Forza Horizon 4- Infiniti Q60 Concept -Drift Build

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Yo welcome back lazy here in this episode we’re going to be building and street drifting this the infinity q60 concept and this car is actually pretty interesting so yeah let’s jump in and check out the customization options all right so the first thing i want to do is i want to check out the engine swaps so it’s got a stock r35 engine and i want to keep that

In it i’m going to leave it rear wheel drive and oh yeah we’re going to go with the wide body this time i didn’t know this car had a wide body until i started building it for the wing they’re both adjustable so i’m going to go with that one it looks better over the forza wing ah for all the wheels gonna go up to race seeing as it’s winter in the game we’ll

Just go over that i’m going to leave the front tire with where it is but i’m going to bring the rear up yeah we’ll go to about there and for the rims i’m really not sure so let’s just have a flick through here first and see what we can find see they look alright but it’s not really what i want no i wish i’d like add some new wheels or rooms to the game oh

They look good yeah they look good we’ll go with them uh so there’s no size or track width we’ll go through and we’ll just max all this out also don’t forget to like comment share subscribe or awesome stuff it’s much appreciated cheers moving on to here we’re definitely going to need upgradeable brakes and drift suspension and it drops it a little bit but not

Much i’m going to max out the sway bars we’ll come back and do the weight reduction last and we’ll just go through here and max all this out honestly i’m not sure what it’s going to get up to i hope it’s going to be a little bit because this car is a little heavy yeah we’ll go with that no yep i think that comes stuck with twin turbos sweet go with that and

The cooling so that gives us 8 out of 810 horsepower and 706 foot pounds of torque that’s not bad once the weight reduction goes on it drops it down to 2800 almost 2900 pounds huh oh that can work i’ll work with that sweet now let’s jump over and check out the paint options all right so with this being a concept car there’s gonna be no paint yeah so let’s

Have a look through here and see if we can figure out what to go for and it doesn’t really suit yellow it really suits green so i’m gonna go with green let’s have a play around with the flips a little ah bring that down to about there and we’ll just darken it up as well actually that might be a bit too dark let’s bring this up make it a bit lighter there we

Go that’s the one we’ll leave that where it is we can’t paint that for the wing i’m thinking gloss carbon yeah and for the rims i’m gonna go with matte and go with the matte white and go with white something a bit different and brighten that up yeah there we go wow this actually turned out pretty decent really decent sweet so the tune we’re going to be using

Today is available to download here is the information now let’s go rip this thing uh so sweet so this thing rips it’s actually pretty fun but that’s it for the video for today thanks for watching stay safe and i’ll catch you next time laters

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Forza Horizon 4- Infiniti Q60 Concept -Drift Build By LazyDaysPlays