Full 2023 Sequoia TRD Pro Review – So Much More

My 2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro review covers styling, price, passenger space, cargo space, technology, safety, tons of features, and much more!

Do you hear that the hills are alive with the sound of sequoia that’s right i’ve got the 2023 toyota sequoia trd pro i’m jeff teague i’m in the hills of georgia right now getting ready to go to destination outdoor off-roading festival we’re going to be taking this bad boy but first i gotta know more because here’s the deal we’ve got a new all-new next-gen sequoia

We’ve got five different trim levels sr5 limited platinum capstone and trd pro what i want to find out is is this one off-road capable is this one luxury we’re about to find out sequoia trd pro for 23 starts at 76 900. it’s available in four different colors ice cap that you see here then we’ve got solar octane magnetic gray and midnight black and when this vehicle

Was first revealed i knew instantly it was going to be a hit that i was going to love it to me this is the best redesign that i’ve seen toyota come out with since i’ve been affiliated with toyota vehicles in 2005. it’s just beautiful look how tough and rugged look at those lines and then the back yes we’ve got to look inside but first we’re going to juggle some

Halloween candy this one here is going to have the black interior with the red stitching and you’ll see red stitching all throughout the interior cabin it’s a common theme we’ll see my friends panoramic roof what and then what do we have over here trd pro seats holla trd pro max massive 14 inch screen hey smells i bet you slice into the woods 100 bucks most of

You know this already but sequoia is all hybrid for 2023 this next gen it has the iforce max you’ll see this also on tundra hybrid tundra i force max it’s a twin turbo 3.5 liter v6 engine with electric motor power sizzling power 437 horsepower and 583 pound-feet of torque the other thing is look how cool this accent piece is here trd pro standing proud just in

Case you might have forgotten what this is boom in your face this is matched with a 10 speed automatic transmission it’s smooth between zero and your top cruising speed doesn’t matter if it’s country road city street or highway smooth baby we got to talk about that suspension that’s right we’re going under we’re going deep deep undercover here trd skid plate with

The red lettering love that then we’ve got this f o x fox suspension right here that allows for the most wheel articulation it evens out the bumps on the roads helps you get through obstacles and it’s smooth on the road f o x as a matter of fact let’s get an even better view here you’re a genius jeff we got it on a hill now so that you can see much easier than

Way i had it look at that the front end shows that we have a full assortment of lights it’s a laser light show well maybe an led light show because we’ve got boy those are bright led headlights right here and they wrap all the way around to the side led daytime running lights and then led fog lights as well you’ll see it has parking sensor in the front it’ll also

Be in the back we’ve got a camera here for our multi-terrain monitor so we can see all the way around lots of angles that we can see i’ll show you that and then the ground clearance sequoia ground clearance normally is 8.6 inches trd pro 9.1 the other thing you’ll want to see as we work our way around here it’s so wide it has marker lights right up top the toyota

Grill and then we’ve got a light bar very cool really cool then we’ve got this visor right here along with that camera at the top of the windshield that’s for toyota safety sense to point five so what’s going on with these wheels and tires well first of all they’re 285 65 r18 they’re falcon wild peak all-terrain tires nice beefy nice chunky dig up that grass and

That mud when you’re going through the trails spin it up in here well on your over fender right here we’ve got technical camo as you can see right here then we’ve got these 18 inch matte black and red trd wheels bbs forged told you how do those look now just take a look at this profile how mean how tough how rugged it is it’s cool enough that you want to tumble

I’ll tumble for you i’ll tumble for you look at this right here we’ve got this nice distinct line that goes from the back all the way to the rear passenger and driver doors then up here sculpted chiseled like adonis like hercules like zeus and then we’ve got another but again it’s harsh in your face type lines add to a very aggressive already styling now what do

We got now combine that with this harsh line here and this harsh line here you have an extremely aggressive profile doesn’t it look like you’re just ready to take it to starbucks or target or the trails yeah of course the trails got this trd running board we’ve also got underneath the side mirror and the other side mirror in the back we’ve got cameras they’re

Going to represent that model inside with a crystal clear picture we’ve got turn signal indicators and blind spot monitor right here then we’ve got some gloss black accents going up the side but look at this pan a roof nice rack so how did that trd exhaust sound pretty pretty bullish right pretty throaty pretty grizzly like it’s ready to go are you ready to

Go all right so take a look at this now we’re popping the glass we are not power vertically lowering it like you can do on forerunner that’s not happening but the benefit is you can load your gear in your groceries in whatever you want to sports equipment put it away and then we’re done we’ve also got backup camera we’ve got a backup camera washer are you kidding

Me and then sequoia one of the only words in the english language that has all five vowels i counted them five here’s a question does sequoia have the hands-free power liftgate you better believe it does rise lord there arise and then this will be a good indicator that this is where you’re supposed to be kicking by the wi-fi symbol right there similar to what

You see on the side doors of a toyota sienna it’s got backup sensors right here look at that t r d exhaust baby it’s hot what do you think of the back end now we have to make the best use of storage space right so we could use this flexible adjustable storage you can put it up here you can put it in the center you could also put it right down here so you can

