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Forza Horizon 5 Audi E-Tron GT Audi RS7 Sportback Lynk & CO 03 Gameplay | Series 12 Cars

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This is the Forza Horizon 5 Series 12 Cars, Audi E Tron GT, Audi RS7 Sportback, Lynk O3

Rs e-tron which i think turban you want to read to the screen and just take out and run off with quite a hero car in the hurricane of series it’s it’s on the poster and um it’s it’s just it’s just loads of fun to drive because like all evs it’s just talk it just goes yes yes well i went past one this morning which was like 15 years oh nice over yeah this is a

Beautiful card i’ve seen a lot of great like players really really excited about it uh it’s a actually made in the um it’s got it’s made in the same factory as r8 which i think is super cool i’m a big fan of the r8 one of my favorite cars and it’s got an amazing engine um the it’s actually a concert car that has been in avengers end game as well which is pretty

Cool for that um so famous owner not in the fight scene or anything iron man is the celebrity owner of the week that’s a very good celebrity owner and i think we can top that yeah nope we should have stuck so i’m really hoping that people just like go all in on the red and the gold paint jobs whoever gets that done first i’d say yes what’s it like to drive there

What’s it like when we’re out here um i’m going to call it uh uh five out of seven ryan reynolds okay very good i think that’s a fairly strong ryan reynolds counter yeah absolutely what’s it like around corners well i mean you have to you have to like drift corners because that’s just how it works um so i mean i’m i’m really enjoying it it’s really responsive it

Picks up really nicely it breaks really nicely stock um which is i mean everyone likes upgrading cars but it’s also really nice when you get into something stock and you can just like yeah just go off and just drive it and have a lot of fun with it isn’t the case with a lot of colors stock um but i mean the stuff that we had post launch we tend to like tune it

So that when it lands it’s gonna be really good at kind of it’s archetype yeah fair enough wonderful um so this is the one that’s part of the all up there was 80 points for the whole series right yeah so the next car we’re going to be looking at is the 2021 audi rs7 which is an autumn seasonal event what can you tell us about this one while uh tobin loads up so

This one has a great engine 4 liter twin turbo v8 uh it’s great it’s a different comparison so we just had the electric car now we’re going to the combustion engine and this is got a very beautiful like coupe-like design but it does have the five doors and it’s not 60 and 3.6 seconds so just a tiny bit more than the the each one which we’ve just so much is i’ve

Not 60 in 3.3 seconds so it’d be interesting to take them like against each other see how that yeah any celebrity owners we know for this one or is it no point in comparing because we said iron man we’ve already said iron man once today so no more celebrities need a ride um also i mean by the same manufacturer yes it’s a combustion engine um but the performance

Is is absolutely delicious stock right good kind of handling into corners and i mean my my kind of my kind of my default way of going around corners is like this yeah i i can’t win races because i see the corner and and i drift the corner and then i will often do this and fly up into the butt i mean exactly it’s nice to see that we drive the same way though tall

Then the the hills they they call to me from the cliff’s in the trees stunning right and last but not least is the third new to forza reward car and this is the link and co zero three plus which is available in winter i did spot it earlier that lovely shade of yellow i have to say um no not that i buy it i’ve never been a fan of yellow actually um what would you

Say about this one what’s interesting about this it’s a really interesting fact it’s actually a swedish chinese brand okay you wouldn’t kind of put them together for a car brand it’s a quite big in tcr so touring car racing and if you take it to the upgrades you can find a really cool wide body kit for it oh nice recommend doing that when you get it in the playlist

It’s very nice it’s an interesting shape i do like the look of it yeah i thought it would be an electric car um but just with a modern oh i could see that yeah it does it this is me sort of showing my um my child lizard brain that i have the front of it i like saying which cars look like they have faces and this one that one definitely has a face it does it does

I don’t have anyone has any other better facts than me saying it looks like it’s got a face on it but what’s it like to drive talking um a little bit heavier i think stock um squirrels a little bit more a little bit you’ll understand it maybe going to look at some some roll bars and stuff on it just to just to tighten that up as you upgraded potential i don’t

Absolutely i mean uh it’s got real love it looks really fun and anything with a anything with a combustion engine in it can do really good things with it really cool that we’ve got three new cars from 2021 lots of modern kind of vehicles coming to the playlist absolutely i know that’s not the case for all the cars we have our show today but i can’t wait to get

Behind the wheel of those three in particular especially the e-tron and speaking of audi that’s what we’re gonna do now sorry for the joke we’ll be back later in the show to talk about the remainder of the horizon road trip update including new body kits but first we’re gonna send it back to leah to hear from some of our favorite people

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Forza Horizon 5 Audi E-Tron GT Audi RS7 Sportback Lynk & CO 03 Gameplay | Series 12 Cars By AZRZ GAMING