FULL TOUR Insane Overland RV USA made PAUSE by Palomino

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What’s going on guys so i am still out here at the elkhart rv dealer show still looking at forest river products and look what i found this is called a pause this thing is super super cool now you guys are probably familiar with another brand that has an rv that looks extremely similar to this but this to me is kind of game changing especially considered it’s a

Product that’s manufactured here in the u.s so guys we’re going to take a closer look at this thing hang tight i’ll be right back foreign something loud over here and if you’re wondering what it is they’re not slamming doors or anything they’re dropping something on a sidewall watch you’re about to see it or a component they’re demonstrating this the strength

Of their sidewalls so this is pretty cool and with me i have uh dylan dylan dylan what’s going on dylan yes so not much here yeah glad you guys could join us and see the pause yeah and before we get into this we’re going to take a pause and we’re gonna see what this is all about so tell us a little bit about about what’s going on here yeah so basically this is

Actually a cut out of our walls here this is actually a trans core composite material it is not thermally bonded it’s heated together so you’re never going to get that delamination and it is strong enough to withstand a very strong hit with a sledgehammer and i will gladly demonstrate for you guys right now please do i’m not a lefty but i’ll give you a little

Bit of you get on whatever size better for you brother here yeah yeah right here so it’s pretty incredible it’s pretty that’s pretty crazy dude that is really awesome and this is your sidewall this is our sidewall flooring and roof so this whole thing hey it’s very strong very good material that’s awesome and if you can’t hear them it’s because we got this huge

Generator that’s running behind us but hopefully you can hear them i’m going to ask you to speak up a little bit i’ll do that just so they can yeah for sure all right so next thing we’re going to do is talk about this unit right here this thing is super cool okay so dylan please let me know what’s going on here because i actually did a three month evaluation on a

Product that i think you guys probably compete against the difference is that product is manufactured overseas correct this product is manufactured where right down the road right here in elkhart indiana very very very close about a half hour from where we’re standing right now i really want one of these by the way i don’t even have to go inside of it i want one

I saw you let’s see i’ll hit i’ll hit you up to my rental car this is insane but yeah let’s go through it show me it front to back show me everything that’s special everything you know about this this thing yeah well let’s start from the ground up right let’s do it when you buy a house you want a sturdy foundation that’s what you’re going to get here so this is an

All little aluminum frame it is not welded it is hot riveted so like bridges things like that it’s going to be built very similar okay so it’s very strong material let’s walk up to it let’s maybe walk to the front so we can get away from this noise okay let’s get up and close you tell me what’s going on with this this looks aluminum this is 100 aluminum everything

You’re seeing here is all aluminum everything underneath is actually coated with a diamond plate underbelly it’s basically impenetrable and what you’re seeing right here is well this is our large a-frame storage in the front when you open it up and open it up real quick for you two thirty pound gas tanks concealed you don’t want those out in the open you want them

Concealed when you’re traveling through all the trails and so forth and on the other side you got your power tongue jack so that’s also concealed very nice wait are you telling the rest of the industry not to put their rv cans out as well because you guys are doing it right here this is awesome well i will say this will probably go off-road a little bit more than

That oh yeah all right one thing i love oh man i love this so with the black series they had this very strange hitching system that required a pin to drop in i think it was very australian in design but this is what i can get my head around what is this a 2 and 5 16 inch ball but it pivots it does so this is an articulating hitch so it goes from side to side and

We’re actually in the development of creating one that goes side to side and up and down as well that’ll be actually coming out when we roll these things out in a few weeks and i see that you put a thick powder coating on here to act as an insulator between the steel portion and the aluminum portions so you don’t pick up any type of corrosion from the contact of

Dissimilar metals there that is very cool this looks like a really convenient way to carry fuel yeah so we got a couple jerry cans here this is one that you could put fuel or water in just don’t mix them up right yeah but you can also do a couple more on each side as well so a lot of options there this is the area for some storage you see we’ve got some tie downs all

The way around you know we got some wood there but you can put a generator there too if you’d like um then we’re looking at the whole front here so in your truck you have what’s called a rhino lighting that’s pretty similar to what we’re doing here it’s a polyurea coating and we put that around all the seams around all the front it’s going to help with abrasions

Things like that so that way you can take it anywhere you want if you have 360 degree cameras on this thing yeah yeah we sure do we have we have a camera on all four sides lights on all four sides and then also you know on top we’ve got a bunch of places for tie downs as well and lots of solar and dylan this could make me give up my 42 foot fifth wheel this

