Freestyling in the NEW Honda Civic

Freestyling in the NEW Honda Civic. The new rocket league car is here, and over the past few days I’ve been trying to go for clips in the honda civic, while also just recording moments on stream, it’s been an interesting one, hope you enjoy!

So recently with the release of season 8 came the new car in the rocket pass the honda civic this is something i know a lot of people were looking forward to and so i traded out and messed around with it for a day or two that’s the test oh no look how much it sticks in the ground man no way oh it’s not that bad i guess oh wait the back of it oh yeah you’re

Right it’s nowhere near as bad as what some of the dominus ones look like it feel it feels long man it actually is like a long car i think it’s because of the front normally octane hitboxes oh no even then the the panic is a long front it feels like it feels kind of uh hybrid but i don’t think it is right it’s like it’s octane it just feels very strange like it

Feels kind of hybridy oh actually the box isn’t that bad oh i mean the front hitbox i should say it’s not bad i can definitely see it being used yo what’s going on guys thank you just wanted to say that all the clips are taken from my stream i stream every single day at standifex so come and join us live and if you haven’t done so already feel free to

Subscribe to the channel anyway enjoy the video look at that boost oh the power honestly i like the hits on it it’s kind of clean however one bounce and then i go up we get a reset go what what where where is my musty how do i cancel it so badly what is wrong with me okay maybe give me a shot here just depends on this first touch oh it’s decent sounds about

Right bang all right this car is insane what’s that what’s that classic squishy title oh he has nothing unlucky hit no boost he couldn’t yeah he’s young there’s a rule that was introduced me by jesse called cup we’re at the first cup you get in uh when you shoot is the very middle cup you have to take your pants down until you get another one but if you don’t

Get any in for the rest of the game they say now for the rest of the party the very first ball i threw was middle cup so the first thing that like wait thank you please give me too much time all right all right up the sidewall when i block him yeah okay no i don’t know if they know that story oh no there’s another one we broke we broke our ankles in a very

Literal sense you in a hospital my god the passing place send it chevy that’s right sorry little one john james touch baking uh where’s the possession on me unless also damn maybe a breezy or something here all right actually i know what i’m doing oh it’s a challenge no oh i can get this oh something about this calf is nice can’t quite tell what it is

Just feel like the movement is clean and we’re going to go get shots at the bar and olivia’s like oh yeah can we get 40 kilo shots forty four dollars half it oh wait never mind i don’t know australian dollars new zealand dollars not australia to be fair soft like has like the best whenever she’s drunk like she can’t because it can smile i don’t think her face

Just like droops i’ve also can’t believe anna’s not here tonight it stopped my foot oh absolute led crazy supporter you have a girls trip some more like we’re going out to a winery you know like it’s not necessarily led led led we’re going out to the pubs every night you know yeah that’s exactly what i do yeah you have a thriving social life one to go so many

Points are on the line uh ladies and gentlemen i apologize to those you who bet hundreds of thousands of points but it’s not over yet athena hello what huh i was i was in the middle of something i was just doing something there we run up with athena

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Freestyling in the NEW Honda Civic By Thanovic