to take more payload with you so if you stuff a bunch of heavy gear in there it’s not really going to weigh down this van take a look at the garage area and ford has these really nice locks so you can lock the doors in place so they don’t go anywhere um they also have the option for the 270 doors which go all the way to the back these are not that but

That’s okay so underneath here this is what comes supplied with your van so this is towels i believe so you got a bunch of towels for whatever you’re gonna do with that uh this really nice table um so if you’re gonna cook out if you don’t have like a bench like we do here you can use the table and then this is the coleman two burner stove and i’ve been using

This a lot to cook and it’s a really nice stove it’s better than the one i have and it’s done the job extremely well so i may have to upgrade my stove to this one when i get back home in addition to that it has a third burner in the middle so if you want to do something that’s going to take up both plates or if you have a big hot grill you can do that with this

We’ve got two camping chairs and in addition to that this is the cooking setup here so this cook setup comes with everything you need it’s got pots pans for four people coffee cups french press so everything you need to cook all this one little compact space i love that it’s all in here and then when you want to wash dishes you can wash dishes on the inside which

Is spectacular absolutely love that so as you can see there’s a ton of extra space here so if you want to throw in some inflatable kayaks or i don’t know whatever you’re going to bring paddle boards skateboards a bunch of camping gear it can all fit in here no problem and i really like this back area here just to leave it open so if you’re just taking a rest up

Here you can just enjoy the beautiful views that are out here so let’s talk about this bed frame a little bit it looks like it’s made out of steel which is really really strong and it’s welded across here for structural support and then there’s additional cross bars maybe two or three going back in the middle there’s a little bit of wood to divide the two spaces

Which is really a good idea to save on weight instead of having a big giant steel beam running across this mattress very comfortable i slept like an absolute baby and i did not want to wake up this morning but this appears to be four or five inches of foam memory foam i assume because it was so so so comfortable so it looks like we have this steel framing again

And then underneath and then behind that we have some plywood which works as support for the mattress and it feels very very strong and supportive so that’s the back of the van and i just want to answer a few questions i’m sure that some of you might have when renting this van or if you’re going to rent any van of this caliber the first thing is the gas mileage

So i really tried to baby it on the way here and we got about 16.5 miles per gallon and that’s loaded as it is here with the bed frame and everything like that if you have more gear obviously that’s going to affect that i was able to get that much miles per gallon because i really kept my speed around 60 65 sometimes 70. if you’re driving kind of like normal

Speed 80 i expect to see a significant decrease in your miles per gallon probably getting around the 15 uh range with this setup here now as far as just driving this thing around town it feels like a big minivan it’s really super easy to drive there’s a camera up front so you can navigate into parking spaces pretty easily reversing is super easy and the big giant

Mirrors that are on the ford transit make it easy to turn lanes and what’s nice again about having the passenger version is that you have those windows so you have that visibility out through the rear windows and the side windows when you’re changing lanes it makes it super easy to drive i mean i really can’t think of anything bad to say about this setup here the

Only thing i can really say is that maybe it’s a bit short for those really tall people so if you’re like six four or six five it might be a little bit more difficult to stand up in this thing obviously but laying down you’ve got like six two worth of space so maybe if you’re over six two and you’re solo you can sleep diagonally and still make this van work if

You’re doing like a solo adventure again i just want to say a huge thank you to recreate outdoors for loaning the van and of course thank you to the national parks nft community right here because that’s the only way i was able to get this van is because i won the raffle by entering their nft community so if you’re into national parks and you like are join their

Discord or check them out on twitter and i’ll leave the links down below for that and thank you guys so much for watching i hope you enjoyed this tour make sure to like and subscribe for more van tours and if you have a van that you want us to tour send me a message directly through email and we’ll get back to you especially if you’re in the southern california

Los angeles area let me know otherwise take care thanks for watching we’ll see you next one peace

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Ford Transit Medium Roof Camper Van Tour | Hotel On Wheels By Stephen Aldaco