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Fords NEW F150 Lightning Will CRUSH The Industry

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Ford’s NEW F150 Lightning Will CRUSH The Industry!

Industry smooth swift and simple these are   the kinds of things that come to mind when one  envisions themselves behind the wheel a ford’s   renowned f-150 lightning since its introduction  four years ago it has been america’s favorite   demand the 2022 ford f-150 lightning on   the other hand is swift fun to drive and

Highly  adaptable it’s the whole micro kit and caboodle   this new ford f-150 lightning will definitely  destroy the competition do you want to know   more about ford’s new f-150 lightning what makes  it so special want to know more well stay tuned   with future central and subscribe to our channel  as one of the most anticipated

Vehicles for 2022   the lightning had a long waiting list the 2022  ford f-150 lightning could be the most important   electric vehicle since tesla’s model s with up  to 563 horsepower and 775 pound-feet of torque   a base price of around forty thousand dollars and  the ability to tow up to ten thousand pounds as   well

As power your house now let’s talk about its  specifications first the exterior is designed to   look like a regular f-150 the 2022 ford f-150  lightning’s regular appearance is one of its   head and tail lights a front and rear light   bar a closed off grille a charging door near the  front driver wheel and the truck’s rounded

Edges   improve aerodynamics but for the most part it’s  just another f-150 on the road that simple design   may not sound appealing but it is a different  approach to appeal when compared to tesla cyber   truck or the hummer ev even the upcoming chevy  silverado ev appears to be distinct from the gas   powered model that

Is not the case with lightning  that’s probably why it only took ford about three   and a half years to go from i wonder to we want  that’s not to say ford simply swapped out an   engine for a battery and a few motors a lot of  changes occurred beneath the skin and more on   that when we get to the performance however the 

Average person might not notice lightning parked   site ev performance 60 miles per hour in about   pounds when it comes to trucks the performance   also durability and towing capacity and all   of those categories the 2022 ford f-150 lightning  shines brightly ford also claims to have put the   lightning through all

The same rigorous tests as  its gasoline-powered sibling resulting in four   tough the 2022 f-150 lightning has two motors one  between the front wheels and one between the rear   wheels for power this configuration results in  a standard 4×4 drivetrain across all trims the   dual motors and the heavy 1 500 pound battery 

Mounted beneath the floorboard lower the center   of gravity this reduces body roll when cornering  resulting in a smoother ride the lightning has   numerous costs facts and figures there are four  trim levels available from ford pro xlt lariat   and platinum they are priced from around forty  thousand dollars to nearly one hundred

Thousand   dollars each trim includes two battery options  the smaller 98 kilowatt hour battery provides   230 miles of range and 452 horsepower with 775  pound-feet of torque an insane number while the   larger 131 kilowatt hour extended range battery  for ten thousand dollars more increases range to   320 miles with 580

Horsepower and the same 775  pound-feet of torque for the record the popular   ford raptor has only 450 horsepower that type of  electric oomph according to ford should propel   the lightning to 60 miles per hour in the mid 4  second range it certainly felt that way during   fastest cv truck on the market as the rivian  

Can outrun it in a drag race but it scoots ford  used a military-grade aluminum alloy to create the   body this is mounted on a new frame designed to  house the 1500 pound battery and all the wirings   for an electric vehicle this massive power pack  raises the truck’s weight to six thousand to   seven thousand pounds making it

Heavier than the  current f-150 the extra weight could make the ride   more difficult to compensate ford equipped the  lightning with independent rear suspension for   the first time an f-150 history ford has added  a skid plate underneath to protect the battery   and motors making it a worthy off-road vehicle  ford protected

The battery with a waterproof   housing with crash absorption for off-roading  shady construction sites or dropping a boat   into the lake anyone who has dropped their phone  in a pool or puddle of water knows how damaging   a truck the lightning has some exciting news   for those looking for a truck to tow their toys 

With the extended range battery pack the truck   can tow approximately ten thousand pounds and  haul approximately two thousand pounds in the   with other reliable towers such as the gmc   sierra ford’s intelligent range is yet another  brilliant move the harder it works as with all   battery-powered devices the less efficient

It is  ford 4 saw this range of anxiety and hauling and   towing by utilizing sensors and cloud-based data  if you spend your weekends hauling your gigantic   wakeboard boat from your cabin in the woods to  the lake the lightning has you covered fill in   the trailer information on the 15 and a half inch  vertical touchscreen

Enter your destination and   the truck will use that information along with  current weather conditions and route elevation   confident that you’ll have some lake time and   be home in time for your lobster dinner without  having to charge the driver can choose between   four different drive modes normal sport off-road 

And tow haul using either the 12-inch horizontal   screen on the pro and xlt trims or the massive  15 and a half inch vertical screen adjust testing   the drive mode like most vehicles changes the  characteristics of the vehicle including how much   energy it puts back into the battery especially  during downhill tow haul sessions

Charge times   you buy the extended range battery for your   2022 ford f-150 lightning ford includes a ford  charge station pro and home charger or you can   buy one for one thousand three hundred ten dollars  if you have the standard battery with this charger   you can charge your truck from 15 to 100 percent  in 10 hours

And if you can find a level 3 charger   you can charge the lightning from 15 to 80 in 44  minutes in an emergency that same level 3 charger   can provide 41 miles of range in just 10 minutes  that’s a lot more time than you’d spend at the gas   station to get the same range but that’s a part  of the deal with an ev the interior

Is notable   for its spacious cabin massive touch screen and  abundance of outlets the cabin of the 2022 ford   f-150 lightning feels identical to the gas powered  model when you open the large door you can easily   step up to the inviting perforated leather seats  the tall roof excellent visibility and panoramic  

Sunroof made the cabin feel enormous there is  plenty of headroom and leg room in both the front   and back seats ford’s foldable center console  table for working is another notable feature   the drive selector collapses into the console with  the push of a button and the large armrest flips   open like a book to double the

Workspace this is  ideal for storing a laptop laying out documents   or storing your lunch bag in your truck while  you picnic no ev would be complete without the   iconic frunk or front trunk which we adore this  storage space popularized by tesla makes use of   what is used to house the engine and all of its  associated

Parts ford claims that it can fit two   to one checked bag and ford claims that the   lightning you buy will improve over time thanks  to cloud-based ai over-the-air updates and user   feedback tesla pioneer this type of ownership and  experience and ford is simply advancing it sure   and chevy silverado ev but it is believed

That   the f-150 lightning will maintain ford’s position  has the best-selling pickup truck in the industry   so that was it for today we hope that you liked  our video and if you did please give it a thumbs   up and make sure you let us know what you think  about the ford by leaving us a comment below and   say bye

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Ford's NEW F150 Lightning Will CRUSH The Industry! By Future Central