Fuel pump replacement 2004 thru 2008 Ford F-150 crew cab

Fuel tank removal for a 2004 through 2008 Ford F150 Crew Cab all Crew Cabs have to have the fuel tank removed because you cannot access the fuel pump by removing the bed and I would remove the tank on all extended cab or regular cab trucks instead of taking the bed off especially if you’re working by yourself

Okay today i’m doing my fuel pump on my 2005 ford f-150 it is a crew cab model on all the crew cabs you’re going to have to pull the tank uh it’s fairly easy job i thought it was going to be rough but it it was easy a lot easier than pulling the bed back when you’re working especially when you’re working by yourself anyways i uh get a little history on the truck

It’s got 215 000 miles i was on the freeway and i tried to accelerate hard and it just seemed like it was starving for fuel it was shutter and falling you know falling on its face well i get back to the house and i get out of the truck truck still running i hear this slight grinding noise coming from down underneath it around the fuel tank so i when i open the

Gas door and i pulled the cap and i put my ear down here and i could hear inside the tank the pump was making a a slight grinding noise it was it was going bad i mean 215 000 miles it’s pretty much a maintenance thing at that point so what i did is i got the car garage and uh i got ready to start taking i figured i was gonna take the tank out um so basically

Why i’m doing this video is just to give you guys an idea of what i did to get it out if you guys could streamline it awesome you know what i mean uh don’t beat me up too bad about this i’m doing what i can i don’t do videos anyways uh what i did is i disconnected the battery first thing and then i chalked the front tires blocked them up then i came back and

I lifted the back of the vehicle and i put jack stands underneath the rear axles and got the tires off the ground about four or six inches and then after i did that i came over here open the gas door and i took these three seven millimeter screws out and then i took a stuff two small flat blade screwdrivers and i there’s a tab here and a tab here i put the

Screwdrivers in there and i pulled down on them a little bit and when i did that i was able to rock the top of the fuel door back and get it out of the way and then after that i came down here and this the fuel uh the line for the tank was connected here with a clamp and it was connected to the hose for the tank with a clamp i was able to get to this clamp

Clamp was turned like this i loosened it up with a seven millimeter i got the clamp back and i was able to get this to come down some because it was still connected to the hose it was still up you know it was tight tight in there i couldn’t get my hand in there to uh take my seven millimeter ratcheting box wrench to loosen up the other clamp because the other

Clamp was in this type of position up in there it was turned this way and it was facing upward so what i opted to do at that point was i took off this pencil bracket that is on the bed and i loosened up three 13 millimeter bolts and i took the bracket right out of the way then i was able to get my hand up in there with the seven millimeter and loosen up that

Clamp get that clamp off and then what i did is i took a flat a large flat blade screwdriver and i worked it in between the the metal tube and the hose and i slowly started loosening it up i’ll show you out here on this i started loosening it up and i worked around there until it come it was loose i didn’t want to do it too hard because i didn’t want to rip the

Hose well at that point what i did was i i grabbed this and i just gave it a tug and it it came right out of the hose so that was a good thing the vent tube was still connected to the tank it’s a metal line and then it goes to a rubber hose and then to the clip that holds it to the attachment to the tank right here okay i’ll get to why i cut this in a minute

Anyways i got underneath the truck and i took two ratchet straps and i put the ratchet straps onto the tank uh from the frame to up into that part of the frame hooked it on and i ratcheted it up i did two of them both one in the front of the tank one in the back snugged them up and didn’t tighten them too tight but i did snug them up and then i came back here

And i disconnected the evap canister line here and then i disconnected the fuel filter and the other evap line and then what i did is i was looking at it and i noticed that if i undid these straps and try to get them to swing down it would hit the shaft so i had to pull the drive shaft and then i just brought it to the ground and pushed it over as far as i

Could as far as it would go off to the side but after i did that i noticed i could sit between the exhaust and the tank sit up and i could see just about everything up there so what i did at that point while while the tank was still in place that i had my safety straps on there my ratchet straps i uh uh loosened up the ratchet straps i put a jack under the tank

And i took these straps i took these straps down took them down i got them to swing and i was able to turn it and get it down get it out of the way sorry about the camera i’m using a cell phone you guys so it’s gonna it’s not the greatest these iphones anyways same with this one loosen it up it was no longer hitting the shaft i could get it up and get it out

Of the way okay once i did that i put the floor jack underneath the tank and i started i lowered the tank a little bit about three four inches and then i could see every i could set i sat back up in between there and i could see everything the top of the fuel pump and all the connections to it and everything this line right here is the uh vent vent for the fuel

