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Full Tour 2017 Ford Transit Mid Roof Passenger Van

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After two weeks camping in the bigger van, here’s how I set things up and here’s how it’s going.

Good morning youtubers today i want to show you and give you a tour of my van this is a 2017 ford transit 350 passenger wagon i took most of the seats out so i could use it for a camper van i did leave these three seats here behind the passenger seat and the driver’s seat in hopes that the dogs would use them to sleep on and luckily they do the dogs like to sleep

There and then i left this little one here just because it’s cute and nice and it’s right by the door and i like to sit here in the evening now i have strapped on here just a little tiny futon cushion that i can use for a backrest or a pillow or all kinds of things down here i have the all-important baggies i’ve noticed when you have a dog or three dogs you need

To have baggies right by the door so you can get out and grab a baggie because you know you’re going to need a baggie in the back here i use the plastic shelving unit that i had in my smaller van for the bed on top of that i’ve got i’ve got a four inch futon and a two inch futon and the dogs have these cushions from uh they’re actually from a lawn chair and on

Top of that i’ve got towels i put them on here with rubber straps and that works pretty well catches a lot of the hair and dust underneath i got water i got 18 gallons of water under here i’ve got a marked tap all fresh and i have some more water bottles outside that i call rain when i catch rain water then i put it in the bottles okay here i have we’ll start

At the bottom dog water dog dishes tie downs for a zero breeze i’ve used it a couple times when it got really hot and you can also use it for a fan you can also use it for a little heater if you need to okay under here i have i have a dust buster you know one of those little bitty vacuums and then this metal shelving unit is all tied down with these ratchet

Straps and the cool thing that i’ve done here was just use plastic boxes put stuff in cardboard boxes here i have a microwave that i thought i would use all the time and you know it turns out i haven’t really used it that much but i have it in case i want to make something yummy to eat although i have lots of yummy things to eat it’s just they don’t need to be

Microwaved now on this top shelf i just used some old shoe boxes fill them with stuff put bungee cords in the front oops and when i want to get into one of these boxes i just unhook the bungee cord right here okay and i put it down in there and then i can just pull these out like little drawers so i have one for bath i have one for um i think i have some food

In that one i have some food in this one here this is just a little thing i use when i eat cereal in the morning and in this box i have kitchen utensils up on top i got the dog’s food all bungee cord up here this i wanted up top because if any little rodents get inside the van i don’t want them eating the dog food so that’s why it’s up high then i have a bowl

Here a giant bowl look at how big it is anyway it served its purpose it’s a great place to just grow stuff you know put stuff that you don’t want to get dirty and um i can use it to wash i can use it to do dishes i can use it to um just any time i got water that i don’t want here i got a bowl i’ve got two solar panels that fold up here on this side they are

Connected to zoom inside here take a look they’re connected to a petron 3000 and let’s see what it’s reading right now if you can read it it’s at 93 that’s the number you’re looking at the 93. um it’s pulling 88 watts right now and as you can see it’s kind of overcast so that’s not too bad it says this other number here this 2.3 that means it’ll take two hours

And two hour 2.3 hours to fully charge this up um with the sun the way it is under here i’ve got backup jackeries they are backups for my refrigerator back in here i’ve got more storage and under the bed i’ve got storage okay i’ve got my powder room i’ve got a bucket here full of clothes i put clothes in plastic bags and then put that in that bucket i also

Use this bucket for my bathtub this bag holds the ducts for the zero breeze and then your skins you can see the water under there i made reflectix coverings for all of the windows and i tie it with a couple shoe strings i just roll them all up i have another roll here of the front windows that i don’t use as much but it is so handy to have these because they

Are good for insulating when it’s cool outside here’s what i used to keep them up in the windows i just took old bottles and cut them up the thicker plastic works well better than the regular milk bottles which i originally had oh yeah one of these with regular milk bottles um they’re not a stick so i like the thick ones i was using some little pieces of um a

Laundry detergent bottle but i found that they are just they smelled good at first but they’re just kind of overwhelming after a while that smell just doesn’t dissipate from those laundry detergent bottles so my best ones have been um almond milk bottles and yeah i think that’s been my best so that’s the reflectix in front of the front passenger seat i like

To have my cooler i keep towels on top of it to insulate it this is a dometic cf-18 and i make sure that all of the the vents are not covered so it can breathe i’ve had it for a couple years and it’s been really good for me i power it with this energy kodiak which i charge with this solar panel i used to have this mounted on the top of my little van i could

Reach up there and clean it very easily but with this bigger van i just didn’t think i’d be climbing up there to clean it so i leave it out here this way and it’s working fine i’ve got one of these little fold up rv mats it’s kind of made out of plasticky stuff and oh the ants like to walk around on it see if they can find a crumb uh and i haven’t folded up right

Now so it just fits where i want it to be i anchor it down with rocks and also i’ve got this part anchored down with of the dog fences um because the uh sometimes when the wind comes up it kind of grabs it but this works behind the bed here at the end i have a pop-up shower tent a fold up table and this is the folded up helio nemo which is a little shower

Camp shower has a little hose and a nozzle and you pump it with your foot works well behind this little chair i put my sleeping bag and some bedding that have rolled up here and that works fine i’ve got two books with me this summer i’ve got the message bible which is fabulous you really get to understand what god is talking about like for example let’s

See here i’ll show you one that i’ve been reading right now it says um it says say only what helps each word a gift did you ever think about that everything we say is a gift to that other person or to that dog or to that tree and it says don’t grieve god don’t break his heart isn’t that cool and then it says be gentle with one another sensitive forgive one

Another quickly and thoroughly as god in christ forgives you oh sweet the other book i have is favorite hikes in flagstaff and sedona this is by cosmic ray and it’s it’s a nice uh nice guide to some local hiking back in this corner of the three seats i just have bags of dirty clothes bags of jackets and warmer clothes i have um let’s see oh i’ve got these

Sheets that i put up over the windows if it gets too hot i found that works really well better than the reflectix the reflectix seems to make the window glass really feel hot but when i hang these cloth things outside with magnets um that seems to keep the windows cooler which is interesting only thing about the sheets is that if it starts to rain you gotta race

Out there and grab all the sheets whereas if you got the reflectix on it you’re inside and you’re they don’t get all wet so let’s see what else well i have this curtain rod which i can put across the top up here from here to here if i want to block out the cockpit part and i did that one night when it was kind of cold and yes it does it does keep it warmer in

Here finally i’ll show you here how i keep the dogs from getting up in the front part of the car i have some rolled up towels right here and on the other side and then i have a board here that i got out of my small van and i don’t really need these little blocks on here but they’re really glued on here and screwed on here really tight so i’m leaving them but that

Will keep the little dogs from you know getting up under my feet and stuff while i’m driving and i always keep a squirt bottle of water handy for everything oh that’s just it’s the best and back in here i’ve got uh clean towels and let’s see that’s just about it i’ve got an umbrella here i use sometimes and ah the best part i love this minimalist lifestyle i

Love just having a few things and just a few things to maintain a few things to keep clean oh my goodness it’s just wonderful and the best thing about it is listen to this can you hear anything that’s it the quiet that’s what i love i love the quiet i’ll see you again it’s the snowbird gardener signing off from the ranch jesus loves you bye-bye

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Full Tour 2017 Ford Transit Mid Roof Passenger Van By Snowbird Gardener