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Freezing Car AC Liquid line Solved

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Uh good day this is dr cool auto fix today again i have a very interesting addition which uh i kind of want to show you guys uh prior to what brought this video here is why does my discharge line stop freezing why does my discharge line start freezing where are the discharge lines oh the suction line okay from technical standing point i’m gonna be giving you

Guys the tip which i’m gonna be using to resolve this problem today i have it on a mondo and uh i’m seeing a lot of things that is going a little bit crazy right here so a lot of you guys who have this kind of problem gonna be going oh what’s going on with my car look at me right there it’s freezing what is going on and i’m gonna tell you guys how to be able

To solve this problem today if you have encountered this problem before your scene is freezing there’s a suction line there above the discharge line so there are a couple of things i can actually make it if suppose yes is this one that is freezing up oh probably the suction line that is freezing i’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to be able to solve that

Problem that’s what you have wow inside is as cold as mud and uh i kind of like like it you know since i bought this car it’s been quite a while that i did it that actually uh i haven’t got the ac fixed before so it’s the first time i’m getting the ac working if you look at it right here let me try to create some you can see right in low right there and i’m

Certainly to be pointing at the driver face and the speed is just at the middle so now let’s get back to the let’s get back to the hood let me tell you how to be able to solve this problem if you have this problem there’s a lot of things that can actually cause it first is 4f okay here you can see right there i can still see it right there so here at my suction

Side i think when you have this kind of problem that might now you can see that they okay the first thing i wanted to do when you have this kind of situation here i just created this scenario so i can be able to lecture you guys the first thing right here if you look at my pressure gauge set right there you can see that the refrigerant right here is pretty much

Done it’s supposed to and the car can feel that right there so you can see that the pressure is higher than it’s supposed to so i want you to reduce the amount of refrigerant you have inside the system when you’re troubleshooting this kind of a problem if that doesn’t solve it then i’ll be right back okay right inside right now i could actually tell but there

Is a lot of air coming through here but it’s not as cold as i expected so i am confident there is a moisture inside this system and within that region where the moisture is that is where it’s actually uh kind of freezing and wouldn’t allow the allow the liquid refrigerant to pass through it so i’m going to put on the ac off and let it cycle for some moment

Let me get back there sometimes also a sticky expansion valve or a blocked orifice tube can actually cause it now shut the system down and waiting for the system to equalize you can see the compressor has stopped i just shut the system off and the fan has stopped seriously for putting magic on this car guys okay if you have experience you’re having this kind

Of issue maybe like this there’s every chance that the space between your shaft is too bad and it’s going to get the clutch for a burn so we’re gonna increase the space right there now quickly i’m gonna turn it back on i’m gonna get that get it back on because i don’t want that clutch quiet to burn i’ve actually given a tutorial about this before the gap

Between the clutch and the pulley has to be very reasonable and if it is too much it’s a problem if it is small is a problem so let’s go ahead and look at the suction line again the discharge line and see if it is still freezing as it was previously wow right there now let me take you guys to my gate you can look at it right there it’s going crazy so system

Overcharging can cause that freezing right there because the refrigerant is not flowing supposed to go inside the system is too much so right now i’m going to be reducing this and take it all the way to around 150 that should be just fine because the next moment is gonna start freezing up right there again so you remember what i told you poor air flow is going to

Cause it moisture inside the system is going to cause it what i’m talking about for airflow is going for airflow across the uh evaporator then system over charging can actually cost it also and as a result is going to be having a poor cooling performance so right now what i’m gonna be doing right now is i’m gonna shut this guy down as you can see the compressor

Is on i’m gonna shut this guy down then go back there and see what i’m gonna do so when i reduce it i’m gonna show you guys the difference when the system is working very hardy and when it’s uh overcharged because i can see right there you can see my compressor the pressure line uh reacting right i don’t want to get it blown out so i’m gonna shut the system

Down right now although it’s decoded inside but it doesn’t watch the squeeze the juice doesn’t want to squeeze so i gotta i gotta let it go until when i get the refrigerant because uh i actually obviously honestly i didn’t look at the chart before i started getting this uh system charged up so i’m certain that i’ve all added to it way a little bit over than

It’s supposed to so but i’m actually doing it in order to be able to show you guys what happens when you overcharge the system for old models so i’m gonna shut it off then i’m gonna shut the fan off then i’m gonna shut the car down so in some cases here for the older system okay i’m still watching it to see it’s gonna equalize now i’m getting the realistic

Reading that i’m supposed to have got in the first place here you can see the static pressure the atmospheric condition right now is cool there is no too much sunshine so when there is no too much sunshine i am not expecting any static pressure above 100 psi g on the high side as much as on the low side so i’m pretty much sure that’s the second confirmation that

There is more than uh enough refrigerant inside the system then the last one for most of you who stayed down to this very point is going to be restriction so i’m going to be needing to replace that evap expansion valve it’s not letting enough liquid get inside the system the way it’s supposed to so there is a poor cooling right there and uh i’m having a lot of

Freezing right there on the discharge which is not supposed to because when there is a restriction inside then it creates some sort of a back effect to start cooling even before getting down to the evaporator but as for this very moment right now because uh this system right here i do reduce the fan level down to the lowest up to lot like one and why the system

Is really cooling the way it’s supposed to i’m expecting the system to do a shell cycling and it’s not doing recycling so within this very case if yours is not doing initial cycling when you reduce the fan almost to the lowest then there is every possibility for the liquid line to start freezing up then also if suppose it’s not doing your cycling and there is

Little to no air right there on the suction little to no air across the evaporator core then automatically it’s gonna start freezing up on the suction line now repeat if suppose maybe for most of you have old model cars maybe like say 93 models and uh some of those systems some of them could be having a electrical fault where the system the the thermistor

In the evaporator is not instructing the ecu on what is actually the activity going on on how cold the evaporator is and if the ecu have no idea to be able to create a short cycling uh procedure then the return line the return liquid refrigerant that’s supposed to be creating some sort of uh a some sort of uh wetness on the suction line is gonna increase more

And when you increase more what’s gonna happen then that is why you’re going to have a situation where the suction line is not freezing up right but right now you see as i show you in the video is actually the discharge that’s actually freezing which i actually told you it’s a restriction the restriction is possible moisture inside the system is possible because i

Realized i actually put a vacuum inside out of this system but i never replaced the accumulator you can look at it it’s so old right so you need a replacement so guys now that you know how to troubleshoot and fix a car that uh are the suction line is freezing up or the discharge line is freezing up kindly subscribe to my channel as a way to support me to say thank

You for the bringing you this permission free of charge that’s gonna save you a lot of money because it’s not even just about you knowing it there are a lot of mechanics out there who don’t understand how this thing works and who will not understand what is going on so you’re gonna end up changing one part to another and you don’t even end up solving the problem

But right here i just give you the whole fact right there and don’t be right on you so you can be able to use it and solve your problem so if you have any further questions regarding ac or any car problem car related issue you can drop me an information right here sorry a comment below this video description i’m gonna catch you guys later because of the cooler piece bye for now

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Freezing Car AC Liquid line Solved By Dr Cool Auto Fix