Full Tour of My Mobile Detailing Van 2021 Ford Transit Connect #mobiledetailingvan

Super excited to release our new Mobile Detailing Van. Featuring a wrap designed, printed and installed by Viral Vinyl Werks.

Up what’s going on guys welcome back to another video today’s video is something exciting and new for genesis detailing and for those of you guys who are new to the channel don’t know me i’m nick the owner of genesis detailing and we’re at our shop today just knocking out some jobs we got three cars in here getting ceramic coated we have some wraps going

On over there there’s a ton of stuff always going on in the shop but for today’s video a lot of you guys have asked me what setup we use for a mobile because we do have a shop and we also do mobile and if you guys are familiar with the channel you saw my trailer set up that i had previously and today what do you guys want to show you the new band set and if you

Watched my last video i’ll put a link to it right here but we talked about the story of how genesis detailing got started how i got started and when and a quick little summary says just to give some background on why the van’s so important right now we started out at the back of a nissan altima then we got a truck which was my f-150 and we got a trailer little 5×8

Enclosed trailer now we’re working our way up to a van this is one of the many that we’re going to start doing so let’s get to this video show you a little b-roll clips of what’s inside we’ll start talking explaining to what it is do so introducing our new 2021 ford transit connect mobile detailing van what we did to this thing was a ton of work these things

Don’t come as is obviously and we built it ourselves in the shop and let’s go over what we did and how this process got started the first thing we did to this van was remove the existing flooring from factory and added a three quarter inch piece of plywood with some rubber mats on top what that did is obviously make it usable to where we can screw anything into the

Bottom without having to go into the frame as well as presented like a nice flat level piece of mounting for whatever we got to put on top then to cover up the ugly wood we put a nice rubber floor mat that i bought on amazon this is used for gyms it has like a nice little fake diamond plate look and it’s going to be easier to clean rather than the wood and obviously

Prevent any leaks we also painted that wood underneath just in case there are any leaks that we don’t see that we won’t cause any mold in the lock that wouldn’t and if you guys have a transit connect that doesn’t have windows like mine you can know like these are less than an eighth of an inch thick so you can’t drill anything in or out of them and especially on

The little side doors right here there’s no there’s a window supposed to be here but it’s just the same aluminum panel that’s like on this side so what we did was put a half inch piece of plywood there screwed into the frame then we carpeted it to give a nice little factory look so now no one will know that we ever put a piece of wood there pieces of wood allowed

Us to now structure the frame that i wanted to hold the water tank so we have that on both sides i don’t know if you can see behind that but there’s some carpet back there with the plywood and that allowed us to put our beams underneath like right there see if i can get that to focus so this piece of wood there as well as a cross being going perpendicular to hold

Up all this plywood when i built this van i wanted to separate ourselves from all the other vans that you see out there and the biggest thing that i wanted to do was make it look seamless and as if it was a factory build from everything inside of it from the generator to the pressure washer and all the fabricating of the wood so that was my biggest thing is to

Keep it organized efficient and very very easy to use so once you get all the wood put in was where we decided where to put the water tank and figure out how much room we have left before we started mounting stuff up there now inside here we have all our product our vacuum buckets gas tank the blower right here we have our extension cord and a fill up hose so

We hook that up to the back to fill up the water tank we also have our partition board right here to keep our employees safe while driving the van without having to be hit from the behind with anything that anything was flying of course and when you’re doing rvs you’re like big fans you can’t reach the top of the ladder we have this microfiber madness pole with a

Microfiber wash mitt so this is safer than a brush obviously similar to like what you use on your vehicle which is on an extended pole then we have our bottle holders here these are from polka premium you can see the pp right in the back there i had to order these online they were on back order but the reason why i wanted these ones specifically is because they

Hold the 32 ounce bottle like these ones so we can put more product in there without having to refill as often so the products i put in there are the ones we use a lot more than the most which is like our detail spray wheel and tire cleaner and all these ones are just stuff we use on like maintenance vehicles obviously tire shine but ops tire shine is really easy

To use we don’t have to use that much so this will technically be our exterior side while the other end we have all our interior products right here and then you can see right on top here we have our pull out drawers with all our towels in them from our exterior to interior as well keep them organized all our plush ones and in the middle we have like our door jambs

Keep everything enclosed so no dust gets in there or debris causing tomorrow paint especially on a mobile job we do a lot of maintenance mobile so that’s very crucial to us it’s keeping all our products clean and organized the biggest issue i found with this was the height of the van i would like to put bigger bins to hold more towels but because of the room i had

To work with these ones fit perfectly so i just decided to go with those obviously every time we come to the shop we refill them and watch so moving on to the back we’ll start off with what kind of water tank we have in here i had to order this water tank online took about a month to get here and it’s a 100 gallon water tank and i bought it from plasti-mart this

Tank is pretty good it’s tall and slim which is very nice it doesn’t take up too much room and i just blocked it off with some wood on the other side so you don’t have to see it but you can see right here at the very bottom this piece of wood i know you can’t really see that but this wood is lifted about eight inches high it’s sitting on a pallet right now that i

Painted and restructured to gravity feed the pressure washer no problem without having any issues with like water starvation and we have our direct line of plumbing with a main shutoff valve going into one line being our pressure washer the other line going to our fill up hose right here to fill up buckets and also to fill up the tank like i mentioned then you can