Adjust where you have it you can also just put it right here into the floor as well now let’s look around and hear a little bit more i’m intrigued by these buttons who wouldn’t be then we’ve got power source down here led light let there be light remember the battery pack goes down there so let’s just see what we can do with the third row storage all right so

Here we go now we open up there is a hump right there look at that though we can adjust this six inches forward six inches back that’s kind of cool so you can at least be a little flexible with how you’re going to do your storage things like that we also have the second row seat tumbled for you it’s tumbled for you so we can take a look back here and see what

Your setup might be probably a few ways you could go with that i’ll let you be the best judge the best judge now this is one of the limitations just don’t have somebody six foot five sitting in the third row keep them in the first two rows but yeah you are compromised with height i’m five foot eight there we go right there i have a good amount of leg room back

Here probably because i have shifted the seat like that backward i can also shift it forward six inches or two inches or three inches whatever i need to do to give more room and then what do i mean by that well i can if i can reach shift this seat forward a little bit a lot whatever you want to do that one tumbles the seat you’ve got sun shade there can you see

It it’s right there and then i don’t want to do it this way but i might where is that right here yeah there we go so we got a sunshade that does go up to block out the sun i also like that it has usb there for people who need it i also like that we’ve got usb ports nice for toyota looking out for the back seat folks and then down here we’ve got it hidden in

This little storage pocket it’s out of the way but a good place to charge usbc and then let’s see what else we got cup holders there nice deep ones oh just like that love that screen love that roof as far as the backseat space plenty of leg room reminds me of a crewmax tundra in a way a little bit compromised on headroom here this is five foot eight but we can

Recline it a little bit and that’s going to help if you want to recline even a little bit would maybe give you a couple more inches and who doesn’t want that so then we’ve got pocket right here seat pocket seat pocket can’t do that captain chairs right and then we can tumble it forward just like that one of five different national parks light up on the screen

Just like on tundra look at that we’ve got that panoramic roof that extends all the way to the back we could even open it a little bit more so it does open up the whole part of the front glass just like this that’s a great accessory to think about and then here we’ve got nice comfortable soft seating very comfortable actually look at the pattern you can see the

Camo behind it’s in the second layer behind we’ve got jbl sound system lumbar support power driver seat this is a good place for sport bottles not particularly big in diameter but they can fit a taller one you can fit some hand sanitizer in there i’ll bet since someone already did that and then not hard touch but not soft a little bit softer this one’s just right

We’ve got power folding mirrors like that we’ve got memory seats like that there’s your light bar all sorts of goodies here heated steering wheel you have then we’ve got oh sport pedals all right leather wrapped steering wheel it is not a power steering wheel gosh look at this digital rear view mirror you can either have the normal view or you can see from the

Camera out back unobstructed view of the golf course or a traffic it’s really nice you got to get used to it but it’s really nice and then in here we’ve got a console couldn’t fit my snacks if i’m joe rady i’m finding out will i zonk it yeah i watch brady i love rady so you can fit this here probably a twinkie maybe a 20 ounce mellow yellow whatever you want maybe

Even personalized snickers or kitkats that’s not rady’s accent but i did my best all right look at this we’ve got the toyota accent piece here i love the red silhouette behind super cool a call back to toyota heritage so this is four wheel drive we can control that we’ve got two high four high four low you just push it down and move your selector now let’s start

Talking about our different drive modes we got drive modes tow haul mode multi-terrain select downhill assist control and crawl control i hope to use those this week for sure there’s our shifter of course it’s trd just like trd john sort of like that this is a good time to show you the backup camera we can look at different views in front of behind how about along

The sides we can do that sure and then you could also have it on our mode matter of fact let’s do that let’s go up this hill here see if we can get an angle going oh yeah look at that so that shows us when we’re on the trails what we can actually do let’s back down i’m backing down from this fight sweep the leg johnny up top here we’ve got safety connect and

This has up to a 10-year trial now along with service connect on 23 sequoia toyota just released that information so that’s pretty cool stuff then we’ve got mirrors lighted with a slider just like that the other one i really like is the locking rear differential that can help you get out of an obstacle because both of the wheels are turning on the back axle at

The same revolution doing the same amount of work we’ve got our trailer so you can add a trailer this is a 12.3 inch digital display so let’s let’s go back and then you can set up different pieces of information about your vehicle i’m going to scroll through that real quick to show you and then we can set up all of our safety features like blind spot hello a

Road sign assist a rear cross traffic alert then we’ve got the red trd button break then we’ve got push for auto hold brake hold and a traffic light electronic parking brake that’s where your wireless charging goes and then we’ve got look at this heated and cooled seats and then you’ve got three zone temperature controls as well let’s just look at a couple so

If i did siriusxm i could do the pulse or i could set it up by genre whatever i wanted to i can get information about my vehicle and then i can do set up your personal information you can have selected drivers primary drivers toyota user there set up your devices all that jazz sound and nav of course and look it covers the whole screen i like that thanks for

Watching everybody let me know what you think of sequoia of trd pro what trim level have you found from your research is the best one for you are you on a waiting list for one how’s that going what have you heard from your dealer and then just give me your comments hit subscribe to join my channel and also i’m on instagram and tic tac doing pretty weird things but

That’s toyota jeff reviews and i appreciate you all thank you see ya

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