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This tesla is known all around the internet for destroying a quarter mile drag race so today we’ve brought the ultimate competitor a v10 formula one car okay john standing quarter mile f1 car versus tesla are you ready yes okay let’s go three two one how’s so that tesla is so quick off the line the traction is unbelievable i was sat there just wheel spinning

Waiting to get going you absolutely went and left me and but then like this v10 engine just went at the the second half of the run and and we kind of finally finally got there but i was a bit worried for a while the test was really impressive for that the first half of that run it beat it so we’re not only going to test a standing quarter mile we’re also going to

Test a rolling quarter mile a 0 to 100 and back again and also my favorite the moose test and i’ll explain that more later this tesla model s p100d has 671 horsepower and 950 newton meters of torque it has two electric motors one on the front and one on the rear with all the bells and whistles this model costs 130 000 pounds this formula one car has 770 horsepower

And around 520 newton meters of torque it has a normally aspirated v10 engine and a six-speed paddle shift gearbox this benetin only weighs 520 kilograms giving it a power to weight ratio higher than current f1 cars okay so next up i’m going to do a talk test right everyone tells us how much talk those teslas have got do a talk test against this so up to 40 miles

An hour get to the start accelerate as hard as you can and we’ll do a rolling quarter mile john i think that was even more of a win than the last time right very pretty i got a better start that time less wheel spin what i think we should try next and this is where i think actually the tesla might win is uh zero to 100 miles an hour and back down again so the

Traction of that thing um is going to be absolutely brilliant i know the teslas are really good on the brakes as well and i’m going to be traction limited uh as i pull away so we’ll see we’ll see which one wins three two one i i expected you to win that hardest i think i’ve ever broken in the car in my life so it’s pretty scary but also really good i actually

Thought we would get to 100 miles an hour and you would still be ahead of me but actually that point where we switched over where this got some traction and started to to get going was uh was a bit earlier than i expected so i was already coming past you right and then and then we got on the brakes and i saw you whis down there so probably won that by 20 or 30

Meters i mean we are comparing a formula one car to a tesla so i mean this is built for absolute performance and you uh i mean you get to work in that every day don’t you if you want to come and drive some of these incredible cars make sure you subscribe to the driven channel we’re going to be inviting some of our subscribers to come and drive these amazing cars

And compete in these drag races so make sure you hit that subscribe button alright then john so on to the moose test i think the tesla might be pretty good at this but we’ll see you’ve done this test before where do you reckon we should start what speed do you want to start at 55. okay well you go first and then i’ll make sure that i can match it this is a moose

Test so called as it’s designed to test a car’s ability to avoid obstacles basically you incrementally increase the speed until you can no longer make it through the course ah that looked easy john that tesla you can see the weight but it it rebounds quickly it deals with it really well yeah once you come out it straightens up very quickly uh john how much have

You got left what do you want to go to next i’m feeling pretty confident in this f1 car so i’m going to jump straight up to uh to the next challenge i think i’ll probably do 65. all right john 65 was easy for me i did 65. you have a go at 65 see if you can do it is that it okay john did that was that on the um on the stability control did it feel like it was

Sliding as you went into it but it didn’t feel like a slide okay john you got through it 65 that’s really good you can see the weight in the car as callum said before but it looks like it deals with it really well i’m gonna try 75 this time okay i did 75 then and i got a bit of understeer in the second part of it the problem with this car aside from the tyres

Not being uh not being warm is that it’s just so stiff you know it isn’t designed to do these kind of short corners you know you need a big grand prix circuit like silverstone to really get the most out of it so this test is actually quite difficult for a car like this what are you going to try next john uh i guess i’m going to try it at 70 and see how that goes

He’s getting confident look he’s flowing it from the back it’s on the brakes oh you’re on the brakes you cheat three cones okay john how fast was that do you think it would go any quicker i mean there was a slight slide on that maybe a little bit more okay creep it up by five okay john have you got something against those cones i’m gonna try 80 miles now

All right john that was 80 miles an hour i got a bit of understeer and i don’t think i can go too much quicker actually because the fronts just don’t have the grip you want to find out what wins in a race between this vauxhall courser with two engines and 1200 brake horsepower and this ferrari 488 pista click here

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Formula 1 Car v Tesla Model S | DRAG RACE By Driven Media