Tank i can move this around and turn the the the fitting and then this here this comes off of the uh a sensor on top of the tank it’s the fuel pressure tank transducer sender sensor excuse me and then i would usually all you have to do is you push that down and pull it back it comes right off this one is on the fuel pump itself what you have to do is you have

To push this tab down and push that lock that way and then you can push this down and slide that back okay well anyways before i did that like i said i lowered the i lowered the tank about four inches and i was able to do it now the reason why i cut this so i could show you guys on video this is my truck i can pretty much do what i want with it it’s just a vent

Tube so i’m gonna put a 3 8 barb fitting in there a couple clamps and it’ll be fine um when i was in the underneath there and i could see on top of the tank i could wiggle this around i took a small flat blade screwdriver and i pressed against this and this come off so at that point with my fuel lines disconnected which this one here has a a tab in the center

You pull it back and then you push this section of the tab this way forward against it and it releases the fuel line the evap the evap the same way you push this in i had to squeeze it with pliers because it’s pretty rigid and it pulls off the evap these uh fuel lines are pretty expensive from the dealer so you don’t want to break them tabs because you can’t

Go you can’t go to the hardware or auto store and get tabs anyways it’s a pretty simplistic design under here i mean there’s not much uh hindering it but once i had this disconnected i had this plug disconnected from the tank that had the clip the lock and then you push down on it pulls off and then for the gas the fuel tank pressure transducer sensor you

Push the tab down pull that back that frees all the harness up like i said there’s there’s enough room on that harness that you could lower that tank on them on the ratchet straps and let it hang there and uh access everything up there to disconnect this disconnect this and this and then this here is the evap line which i disconnected underneath the truck i

Showed you on the back by the back axle you press down on it and it slides over and it releases anyways uh it didn’t take it wasn’t it didn’t take much at all uh the only thing i’m going to do before i reinstall this is that i’m going to drain all the fuel out of the tank and try to reach in there and clean the tank out if i can what what i can reach it’ll be

Good enough for me and then this way when i reinstall it won’t have it won’t have a little over a quarter tank of gas in it because it was pretty heavy bringing it down uh i’ll probably do another video on the reinstallation uh but like i said i just wanted to give you guys a quick note of what i did and uh what you guys all got to look forward to it’s not a it’s

Not a real hard job when you reassemble it in case i don’t do another video when you reassemble it the rear drive shaft the torque specs on are 76 foot pounds the tank strap bolts which are these are 35 foot pounds now my mistake was when i took these down i didn’t pay attention to that and notice that one was slightly longer than the other so i’m gonna have to

Figure out which one went to the front strap which one went to the back strap so you guys if you guys doing this pay attention to them to them two bolts and where they belong uh what i’m gonna undo the ring with is i made a spanner wrench at work i got access to a metal shop so i made a spanner wrench that will hook onto the ring and allow me to smack it with

A wood mallet or a dead blow hammer and get that off you don’t want to use a metal hammer because like like i said you’re working around gasoline so because yeah i still can smell gasoline right now to break that ring loose and then i mark the ring so that i knew which way which way it went so i reinserted it it would go back onto the same tabs and it tells me

Which way is up uh on the tank itself there’s an arrow here and on the pump there’s an arrow here’s the new ford oem pump i purchased from a place called next gear auto parts they’re on they’re in east point michigan off of eight mile road and they give me an oem ford pump for 89 off ebay free shipping so that that was pretty nice uh like i said it’s just not

Much to this you get those lines disconnected without breaking them tabs and you get this evap line disconnected and you disconnect this line you disconnect the harness and that tank will come down out of there nice and nice and easy it’s not a hard job at all don’t be afraid of it don’t be intimidated by it what i’m going to do though when i reinstall it before

I reinstall the tank i’m going to take this evap line off of these two fittings and i’m going to install this first and then bring that up because this will have to wrestle around with this thing and then i can just connect these two lines back up and this hose right here uh when i was letting the tank down the frame was set here and it was kind of bumping the

Frame just holding it up a little bit so what i did is i just all you had to do was slide the tank over a little bit and then it was enough to get this to clear and they come right down no problems uh anyways like i said i’ll probably do a video on the assembly part of it uh like i said i’m working by myself and i’m holding a cell phone so i’ll do what i can anyways good luck guys

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Fuel pump replacement 2004 thru 2008 Ford F-150 crew cab By Skidoo rider