Full Walk-Around of the Ford Expedition MAX

In this episode we take you on a full walk-around tour of a 2018 Ford Expedition Max here at South Bay Ford. This vehicle is part of our pre-owned inventory. This Expedition is available as of the date we filmed, May 4th 2022.

Welcome to south bay ford i am brandon today we are looking at a 2018 ford expedition max this is on our used lot i want to show you all the features it has so we can get out of here as quick as possible all right stepping forward to the window sticker take a screenshot if you would like it does have 56.4 000 miles 17 miles per gallon 23 highway that is your

Price v6 engine that is awesome all right so you do get your front sensors you do get a front front camera tuck the way there the logo and these amazing rims these are incredible i don’t know the size of these they’ll definitely look over 21 but here is my hand compared to the base you got safety features in the back with rear cameras uh sorry rear sensors you

Get one tucked away there there’s the expedition max logo great oh yeah and this is all from a touch of a button they go up and down the second row does the same but they only go down and the cargo room is just second to none it really is i mean i just did a video on that explorer how much i love the cargo room but this really just yeah you can put a whole

Lot of things in here and there’s tons of cargo room for your passengers and outlets and buttons on each side now you do get a touch to open feature on every single door handle and a step that opens up when you open any of the doors which is amazing and this is a captain’s chair set up there’s our beautiful third row inside and you see a nice little

Plate there what i do want to show you is that this handle comes only from lincoln’s um and they kind of drip feed you know features from lincoln’s into the expedition the higher trims of expeditions sometimes explorers um but this handle directly comes from the lincolns and it’s really neat and it’s feel so luxurious especially with that step that just retracts

And comes down it’s amazing i am in the second row and that is a heated seat symbol that that’s a win you can literally put like a whole rack of beers don’t do that though at least keep them closed i do want to show you the roof and the roof rack combo sunroof and roof rack combo all right so you do get a ton and i mean a ton of climate control options here

Cooled seats i’ll leave those on that’s pretty neat you get all the different camera options great wonderful wow that’s a front camera that is so nifty and if you put your phone there it will charge just by being placed there um and that’s assuming you have one of the newer iphones or samsung’s and some usb ports but i just love how tucked away it is i can

Bring this back geez scaring me here’s an angle that is very important when you’re looking back and you can see your whole family there that is something very important to visualize all right an incredible vehicle so honestly not a lot has changed from 2018 to 2022 but at the same time a lot of little features have changed about this vehicle and this model but

If you are looking for an expedition max we do have this beautiful one on the lot you know where to get it south bay forward lincoln thanks you

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Full Walk-Around of the Ford Expedition MAX By South Bay Ford