Is freaking amazing okay let’s see what’s going on here with this outside kitchen area yeah that sounds good so this every closet is going to come with a 12 volt truma cooler it’s going to be two and a half cubic foot and you’re gonna be able to dual zone it so one side could be your refrigerator one side could be a freezer or vice versa you can have both sides

Freezer both sides the refrigerator you’ve got your uh area to cook out here as well you got your stove top as well as your griddle and then also just some more area for storage for all your utensils and things like that this is easily able to collapse and slide it right on in we look inside a little bit here that is actually your air compressor i see that right

There so when you guys are going through sand off-road you want to actually deflate your tires so to inflate the tires to get back on the road easy way to do it is put a put an air compressor on there and then a hose hook up right next to the tires you can inflate your tires in a few seconds and away you go that is super cool yeah let’s keep walking around you you

Direct me because i’ve never seen this before all right so you’ve got some more area for some storage in here spices foods and then you also have your little sink out here as well that you can use hot cold water too everybody likes hot cold water so you see here on the side we are powered by garmin and i’ll show you inside once we get in there but everything on

This trailer is powered by a tablet by the garmin app so the awning the lights the air suspension everything can be changed with a clip of a button did you just say air suspension air suspension air system oh man let’s let’s let’s look at that let’s get to it and these are real rock sliders too aren’t they they are real rock sliders got them on both sides some in

The front and also some in the rear yeah you can see here as we look we it’s a fully independent air suspension system you get 25 inches of ground clearance which is pretty industry leading i would say oh yeah so you get through all those rocks get through all the trees that are falling down and then when you get to your campsite again you can press that button

It’ll preset it’ll drop all the way down so it’s a lot easier to use your you know your griddle and things like that i love the goodyear tires you’re putting on here goodyear tires that’s right we got your outside bar here as well and as we look up there’s actually a pass-through window right here oh that’s a super cool inside too oh that’s gonna be awesome i’ll

Be able to sit there and just look out the window and yeah entertain all your guests right yeah this is actually a large energy battery it is a lithium battery 400 amp hour very good size that’s actually going to be inside the coach but we’re just showing people what what lithium battery that we use yeah yeah tankless water heater unlimited hot water when you’re

Taking a shower got some outlets on the outside as well if you’re watching tv then your electric stabilizer jacks it goes back to the garmin one system you’re able to control that with a click of a button i love the boot holder that is super cool we need them for days like today yeah yes uh we’ll go around to the back now as you can see here we’ll give you two

Full-size tires one on each side we have a swinging tire rack so those are easily going to be swinging in when you’re driving down the road you’ve got your aluminum steps here your handles this actually 62.7 cubic feet of storage area oh wow that’s all storage storage area in here you got your boot you can put some boot rack holders in here as well and also we

Give you some cabinets and things like that but you can customize them whatever way you want man you guys are checking every freaking box this is crazy that’s what we like to hear it’s like underneath let me zoom in on some of this so you can see what’s going on under here oh yeah that’s the air suspension man you guys are giving the uh the australians are running

For their money with this thing that’s what we like to hear again you got your camera in the back here you got your light we’ll go to the left side here this is your ladder to get on the top there some more lights another camera got your window here uh something i didn’t mention all windows are dual paint in interior shade system and also some screen you can pull

Down as well got your shackles on the back so you can pull this thing out of the mud that’s right that’s right 30 amp power as well in case you ever guys want to get hooked up there everything feels so robust on this dude nothing feels flimsy we didn’t go cheap on this no doubt there’s no doubt about it so is pause its own division now its own brand or is it part

Of another brand so we are part of the palomino group okay i’m sure you’ve heard of palomino yeah palomino puma columbus yeah right so we’re paused from palomino so yeah well man this is it’s crazy because if you look at all the rvs out here these are garnering the most attention by far like there’s crowds of people standing around these things which is what we

Like so happy to talk to everybody out here this is absolutely insane well i’m ready to hop inside unless there’s anything else you want to show me out here nope that’s pretty much it we can definitely take a hop inside yeah okay we’re gonna go inside and take a look at this xc20.3 hiatus i hate it that’s right hold on another word for pause that’s right so that’s

The inside here as we took a quick peek around here you see everything in here is the olive green color that goes well with our exteriors nothing in this is wood so everything you see in here is aluminum cabinetry the flooring obviously you got some linoleum on the flooring but nothing would in this whatsoever when you overland you don’t want anything wood better

Chance or something breaking or you know coming apart when you’re going over those racks or things like that so this turns into a full-size queen bed so this is a jackknife sofa that flips down and the mattress behind will flip up 60 by 80 queen bed t-shirt closets on each side you also have your outlets on each side as well and usb ports with the lightning ports

