X2 2022 EMV

The track 2 spot for call card holder’s name what you want to do is space backspace erase cool we don’t need that there it’s not important information for here what you want to put is your mastercard credit or whatever you got if you got visa credit put visa credit if you got visa debit it don’t matter but just put it here make sure it’s capital letters mastercard

Credit this right here this you don’t touch this this will change depending on the type of card if it’s a visa it’ll say that it changes by itself come over here click the omni key come up here and choose the aid the aid for visa is 310 for mastercard it’s 4 10 10. you’re good to go country code is zero eight forty for the united states i’m not sure what the

Other country codes are for other locations but i know for america it’s zero eight four zero and your country code is the same as your currency code so as long as you got that you’re good to go your pan come over to your dump find your pin five eight nine eight five eight nine eight boom expiration date change date so here you want to put your expiration date in

But you want to put it year first then month so 23 0-3 and then you want to look on the calendar and see how many days are in that month let’s go here to march march march has 31 days so you put 31 here the effective date doesn’t really matter you could put it there if you want to uh or you you don’t you don’t have to so copy that paste that here and with the

Effective date what you want to do is go back in time four years so that would be 19. so effective date is essentially four years from the card it’s expired so boom with all that done click credit the omni keys start blinking blue and let you know when it’s done boom complete a job good to go all right so now what you want to do is go over here to your ist files

So when you buy a card and you buy software you got to make sure that you buy it uh depending on what you’re trying to do with it but make sure that you know the bin that you’re getting in the ist that you’re getting so if you buy for me i’ll give you a whole bunch of ist files i already got this one open but you get a whole bunch of ist files basically for the

Type of cards that you have so ours is a capital one platinum credit put the ist file here come back here copy the track two track two goes here same thing as before carhole is namespace backspace we don’t have it it’s not important boom erase card holder’s name application label mastercard credit boom discretion click that what you got to do is go back to emv copy this discretion

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