See our cox reel with 100 feet of hose with our mtm wand and pressure washer set up we have our jump line right here leading down to our krenzel 1622 ts pressure washer i was pretty skeptical with using the crandall because of how much power it needs to run itself and especially when you’re mobile you have to be self-sufficient so we have our generator here let’s

Say igen 4500 made by westinghouse this is one of the few that i found that were capable of running the crayons without any issues i know many of you guys might be using the predator 3500 so i actually did try that one before i bought the westinghouse and the reason why i returned it and exchanged it was because the pressure washer from the kranzel every time that

Initial pull would come it’ll trigger it and not allow the pressure washer to kick in so i would have to keep it in overdrive mode and like i got lucky sometimes to where it would turn on other times it wouldn’t work so i didn’t like that i wasn’t a fan of it so i switched over to the beautiful westinghouse 4500 which have zero problems whatsoever with it runs

It no problem and it works amazing it’s actually very very quiet so push to start and a nice little active remote start and shut off one issue of having this in the van this is gonna be my next project is to be able to have this on a pull out cart right here and i have some fireproof stuff that i got from one of our family friends who works on navy ships this

Stuff is completely fireproof will not even like smoke up at all you can put a lighter to it and nothing will happen so it’s catching the heat from the exhaust and allowing it to release so normally we just move the pressure washer over a little bit away from the wall to allow that setup to be a little bit better but i would like to put this on the rolling cart

Here soon pull it out when it’s in use so we’re not filling up the entire van with some carbon monoxide so right here something i put that was very important that most of you might not have but i would highly recommend it it’s just a key holder for when you’re putting your clients keys away instead of putting them in your pocket like setting them on a nice shelf

Or something like that put them on the key holder looks professional super easy and you won’t forget where you put the keys now moving up to right here we have a nice little shelf that we put extra tools while we’re working on or if you want to put the foam kit out there stuff that you’re not putting away entirely you just set them up on here before the next job

And obviously before you drive away put it away then right on top here we have some open baskets these baskets are to be used to obviously put our dirty towels in our used towels this one right here is for exterior using only the drench towels that are pretty soaked that one’s like damp ones that we can probably use on the next car and here’s like our interior

And door jamb right here we have our bucket for all our brushes carpet any sort of tools that we need while we’re on the job so having those little buckets or baskets that are super nice because you just finish up with a towel instead of laying on the floor on the like i said on this little shelf i built just throw them in the basket where it belongs and call it

A day close the doors and move over so moving on to the other side of the door we’ll show you what we got going on in here so to start it off it’s basically the same thing as the other side only i added really was this nice business card holder spring loading if anyone drives up to while you’re on the mobile job obviously you guys know that you got to search for

Your business cards when they’re in the cup holder adding that has been like one of the nicest things i’ve done since my last setup and super easy just go to it real quick but inside here we got a rigid shop back amazing got our easy can right there push the button and fill out fill it up without having like tilt it too much a blower two buckets and actually

Just to show you guys something real quick on this little brush thing i have two hooks that hold like rooms they squeeze that thing so they don’t go anywhere while driving but that’s just about it and set up super simple i know some of you guys might be asking like oh there’s not enough room for your extractor air compressor and all that stuff and guys i only

Knew mobile for just maintenance details and like an express detail nothing too intense anything like that i would have you schedule in for the shop so mobile is strictly just maintenance so this is all the tools you need for that just for basic car washes spray waxes even add a clay bar in there if you need to but for anything like that like i said just take it

To the shop so you’re not out in the elements while clay bar in a car potentially scratching it so this setup works for us if anyone has any questions feel free to leave a comment down below leave your questions i’ll be more than happy to answer them um i think i went through everything oh if you guys want to see the inside real quick of where we go and drive

And sit you know like where the driver sits super simple nothing crazy it’s not even like little like adjustable mirrors which sucks but it’s pretty nice it has a nice screen in there it’s green in there for apple carplay anything that’s got a reverse camera it’s got tons of storage a big cup holder and a storage compartment right there you have also overhead

Storage way up there above your head to put like your hat or anything like that yeah it’s super basic in here i didn’t buy these things for luxury just to get the job done and go home make some money so that’s just about it for the van overview um the last thing you’re going to talk about is just the vinyl wrap i know a lot of you guys might like it you want that

Done your van so vinyl viral vinyl works at the shop that did it and they’re just my sub tenant here we work together we have the same shop which is super convenient so they designed it printed it and installed all in the house which is super nice and they killed it i mean design is awesome how does what smell show them the new air freshener i just better wrap the

Video but throw them in the air freshener oh oh yeah open it up so we just designed those and they smell delicious there’s also a little tear slot on the bottom i don’t even i don’t want to do that you save what i i roll it down a little bit so it lasts longer ah so you guys little tips and tricks right here i’ll quantize and show you what’s up while i need the

First initial smell test that’s like laundry detergent i’m with you it smells good it’s like fresh it does smell fresh clean car smell it’s not black it’s detailing only it’s not serious it’s not black guys i love black guys really that guy smells great number one i’m not a fan but don’t get like how shy you get run so that’s unwrapping the video for today if

You guys do like this video and you guys enjoy this van then press thumbs up press subscribe stick around for more detailing clips um what i mentioned in my last video was also too leave a comment down below of what video you want us to make and i’ll hopefully pick one of you guys comments and choose that for the next video so stay tuned see you guys next time peace out foreign

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Full Tour of My Mobile Detailing Van! 2021 Ford Transit Connect #mobiledetailingvan By Genesis Detailing