As well so not only are they not wood you made them soft closing as well soft clothes that’s crazy and look at the windows couple skylights this is going to be standard in every floor plan so you can open these up as well lay there look at the stars before bed every night here’s your shade system that you have on each every single window in here and then also you

Have a screen to pull down on every single window we have solid surface countertops as well got your high rise faucets your three burner cooktop large oven large microwave and the refrigerator 16 cubic foots 12 volt that’s that’s bigger than mine at home so it’s pretty good size this is the bar top i was talking about a little bit so you just sit here you look

Out the window enjoy the scenery pass food through to your buddies to the outside and another cool thing about this is it’s dual purpose so you can actually lay it down and there’s a mattress i should say mattress a little little place to sleep there as well so we put this down you can easily sleep three people so this is like one step away from being like a food

Truck that’s right yeah that’s right take it anywhere all right sell some food what’s going on above the door so we put this here there’s some wiring and such back there should we put that there to cover it up but it’s also dual purpose you can hang your clothes you know probably don’t want to put your boots there but you can hang about it in here well why put them

There when you got dedicated spots that’s right you never know you can have four pairs right very cool let’s take a look at the bathroom let’s do it yeah we’ll go back there get here everybody need the tv right so as we come in here it’s got your porcelain toilet got a large lab here as well with a mirror a couple cabinets as well and actually what we’re looking

At here this wall again is that transport composite material this is actually 3d printed on so we’re not going to deal with any seams no seam tape this is this is all one piece right here oh that’s what you can actually feel the texture as well so it’s very cool lots of storage underneath as well toilet paper holder outlets and we look in here we had a wow very

Good size shower that you’re dealing with in a skylight above got your max air vent right above us as well and again you know you don’t want glass in here so we want the curtain because when you’re over landing you’re going to be going over bumps you don’t want a glass to shatter or anything so that’s why we want this curtain here man this is insane this is this

Is uh this is next level this is really crazy because you just don’t expect this from the us i hate to say it you know you expect big luxury fifth wheels or super low-cost travel trailers or stuff that every vehicle on earth can tow right this is pretty insane you know what the weight of this is all the the numbers yeah this is 7 000 pounds of loaded uh you can

Get a cargo carrying capacity of 1600 pounds so about 8 600 pounds if you have it all the way loaded up so there are a lot of vehicles that can easily tow this thing this is super cool this to me is like what you pull behind like a power wagon yeah yeah right it’s like ideally by the way you look like the guy that works for ram from power wagon but this thing is

Super awesome man i would love to evaluate one of these this thing is just like i said it’s almost next level because i i didn’t expect to see this here somebody told me to walk around and look at behind the puma area and you’re going to see something crazy this is it this is crazy and everyone’s getting a kick out of beating up the wall that’s right yep that is

Absolutely awesome yeah the goal behind this is literally the name itself it’s the pause you know in a world that’s so busy we want everybody to just take a step back reboot restart just pause you know that’s that’s why we’re here so i know there’s dealer and wholesale pricing all that but what about what’s around about msrp for something like this actually we

Don’t even know the msrp yet we actually again just came out okay we’re again so okay yeah this is proto it’s gonna be right around the hundred thousand dollar mark somewhere that ballpark and you guys have just done so many good things huge oven three burner time i mean this is the same thing you see in a lot of fifth wheels this is bigger than some of the sinks

You see in fifth wheels i mean this i’m assuming folds down the bed flops out on top of it so you have your bed up here the windows that’s amazing it’s big big differentiation and the quality just the fact that you know aluminum cabinetry and and still soft closing cabinetry that is that’s really amazing to see what you guys been able to do here yeah i’m shocked

I’m excited this is game changing for me this is is like the best of show by far and i’m sure you’ve heard that like 100 times so far well hey we never gets tired yeah you know it gets me excited yeah well dylan super appreciate the time you’ve taken man you were working for an awesome division here this is like really really great time to work for palomino yeah

It is yeah and you got the armless the armless uh awning up top respawning and again this is all controlled by that garment app and actually i’ll show that to you real quick here before we go but everything you can control you can control with this right here so you know bad wi-fi out here right but we’ll go to it here this shows you all your tank levels this

Shows you the outside temperature you can control the radio this controls all your lights so i’ll just shut the lights off right now easily turn them back on your suspension right here your tank levels again this is going to show you all your battery life and you know what what voltage you’re running and then this is your suspension preset as well the easy press

And you set up camp just like that wow this is cool man again i really appreciate it guys if you haven’t had a chance please take a moment subscribe to my channel give me a thumbs up and i might be able to try to work out a deal to get one of these to review this would be awesome wouldn’t you think we’ll talk to you again very soon foreign

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